After the riot, what’s next?

The riot last night is a reminder that Singapore has not done enough in integrating the foreigners to our way of life. This kind of thing, a traffic accident, may cause some distraught to the victims and family members, if they are Sinkies, and it would be looked upon as an accident just like accidents in NS. The affected would get angry but no rioting. To the foreigners, rioting is part of their DNA. No kidding, they just demonstrated how it works. It is just how they would react in their home countries.

So? Instead of putting all the blames wrongly, let’s sit back and see what we have not done right and what we could do better. One thing I think we have not done well is the integration process. We have not taught them enough of our way of life. We need to put in more effort in this area.

Let’s appoint a minister that has a passion and tender loving care for foreigners here to organize another integration campaign to make the foreigners become more like us. Then allocate another $10m for it. Maybe $10m is not enough since this was the sum allocated to the last campaign. Let’s be more generous since we have plenty of money in the kitty. How about $50m, will it work? $50m or $100m, it will be money well spent and no more rioting and no more burning of police cars and injuries to our men in blue.
It is something that needs to be done. Let’s do it. Let’s take the fight to the foreigners, with flowers and good food and a lot of tender loving kindness.

What do you think?


b said...

This gov always think that any crisis is an opportunity to make money. THey will make businesses who employed them to cough up the costs of integration and this costs will definitely passed down to the end consumers eventually.

b said...

"Many South Asian have rape DNA also. "

- Any race is the same. It just a matter of perspective.

- It is never a fight between race or religion but a fight between those who have-a-lot and those who-have-so-little - the fight between the masters and slaves. Animal farm is real and kicking.

The said...

/// After the riot, what’s next? ///

Your question is rather ambiguous.

First, we have an illegal strike after 27 years of industrial peace.

Then, we have a riot after 44 years of peace.

What's next? - Mass murder using automatic weapon? Gang rape? Kidnapping using firearm? Is that your question?

Veritas said...

No one conduct counter insurgency the Indian way, I assured you. In Kashmir, the Indian soldiers conduct mass rape. Also anyone suspected of insurgence could get their limbs lope off.

I am going to expose them in my blog. I have got no time presently.

Anonymous said...

The news just reported that a foreign citizen with SG pr was involved in the riot.

His pr must be revoked!

Anonymous said...

All of you nut heads, what do you think will happen....Nothing, of course, a counsel here and there, a set-up here and there, to look into the incident and then finally..., " we have to be tolerent and remember that they are here to earn a living etc etc. Sinkies have to welcome them with open arms so that no such incidents will happen again",......do you really think things will change?, even the hackers will get it worse than them, and they did'nt even lift a finger to hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

For Singapore keep selling houses to the foreigners so that the ministers can get extremely high pay ten times the Nordic ministers salaries, so naturally need lots of constructions workers, is not whether Singaporean want or don't the jobs if pay is enough working conditions is good many, will come in like the west mostly use their locals to do these type of jobs?

Singapore populations from 1 plus millions in the 1960s target to 6.9 in 2030, why a small country must have so many new foreigners to come in, are they no other ways to grow the economy except keep importing foreigners? Why many advanced countries did extremely well by not importing so many foreigners, there is a heavy price to pay in the future?

The best ways is the ministers which salaries is ten times that of the ministers of Nordic countries, automatically reduce salaries on their own to that of the Nordic ministers salaries, so not to burden the people so much indirect taxes, like COE, GST, Levies, CPF lock up Schemes, ERP and other schemes etc, which increase the running cost of business and inflations, and the business need to mitigate it by looking for cheaper and cheaper workers to work longer and longer hours for them in this type of conditions?

Anonymous said...

"Let’s take the fight to the foreigners, with flowers and good food and a lot of tender loving kindness."

Tiok. If you got severe pain, just take pain killers lah, tio bo?

Virgo49 said...

Veritas, Yacobb exhorted Sinkies not to belittle these peace loving hardworking Indian Nationals who are here to earn a living.

Peace loving?? Four hundred started burning, over turning vehicles and smashing them- PEACE LOVING.

This joker must be people said something wrong.

In my estate, hordes of them walk in three or four abreast and they will purposely banged into you spoiling for a fight.

PEACE LOVING- my foot.

Anonymous said...

If they are in a group, they shout at you and one approach me just now picking a fight, i shouted back, and my friends came towards them, they made a call and are still standing there. Damn monkeys, bastards, tell us that they are peace loving!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How to stop future riots?

1)Eat as much banana curry as possible.
2)Keep a handful of those cute little Indian bananas around.

3)Expand'banana-leaf leg(petain)

Anonymous said...

Why this riot happened? You think the inquiry will get to the bottom of it?
Here is the reason. The FWs are here because of the need to build and build.
Why? To sell more properties to FTs.
What's wrong with that? To make more profits to pay the outrageous pay of the ministers.

This is the real reason.

Anonymous said...

Send the Millionaire For Home Affairs, Teo Chee Hean to India for a study mission. We need to learn from Indian police to see how they handle riots in India.

Anonymous said...

