Abe unmasked, or should it be Japan unmasked?

The visit by Abe to the Yasukuni Shrine puts all doubts to rest as to the real intention of Abe and his administration. All the disguises have now been taken down and Japan is making its claim to remilitarize and resume its imperial ambition as a military power. The last cheap lie by Abe that his visit to the Shrine was to pledge for world peace is not going to deceive even the most pathetic believer that Japan is coming out to be a peaceful member of the international community. For the last couple of years of his administration, Abe has been doing one thing consistently, that is the rearming of Japan, increasing military expenditure and committing Japanese forces to foreign soils and the oceans, and making war cries of Japanese Imperial ambition.

China and the Koreas have been reading him rightly all this while and refused to speak to him. With the encouragement and backing of the Empire, Abe is unstoppable in his pursuit of a militant Japan to reclaim its place by the use of force. It is flexing its military muscles in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, vowing to support countries to challenge China.

Japan under his administration is edging closer to war with China and the Koreas everyday. China and the Koreas, and those Asean states should remind themselves of what an aggressive and expansionist Japan could do to them. History must not be allowed to repeat itself with the Japanese running across East and Southeast Asia. Japan is no longer hiding this ambition. It will commence its imperialist plan to expand its military might to resume its former status as the number one military power in the region, unless it is being stopped. This is going to be very difficult when it is not going alone but with the full support of the American Empire.

It would take the might of the Chinese, Russian and the two Koreans to be able to resist the military dominance of Japan and the American Empire over East and Southeast Asia. The naked ambition of the Japanese and the Americans are no longer a pretense. It is very real. The American pivot is not for peace but for domination.


Veritas said...

Japan will go to war but no one believe it will re-militarize and go imperialism. Demograhically, Japanese median age is 45, and no one believe such nation will fight.

Anonymous said...

Japan was the Terror of Asia and going to be again. They have not changed and will not change.

Virgo49 said...

Abe, ex PM for only a short term before giving up premiership citing health reasons.

Now back as PM in an economy that is going downhill.

So, to divert attention has to resort to provoke ROK and PRC to stay in power.

USA fearing PRC to be number one superpower has to choke choke Jepeun kwees to cause tensions.

Abe has to gather support from the ASEAN stooges to confront China.

Pinoy and some greedy states will support him as monies lay in front of them.

Once and for all, ROK, N.Korea, PRC with Russia annihilate the Jepuns from the earth.

Till now still think that the atrocities that they had committed to the millions of people not their faults and their rights as a superior RACE.

No wonder so many earthquakes, tremors, tsunami that swept thru their lands.


Anonymous said...

When will the two self proclaimed japenis interpreter from singapore pay homage to these murderers?

b said...

Americunt will only help japan if they have deep pockets. Once the gold runs out, they will have nothing for the americunt to help them. Americunt will most probably turn against them and bomb them when they realised the promised gold are stones.

Anonymous said...

The Japs' intention is despicably clear, to mount psychological attack against the those countries they had once terrorised. whilst at the same to gain domestic support to push for abolition of it pacifist constitution.

Anonymous said...

a commenter from HK paper site [['obviously the standard of decent behaviour in Europe and Asia are very different. If the chancellor of Germany were to go to a shrine of some sort to pay homage to anything with any links to Nazism, Europe, the Jews and the Americas will be in uproar. The condemnation would have been swift, severe and widespread. Fortunately Chancellor Merkel is a very decent human being with no fascism in her blood and would never do such a terrible thing. That Shinzo Abe the Prime Minister of Japan can go to the Yasukuni Shrine to pay homage to the Japanese war dead including the 14 war-criminals hanged by the Allied War Tribunal and not cause widespread uproar in Asia is surprising. Only China and Korea seem to have responded appropriately to this act of provocation. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Myammar etc., which also suffered greatly because Japanese aggression don't seem to be reacting with outrage. It seems only the Koreas and China have the moral courage to stand up against Japanese barbarism.'}

Anonymous said...

If war between China and Japan, Singapore sure side with Japan.

Anonymous said...

The shitty times did not utter a word to condemn the shrine visit, the worhipping, enshrining, by Japan top political leaders, of those who committed crimes against humanity.

def - enshrine : to preserve or cherish as sacred.

Anonymous said...

def -sacred -dedicated, regarded as holy, inviolable.

How could persons who committed such atrocious crime like beheading of civilians, can get a slot in a holy shrine, and given offerings and worshippings by the govt officals?

Shitty times silence is deafening. Bully by Japan is OVER.

Anonymous said...

Basically we really need to voice up, what the japuns leaders are doing is not the right thing to do, since they absolutely dun know what is self-relection.