Let’s talk xenophobia

A common definition of xenophobia is the fear or hatred for foreigners and often translated into hostility and beating of foreigners. Singaporeans have been accused by Singaporeans, by the media and even by people in high places of being xenophobic. These people must have seen many foreigners being challenged or beaten up in this country by Singaporeans. Otherwise they would not be making such foolish statements as they will affect their credibility and as leaders of this country.

Let’s look at the facts.

1. Most taxi drivers are Singaporeans. Most taxi drivers are beaten up by foreigners.

2. Singaporeans are reported to be chased around by foreigners and beaten up by foreigners who have taken up jobs in the country.

3. Foreign companies here prefer to hire foreigners than Singaporeans with no violent protest from the Singaporeans.

4. Singapore companies prefer to hire foreigners as their CEOs and senior managers.

5. Singaporeans must pay $100 to enter the casinos. Foreigners can enter without paying.

6. There are more than 1 million foreigners in the island with a population of slightly more than 3 million. Foreigners find it easy to get a job than Singaporeans. Many Singaporean graduates are unemployed or replaced by foreigners. No protest.

7. Discriminatory advertisements for jobs specifically hiring foreigners and not Singaporeans have been a fair game for a long time.

8. In the recent rioting in little India, Singaporeans were the ones got beaten by foreigners. Singaporean police vehicles were torched. Singaporean police officers were hurt. Other than one drunken foreigner that died because of a traffic accident, not a 
single foreigner was beaten up by the Singaporeans.

9. Not a single Singaporean was involved in the rioting to beat up foreigners.

10. No foreigners have been beaten up by Singaporeans because they were foreigners.

11. Foreigner cyclists are often scolding and taunting Singaporeans and threatening to beat them on the roads for horning at them.

That’s it, from the above facts Singaporeans are definitely xenophobic and hate foreigners. It is so obvious. The media also said so, some politicians also said so. Some Singaporeans also said so. And the Singaporeans did not deny this. Thus this conclusion cannot be wrong. The Singaporeans must now reflect on themselves why they are xenophobic or why everyone is accusing them of being xenophobic.

They must be nicer to foreigners, and if they are beaten up by foreigners it must be their fault. If they lose their jobs to foreigners it must be that the foreigners are more talented and more deserving and qualified for the job. Singaporeans only have themselves to be blamed for being so xenophobic.

I have a Ph D from the University of DKW and an adjunct professor of BTH School of International Strategic Studies. DKW is short for Don’t Know Where and BTH means BehTahan.


Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans have been accused by Singaporeans, by the media and even by people in high places of being xenophobic."

So? I am following LKY style of asking questions.

His style suit Sinkies and Sinkie opposition very well, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

So what?

WP, although not ready to be govt, is still the strongest Sinkie opposition party what.

And so 60% happy and satisfied Sinkies will continue to regard PAP as the best available party to rule Sinkies lah.

Anonymous said...

Funny! Are other advanced nations as worried as Singapore leaders about the internet?

jjgg said...

Actually I won't really get so worked up..Minister of F1 and CECA just making sure he continues to get his monthly paycheck..I daresay that he's been to Little India as frequently as appearing on F1 podium..so what does he really know about xenophobia or for that matter..making money out of F1 and CECA

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for a person in these world not to receive any negative feedback, unless it leave in the mountain free of internet and alone?

oldhorse42 said...

The Government must quickly restructure our economy to be less dependent on mass import of cheap FWs.
For example we can industrialise the construction industry to rely on machinery and technology as is done in Japan and S Korea.
But they would mean investment that would cost our developers and affect their bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Cannot. There is only one solution and the most clever solution is to import more workers. 8m, 10m, 20m, no problem one.

Only this solution can work. That's is why they are paid so much to come up with this sure work solution.

Anonymous said...

@ oldhorse42
"The Government must quickly restructure our economy to be less dependent on mass import of cheap FWs."

Who is this government?
Are you talking about the PAP government that created this FT problem in the first place?
Or are you talking about a Workers' Party Government?

Veritas said...

The influx of FT Indians could be a USA conspiracy with traitor PAP to dilute the influence of Singaporean Chinese.

Right now, there is another conspiracy going on. USA has been support the yellow shirts and palace to dislodge Yingluck and to replace it with a dictatorial non-elected committee.

PAP is hopeless. Right now, watch and see how yellow shirt get defeated. After Thailand go to China, Malaysia will be next. Then SG. By then, we can solve our FT Indian problem.

Anonymous said...

Singapore must import more foreigners and give them all the good jobs. If they beat up Singaporeans, just turn the other cheek and say thank you.

Then they will say Singaporeans are good, no xenophobia. Then they will praise us like they praise Mandela.

Virgo49 said...

mR RB, your example no 10.

No foreigner beaten by Singaporean.

Singaporeans beaten by these trashes and the SPF gave the Singaporean victims Warning Letters not to antagonize the beloved foreigners.

No wonder they deserved to be spitted and chased by them

Putting on sheepish smiles as SOC members whereas the young ASP in normal duties giving them orders how to face the mobsters with a cut on his face.



Home Minister please put your back in the jamban and flush it down.

This would not happened in the 60s/70s when the PRU and the SAF had joint IS (Internal Security) drills exercises to contain these mobsters.

Anonymous said...

Last time gangsters joined police to beat other gangsters. Now ex police joined gangsters and become gangsters.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies will only become xenophobic when they are sitting on a sampan in the sea as boat people.

Anonymous said...

Show me the sampans for the darts. Not the navy sampans for the papies elites

Knnccb.. is destined to rot upon death, savages by escaping animals from mandai zoo.

Anonymous said...

Knnccb... toddy ban not even started, n I am hallucinating.

Daft... not darts.

Anonymous said...

Can xenophobia means one class
of Sinkies have great distaste for
another group of Sinkies, like elites
versus non-elites??

Anonymous said...

Soon Ah Sings and dogs not allowed signs will be all over this island home of yours. Hee hee.

b said...

EU, Russia and China should gang up and break USA into several pieces to stop them from doing more harmful things to human race. Cheap labour is something concocted by the usa rulers and using sg as a base to extend the exploitation. It has never been about race or religion. It has always been the abuse of the slaves by the masters.

b said...

"The influx of FT Indians could be a USA conspiracy with traitor PAP to dilute the influence of Singaporean Chinese."

- Once india become uncheap, they will be dropped like a bomb. In the eyes of the masters, there is only money to be made, winners and losers.

b said...

Anyway, xenophobia is started by HDB by introducing racial quotas. We are just illuminating what the gahmen want us to become.

Anonymous said...

真是他X的, Sinkie 有苦自己吞.

Anonymous said...

Taxi drivers are Singaporean, one of the few protected jobs for Singaporean only.


Pre-requiste for becoming a Taxi Driver:

- Must be at least 30 years of age.
- Possess a valid class 3/3A driving licence.
- A Singapore Citizen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If a foreigner taxi driver commits a crime against his passengers, he could scoot off. A citizen has lesser option to runaway. His past history of employment and his family are here to keep him in check.

Taxi driving must only be for citizens for safety reasons. Our children and women just step into a taxi driver by a stranger without thinking of their safety. This is no joking matter. So far the crime rate committed by our citizen taxi driver is very low. You do not want to increase the risk by allowing foreigners to drive our vulnerables around, esp in the night.