Question for Millionaire Teo Chee Hean.
When the number of foreign talents in Singapore increase;
Must we also increase our riot police proportionately?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

PM Lee. What happened?
Concerned PAP supporter.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Singapore chicken cross the road over to Bangkok?
He wanted to avoid the riots in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Heard they want to increase police patrol in the area? How many officers can they send at one time to be safe against a sea of FWs that could turn nasty?

Please think about the safety of the officers before sending them in. You are responsible for the lives of these officers.

Anonymous said...

will those with second passports be booking the next flights out?

why the ministoons especially the ah neh no comments ???

no ponding ... ah?

knnccb ... is praying for more cultural assimilation

Anonymous said...

Just blame it on alcohol.
Institute a ban on alcohol in Little India. Problem solved. Tiok boh?

No wonder Workers' Party don't want to take part in the NatCon.

Anonymous said...

This morning I entered a lift, with my pony colleague and a main-con staff, unknowingly I felt a sudden shock when I faced with 5 FT Indian workers in the lift. I do not know if they have the same feeling? I think so. I strongly believe we all have equal right to live and making a living. What make me felt very disappointed is that we are all being exploited by the elite policy, what do you think, any connection to the riot problem?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, your Tourette Syndrome bothering you again? Forgot to take your medicine?

Anonymous said...

After the riot, what's next?

I'm confused. Is this some sort of preparation for the next GE, just like the 9/11 before GE.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


If you fail to correct your facts, or even consider the chance that you might be WRONG, then you've added "stubborn prick" to my previous epithet of "dumb motherfucker".

Please lah. Learn how to THINK. At your age, and with your experience, your intellectual deficit is truly embarrassing -- especially when this blog is read by people outside Singapore.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. This MS shit is really marbok. He really thinks RB meant what he wrote. He can't even smell the cynicism. Real idiot and dares to blame RB.

Now, who is the biggest idiot here? Think he is going to hide his head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

With so many Indians arrested, Delhi is going to quote CECA and demand an explanation and compensation from the govt. They will send an envoy to meet our PM and ask for payment.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.27am // With so many Indians arrested, Delhi is going to quote CECA and demand an explanation and compensation from the govt. They will send an envoy to meet our PM and ask for payment.//

No worries!

Last time SinkieLand has Kumar, now has Mugam.

Don't pray pray with their prowess( Kumar and Mugam )in the legality arena.

With so many "Exhibits" as hard evidence, even a newly minted lawyer can argue the case.

How can a 1st Class Honours law graduate, battles-hardened former SC lose when the evidences are as concrete as the Himalayan Mountains? Unless the mountains disappear overnight? Possible?

For the direct and indirect losses, real and potential losses and all lost potential future business, their government should reimburse SinkieLand and Sinkies at least S$1 Trillion!

The said...

/// Question for Millionaire Teo Chee Hean.
When the number of foreign talents in Singapore increase;
Must we also increase our riot police proportionately?
What do you think? ///

The RSAF is getting their F35s.
The RSN is getting their submarines.
The SAF got their Leopard tanks.
Poor SPF - no new toys for Christmas.
How about some Batmobiles?

Anonymous said...

Rb: / Let’s take the fight to the foreigners, with flowers and good food and a lot of tender loving kindness /

Rb, u "huat sio"?

As said before, with so "many seeds of self destruction, crimes and implosion" PLANTED all these years since 1990 when Lao Goh took over, what do you expect such "seeds" such as "massive opening of foreigners floodgates", "utter greed, unrestrained asset inflation", "COEs", "casinos" ( yes, can still hear somebody wayanging his crocodile tears about no group think but now jiggle bell merrily and happily all the way to his fat monthly pay cheques, bonuses and what have you perks as Chairman of our lofty SWF ) etc to germinate into?

Durian trees?

Rambotan trees?

Or eventually out of control frankenstien monsters?

Potential trouble spots are ubiquitous.

Just observe around and it is not hard to see.

No need miliions of lollar$, COIs, etc etc.

As said before, there is a huge time lag trajectory between the planting of a seed of "evil" such as leg open big big loose immigration policies and vices such as casinos and future massive waves of social problems, crimes etc. For casinos, it is suspected the social cost curve is likely to mount a very steep trajectory in the coming years in each passing year. It is like "taking drugs and steroids in athletes". The initial boost subsequently gives ways to future destructions. The destructive phase of many seeds of "evil" and excesses planted by Lao Goh's generation and successors may be beginning to dawn on Sinkies.

There is still time for remedies but the "emperor" may be too blinded and set in his ways that he is wearing the best clothes walking around naked.

As LKY famously said, when one reached 30, his characters are formed and too entrenched to change.

Looks like Sinkies would likely end up sinking if the sinpan eventually sinks under the weight of relentless water coming in through leaking holes.

Guess what, will the loud talking ivory tower scholars be the first to take the plane out or the last one to standing to save the sinking sinpan?

Anonymous said...

Spoke to an ah neh worker from Chennai, he said that he personally avoid going to ah neh land on weekend.

Knnccb.... I am a daredevil or Superman? More... more.... Almighty please make my dreams cUm true.