The labelling game ricocheting

For decades, the branding game was one sided. Names like communist, extremist, terrorist and a danger to country were quite often attached to the ‘undesirables’ and some unfortunate ones ended up behind bars while some left on a self imposed exile. The milder forms were anti govt, quitters, xenophobia, racist, betrayers and yes traitor, were also used on those not in favour.

With the advent of the internet, this branding game is now played with greater vigour by the other side. The anonymous bloggers have had a field day calling the govt all kinds of fanciful names, and yes, including traitor, selling out the people and country. Corruption, cronyism, greedy, untrustworthy, and many worse labels that were very personal and very unpleasant.

Not that these labels are true, but true only to those who did the labelling, the way they are being used is going to rub people the wrong way. The scathing attacks of course are undesirable and should not be encouraged on all sides. It is best that people avoid labelling people or boxed anyone into any pigeon holes they wanted to put the other party in a bad light. It reflects badly on the person who did the labelling as well.

The only good thing arising from this nonsense is that both camps must now know that both can play the game and both have their own avenues to do so. This is like the possession of nuclear weapons, both are just as destructive and it is best to avoid using them. In the internet, the use of labelling is quite new as this was not available to the users till now. The novelty of a newly acquired tool would entice the users to be more generous and frequent in its use. Hopefully both sides would know that it is to their best interest that this tactic of branding be ruled out and be avoided,

Let there be lesser or no name calling so that both sides can appear more civilised and nicer to each other. The playing field is quite level or at least being levelled.


Anonymous said...

1.5 millions foreign workers, the levies is 1.5 million X $500 per month equal $750 millions per month, no wonder cheaper, faster & better our local workers depressed pay and out of jobs?

Anonymous said...

You meant just found the answers, these FT pay more taxes than us, who will bite the paymaster

Anonymous said...

When a PAPig is called an "Incompetent hypocritical traitor", he should follow Baey Yam Keng's advice:
"We need to reflect are we the way that they described?"

So PAPigs.
You incompetent, hypocritical traitors.
Are you reflecting yet?
Are you the way we described?

If you are not doing anything wrong, then why so thin skinned?
Why so sensitive to kpkb?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @9.31

Now never hear the PAPies say will sue till your pants drop when they are labelled by these names.

So, must be true that they are been described as such.

Better lie low and talk less. Let some of those who eyeing to be selected for candidates for next GE rebutted the kpkb.

Especially the Ah Nehs MPs who in their mentality been "Kuai" or officials in the government is very elite.

Many of them do not know they are also labelled as "chow ah kuai"

patriot said...

Naturally, traitors, corruptors, cronies, dictators, tyrants, the sickand mentally deranged are at both ends of the spectrum and in between.

Just dont claim to be elite, incorruptible, talented and compassionate when the People feel otherwise and it will be okay and fine.

But, if found to be sick, pervert or even just plain greedy, just too bad lah
History is not very forgiving for hypocrites.


patriot said...

Read up the histories of Qin Shi Huang, Empress Dowager, Hitler, Napolean, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Gadaffi and the Nearby Suharto, Marcos, Estrada, Aquino's Predeccessors and Chen Sui Bian and You will understand that History and Posterity matter for a long time.

In Malaysia, it is reported that the First Lady's Son had bought a multi million dollars property in UK. He is definitely not an outstanding example. The offsprings of those Rulers mentioned above are mostly living lives of luxuries locally and abroad too.

You thinkours' will be different?


Anonymous said...


b said...

All politicians are evil, some are more evil than others. Colonization by angmos is better than ruled by locals. We are living in a world full of bullshits.

Anonymous said...

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