Our Immigration Act to protect Singaporeans

‘WHEN I was pursuing my undergraduate studies in the United States, a Taiwanese classmate of mine was deported at the border when she entered Vancouver ("Law allows minister to decide who is deported"; Sunday)

It turned out she had been in the US under a wrong classification of student visa. She was not given any due process, much less time to return to her residence to pack, but was immediately ushered into a plane and repatriated….

Singapore's Immigration Act serves to protect its citizens….

Security is important in Singapore. While we can empathise with those who were repatriated, we must stand by our Immigration Act as our safety comes first.’

The above is a letter in the ST online by a Juliana Ang. The USA is a big country that professes an open door to immigrants. But it also has a strict immigration law to decide who it wants and who it does not want.

We too have our own Immigration Act that is under attack for deporting some foreign workers that were involved directly or indirectly in the recent Little India riot. Some corners are demanding that the 53 that were deported must be given the right to defend themselves under our law.

Actually, what is the farce about deporting 53 foreigners that were found undesirable to our social security and safety? Actually, what is the purpose of an Immigration law when millions were let in indiscriminately under the least scrutiny? Our Immigration Act is a farce for sure, but not for deporting 53 undesirables, but for letting in millions that included many undesirables, fakes and trouble makers, people who discriminate, exploit, assault and cheat our law abiding citizens of jobs and a decent life.
53 may have been deported, but how many thousands or millions will be let in tomorrow? What is the real farce?

The real farce is that our Immigration law, if there is, is there to protect foreigners more than the citizens. Foreigners are here to compete with citizens unfairly, often by fraud and deceit over many areas of enterprise. If the Immigration Act is to protect citizens, it should give good jobs to citizens first, or citizens should have the first right of refusal. Only jobs that citizens do not want or cannot do should go to foreigners. If not it is a betrayal of the interests and rights of the citizens. Our Immigration Act is as good as no Immigration Act. Not forgetting allowing the world’s rich to buy up the few properties in the island and pushing the prices beyond the average citizens.

Our Immigration Act should not just protect the social security and physical safety of the citizens but also the jobs, rights and well being of citizens over foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Spot on! Is the Immigration act to protect Singaporeans or the MIW?

agongkia said...

The 53 over FWs need to be deported and only those kaykhiang will try to seek attention and have problem with the decision.No need to waste money and resources over them.Let them go back and tell their countrymen that this is not a place that they can suka suka come and go as and when they like.

Sinkies should work longer hours and not be choosy and lazy,if they want to reduce the influx of FTs.
Should work 88 hours instead of 44 hours a week.MOM should encourage to work longer hours instead of giving those no end leave just to appease daft Sinkies.
See?I work day and night under different employers doing different jobs and even forgotten today is what one call christmas day.
This is the spirit.Why waste time sitting at kopitiam.If 1 million Sinkies work 88 hours per week can easily reduce the need for 800K FTs .Do your part instead of blaming Immigration.
Money not enough can go and be a dish washer or part time cleaner.

Anonymous said...

One of the loop hole - these FT can openly disgust as tourist, they under cut, cheat sale to get employment, to steal our jobs, break our rice bowl and went further to employ their own kind when they secure key position in an organization. Even we KPKB any body hear us? Tun Ku Ku! with 6.9 we die la.

Anonymous said...

"If 1 million Sinkies work 88 hours per week can easily reduce the need for 800K FTs .Do your part instead of blaming Immigration.
Money not enough can go and be a dish washer or part time cleaner"

People will drop dead in no time, how to fight back for survival, how to get back our rice bowl. Get to the root cause, tio bo.

Anonymous said...

December 25, 2013 10:33 am
" Sinkies should work longer hours and not be choosy and lazy,if they want to reduce the influx of FTs."

or maybe

"PAP Ministers and employers should work smarter and more productively and not be cheapskate and lazy,if they want to hire more Singaporeans."

Fix the cause of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Finding the cause on too large a number of imported foreigner. Treat the cause rather than the symptoms. Get our priorities right.

Anonymous said...

Rationally walk the extra mile, to be more productive, but not to be exploited as a slave. Reserve your energy, to fight for sinkies' right to survive, to be employed.

Anonymous said...

As we are chasing for a economy growth, allowing foreigners to enter and remain in Spore is a 'practice'. When any permit holders is found 'undersirable', they will be dealt with accordingly. Sadly to say that given the FT import policy, the Immgration Act is not meant to protect Sporeans. Foreigners been given a certain period not only to stay but also remain here to find jobs is an illustration. This 'practice'is believed to remain relevant....and sorry i dont believe in Sporean first policy.

b said...

How come the treatment for those china bus drivers who protested peacefully were so different compare to the rioting ahnehs? are we really colonized by ahnehs that they seemed to have preferential treatment?

Anonymous said...

You can expect all the charges to the remaining rioters would be dropped.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who suggest working 88 hours a week must be out of his mind. Such a person should and must remain single or be married to his tools and machines. He is not fit to be with living sentient beings.

Anonymous said...

When you know rubbish, just ignore lah.