Don’t waste your money on tertiary education

It is not worth it. Read the below comment by a mother posted in TRE.

I m 62years mum, my son nus graduate is jobless for nearly 3years.he is depress now and on medication.can the pap gov understand my pain and how my heart is aching.’

Sadly, many parents and their graduate children are in the same dire straits. Many have dug out their life savings to put their children through universities. Some sold their properties, downgrade from private to HDB, some from bigger HDB to smaller HDB flats, to squeeze the money needed for overseas university tuition fees, for the sake of their children. And what happened? They could not get a decent job in their home country, the same country they called home, served NS and pledged to defend with their lives, while there are more than a million good jobs taken up by foreigners.

I encourage all parents not to waste their money sending their children to universities, here in world best universities, or overseas in unranked universities. Many would end up jobless and suffer depression. And if they ended up working in part time jobs or driving taxis, they would never be able to earn enough to recover what the parents had paid for their education.  If parents do not want to heed my advice, never mind, just listen to the good ministers, no need university education, be hawkers or be other skill workers. These are good advices from people in the know, people who made policies that affect everyone of us. Don’t listen to me, listen to them.

I feel very sorry to so many parents and their graduate children who ended up jobless and had no better choice than to drive taxis while foreigners are swarming this Sin City to replace them. Sad indeed.
This is the real hard truth that more and more Sinkies would have to live with. Great place to live, and a great life, for the very rich and for foreigners. Sinkies must be grateful for their good fortune to live in this great city.


Anonymous said...

/// I encourage all parents not to waste their money sending their children to universities, ... ///

I further encourage all parents not to waste their time asking PAP MPs for help. No use.
Better spend more time helping and voting for Opposition Parties. They are the future for all Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. pap knnbccb

Unknown said...

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agongkia said...

Its either one is lazy or choosy.Go drive taxi,become cleaner,sookoority everything oso can.Who say go U must end up being a leader or holding good jobs.
I am a bortartcheh but I can still interact with those with tertiary education in blogs,so claim PMETs but find many dafts among them.
The more one study the more water go into their brain.
And there are many graduates who will boss their subordinates around when they are in power,abuse and discriminate others.Sometimes it could be karma.
The 2 things that one should not be depress over is money,job and charbor.

Anonymous said...

/// The 2 things that one should not be depress over is money,job and charbor. ///

We should instead depress over PAPigs like agongkia.
Got time to bluff Singaporeans.
But no time to plot with other PAPigs about how to remove a useless PAPig Leeder from PAP.

PAPigs are more loyal to their PAPig Leeder than to their fellow Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Knn to both himaloy himo and agongkia both talking nonsense and talk cock.knn

Anonymous said...

her son neBer receive payout ..oops bursary to students for good achievement, best performances, good improvement etc?

knnccb ... it pay to be a student nowaday ... sorry only the selected fews. will they join him on judgement day too?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia gong gong khong khong
very easy to con one. So got brainwashed lah.

Anonymous said...

Are PAPigs allowed to replace their Leeder with another Leeder.
If the present Leeder proves too stupid and/or incompetent for the job?

Anonymous said...

Give Agongkia 1 swee char bo
and he will forget his surname
and mother lah.
Very easy to buy him over, no
need to brainwash him.