Samurai in the train

A man or was it a boy, dressed up in a samurai attire complete with a samurai sword boarded a train in Paya Lebar and went to town. Some passengers were wondering if he was involved in some cosplay event until he unshielded his sword which looked very real. Then panic struck.

Apparently the men jumped over the gate at Paya Lebar station and the MRT staff alerted the police. Inside the train the passengers kept a safe distance from the man while the police stood in front to protect them. After the man left the train, the police went into pursuit and eventually arrested him after a struggle. Presumably the man was of unsound mind at this moment.

There is a photo of the man in the train in the ST. His face and hand were blurred, very likely he is a juvenile and there is a need to protect his identity. It cannot be a case of the media protecting a potentially dangerous criminal or too shy to show who he was.. It is a practice to protect the identity of young people caught in violation of the law. This guy must be very young. It is so thoughtful of the media.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak, please lah. Editorial decision...from probably a kiasu editor.

Anonymous said...

Naturally if you want to make these types of money, that no other countries can pay you, which is ten times the amount of other advanced countries ministers salaries, you need a strategy to conceal your motive and get the co-operation of other with the same motive as you and pay other to co operate with you? Even some old people you got to make use of them to control the critics?

So you need the co operations of the propaganda machinery too, to hear the right and see the right stuff? And maybe in future the internet to see and hear the right stuff?

Throughout their history you can see their patterns which is quite predictable, curbing the oppositions, from the 60s when they took over, their salaries is around $1000 to the present of $200.000 per month?

Once they successfully control the critic and the oppositions they will find clever excuses to increase their salaries, even after the 2000 when Singapore don't do well and have many recessions, they still want to increase their salaries, which jerk up much inflation?

Anonymous said...

Why 500k of Permanent Residents don't want to take up citizens, they hope to earn enough go back to their cheaper countries to enjoy life, what for take up the citizenships later got to give indirect taxes like COE, ERP, GST and levies, the latest locked up CPF for life schemes and other schemes etc? They are wise they know that inflation would eat up their money in the future, as more foreigners came in to sent their money back home and of course which might took away their job in the future?

Whenever they develop method to increase their indirect taxes they will increase the salaries as usual, they would like to let you hear and see the right stuff said many no direct taxes, of course many can't even have enough in Singapore how to pay the direct taxes, as inflation keep going up and up which let in so many foreigners to work?

Anonymous said...

Angie Sin
October 29 near Singapore · Edited
I happened to chat with one of the PRC who works at a stall nearby my home. I've known her nearly two months since the opening of the coffeeshop. She used to work with a Malaysian the whole day, then a month ago I saw her doing night duty alone and she told me the Malaysian worked during the day time. Today, she was alone even during afternoon and she told me her boss had arranged all of his 6 stores to be manned by only one staff, from 6.30am to 10pm. Granted she have a break between 2pm-4pm that she can close the shop and go home to "nap", she has 1-2 off days a month and she has to finish closing/washing the shop and ends her day nearly 10.30pm.

So after a short discussion on how unfair was to her since there was no overtime pay and no social life, she was saying that she didn't even have much time to even wash her clothes (hand wash, yes, save electricity and water). After learning that she used to work in Japan for 3 years (had to leave because Japan is strict in work permit) and was paid overtime after 8 hours of work, she did mention she regretted coming to Singapore and after her contract is up, she will definitely leave Singapore (her next destination is South Korea). Although the expenses was higher in Japan, but if were to compare to Singapore, there was not much difference between here and Japan.

She then went on and mentioned about how this government is so unfair: she had seen old people slogging their asses off and some are even not in the condition/pink health to work. She compared to her homeland whereby they do not even really need to provide monthly expenses to their parents and they could survive with aid from government, and they are enjoying their retirement. Of course, granted the income disparity is big in China, she mentioned it is still quite balanced and you do not see most of the old folks collecting tin cans or folding card boards for a living.

She finally struck me hard after she raised this point: that she had to agree with the locals that the local government here is exploiting both locals and foreigners, and only the rich benefits and the income disparity is too wide. There is no social welfare for elderly/young, there is no minimum wage, there is no protection for locals. She said " those who had traveled and worked would know how bad this place is". It was at the tip of my tongue to say, even the rich is affected, just look at the inflation rate, but of course, maybe the rich feels nothing about the increase since it's nothing to them. Maybe.

That's why, I really do not blame the foreigners who come here to make a living, I mean, who doesn't want to seek greener pastures? I'm sure many Singaporeans are also ok with them, so long they remain respectful of our local cultures and not exploit the system by hiring their own people by underhand means. The problem is when the ruling party is not protecting their own citizens (PMET jobs) and allow free market. Granted there are many policies in place that worked in the past, but with the influx of increased population, those policies are no longer as effective. Like, will $6 ERP and skyhigh COE prices help to ease the traffic here? You don't need a rocket scientist to tell you it's because it's overcrowded here.

Don't argue that we do not have local talents: what caused this plight today? It rooted back to 20-30 years. Talent is nutured, and doesn't happen overnight. We have our own set of braindrain who left our land long ago. What caused this too? Nowadays our NUS/NTU/other local uni has 40-50% foreigners that have FREE grant to study at our places, whereby locals have to fight like crazy to get in and get only partial subsidy for their fees. Nowadays, the hospital is flooded with people and with limited workforce, and appointments are as along as a few weeks to a few years.
And seriously, does it feel good to see higher retirement age? Slave til we die? How much you can save for retirement now?

Anonymous said...

Why they need so many cheap foreign workers, because most of the business are own by them they need cheapest worker to run for them to maximise the profits so to pay themselves the maximum profits?

agongkia said...

I have a suggestion.With the recent isolated incident that tarnish our image,maybe we should consider getting some not so popular teenager carrying offensive weapon and let them wayang in public places .Then we can have law enforcer detaining them .This will bring back the good image of our uniform men.

Just like department store,once a while get someone to pretend to steal and the security men can detain them and bring back to their office.Public will then have a feeling that the security is competent,without knowing this is a wayang.

agongkia said...

anon 10.52
Dun be con by those who claim exploitation by our Garmen or employers or how unfair they are.

Do your part and be kind to advice that PRC mei mei not to go Korea else at her own risk .

Dun always look at the ugly side.
Nothing is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wah liao eh.........

Japenis sent samurai to kill daft singaponang for terrorising ah neh talents???

knnbccb to Abe n ah loong

Knnccb..... maybe I becUm Ip Man too

Anonymous said...

aiyah ....

must be a trailers for swords adverts in the cocking sucking media

no wonder they neber taser

only trailing the actor

knnccb ... toddy, toddy ... any ah neh to donate some toddy