Be prepared for a glut in dormitories

According to Chuan Jin and his MOM, there are some tightening in the intake of foreigners into the country and some SMEs already kpkb like backside burning. So this must be true and the inflow of foreign workers is slowing down. What is surprising is the announcement by Hsien Loong that the govt will be building more dormitories for foreign workers.

Remember just a few years back when the country was faced with a severe shortage of public housing when more than a million foreigners were brought in while HDB wound down its building programme? Many simply brushed this off as a case of left hand and right hand not knowing what the other was doing. A case of bad synchronising of govt policies, or is it? Could it be perfectly synchronised to achieve the desire results, high property prices? The shortage was criminal and let many Sinkies emptying all their savings just to get a roof over their heads. And now everyone is talking about downgrading except the super rich and the ministers and top civil servants. And the young people are the most badly hurt, just starting to work, save a little bit, all coughed out including blood, and not enough, and had to buy smaller and smaller units of public flats.

What has this got to do with a glut in dormitories? If Chuan Jin is going ahead with his tightening of foreign workers policy, the number coming in must go down. And if we are going to build more dormitories when lesser are coming in, would there be a possibility of building too many dormitories for too few workers resulting in a glut of dormitories?

Or it has all been perfectly synchronised, the net inflow is still going to be higher and the pool of foreign workers will keep on increasing, thus needing more dormitories. This makes sense if one is looking at the 6.9m target in 2030. So they is no mismatched, no such thing as left hand not knowing what right hand it doing. There would be no glut of dormitories as more foreign workers will still be flowing in. Tiok bo?


Anonymous said...

any instances of singapornang forced to relocate under SERS in the past


knnccn .... papigs return my cpf money, it's not pek-kim for kuan yew or anybody else EXCEPT my coffin money. may those involved outlive their descendant

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, where got slow down??

Keppel Harbour, Pulau Brani, Tanjong Pagar, Kampong Bahru Distripark where last time you stay there- big big project have no started. How to slow down??

Even big Indian Chief went down to the dorm and smile big big smile to his own kind and said do not worry lah, we still need you to do these projects.

We are gonna built even super clubs better than SAFRA, HomeTeam Resorts for you all to play during your leisure.

We have to pamper you lot lah, do not worry about the sinkies, let them make their nosies.

No charges, just deport you all back. Please do not cause trouble after receiving the warning advisories.

Just go opposite the Cantonment Complex at Everton Park down there to do your celebrations.

Yesterday evening this place becomes a Little Little India with the Injuns making their celebrations after receiving their certificates of immunity.

Expect Sin to be in half darkness after this episode.

Anonymous said...

The news clip showed some of the FWs at the Police Cantonment. They all looked so sweet, so nice and so gentle. They are really very friendly people. Really, no bluff.

Anonymous said...

@December 23, 2013 8:34 am

more little india spouting out like overnight bean spouts?

ah neh reviving the aryan empire? AH NEH DREAMS CuM true

knnccb .... hsien loong return my cpf money, it's not pek-kim!!!

Anonymous said...

Only Opposition can ask the questions in parliament.
And because question is asled in parliament, PAP gahmen must answer.

That is why we have NatCON.
So Singaporeans forget all about parliament.
That is why Workers' Party don't participate in NatCON.

Talk outside parliament is wayang.
But when we talk inside parliament, then it's serious.
Millionaire Ministers must answer truthfully because all the answers are recorded.

So please vote more Opposition so that we can ask more questions.
Questions like "How many more man-years before we get to see list of Singapore assets?"

Anonymous said...

Outside parliament talk and ask questions about nasi padang and soil pamper run.

Anonymous said...

Rb don worry don query but b happy

If there is a excess dorm ...
Hdb can divert those qeueing up for rental flats to the dorm. Hence can built more more dorm ...sure can fill up one ...
If dorm is cheap n eligible I don mind rent out my condoms n stay in the dorm ..

Some more heard they gonna create sports recreation facility n also got karaoke n cultural shows..
Put me in d reserve lists please but rental must b cheap ok..

b said...

Some singaporeans are even not allow to buy HDB. Being betray by your own kind is the best punishment for fighting for independence from the colonial masters. Bring back the Queen.

Anonymous said...

These dormitories are not built for FW, we sinkle will become FW in our own land, we could not afford to buy HDB, we will finally have to stay in these dormitories.

Tio Bo?