3rd World in 1st World or 1st World in 3rd World?

Still vividly remember the slogan Garden in a City or City in a Garden. It is a nice cliché, sounds nice and meaning nice. What about a 3rd World in a 1st World City or a 1st World in a 3rd World City? Whichever way you look at it, it sure sounds just as nice. And it does not give one a sense of drama.

Is Sin City now a 3rd World City or is there a 3rd World in Sin City? The recent happenings that filled the pages of the media do not give the impression that it is a 1st World City. With a population of 5.4m of which more than a third came from the 3rd World, the composition will ensure that the visual impact is not going to be 1st World. Just hop onto a train and you will instantly be hit by the presence of 3rd World. The noise, the smell, the mannerism, and ungraceful and uncouth attitude speak all of 3rd World. There is no denying this truth.

What else are on the media? Street rioting with rioters throwing stones and bottles at the police, and cars burning? This is definitely 3rd World stuff. Unruly mobs in the tens or hundreds of thousands, all straying aimlessly, eating, drinking, urinating and shitting in the very same place. Confirmed, 3rd World. Open your windows for a whiff of the scented air, better than haze.

How about the bizarre, headless and limpless body floating in the canal in the heart of the city? This must be one notch better than floating pigs in the river, or floating body in the water tank flowing into the homes for consumption.

What about jilted lovers slashing their potential ‘bribes to be’ in broad day light? What about daylight robbery? Road rages where people got beaten up, especially taxi drivers? And there is a booming red light district that is growing and expanding across the island, even into the heartland. Good stuff for the GDP.

And there are drunken brawls for the sake of vibrancy and fun with innocents being bashed for no reasons. Women being rudely accosted in public by the drunkards? And tropical diseases are spreading in the most expensive part of the city cause by mosquito breedings.

Welcome to the 3rd World in a 1st World City or a 1st World in a 3rd World City. How about a new slogan for the tourist board, ‘Welcome to experience the 1st World and 3rd World in one stop’? Or better still, ‘See the 1st World cohabitating in harmony with the 3rd World’ and witness how 3rd World commits less crime than 1st World. Or see how the 3rd World is helping the 1st World by creating good jobs for the 1st World.

Sin City is getting more attractive, more exotic and full of surprises.


oldhorse42 said...

I thought I am living in an Indian city when I saw in the front page of The Straits Times today and continuation in the second page.
So much coverage for a funeral and a tragedy for a family.
Mind you. Front page and second page of our esteemed national news paper!

Anonymous said...

If you read the names of all the reporters you will think this is New Delhi Times

Virgo49 said...

Right Mr RB,

Sin City is getting more attractive, more exotic and full of surprises.

More exotic than the Forest Cloud and Gardens by the Bat with the Jewel coming out in the CIA. (Changi International Airport)

The usual announcement when the planes had landed in Changi.

"Welcome to Singapore. Welcome Home to all SIN RESIDENTS"

The Word SINGAPOREANS no longer in use in the address.

Now SIN CITY is home to one and all from the first and third world countries.

They wanted more vibrant, more cosmopolitan, everything more including bonfires/fireworks in Little India.

Now just like Hong Kong and Macau, the citizens are called RESIDENTS.
PRC gave them 50 years of "self-rule" under SAR.

The PAP had ruled Sin City for nearly 50 years and now shall be returned back to the TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREANS.

It has become a HOTEL and no more a nation.

Why still got registration for National Slavery, oops Service??

Male citizens born in the year 1966 are required to register for NS, blah blah blah.

Just imagine the few batches of CAS (NS) men called up in the year 1966/67 and now they are registering Males for NS born in the year 1966. Complete circle and yet the citizens are called RESIDENTS Not SINGAPOREANS.

Anonymous said...

We are prostitutes serving the MNCs and rich Indonesians. Togather with the so called FTs, SIN city is doing well. Crimes from foreigners are easilly forgiven. Worst case is a deportation. Phui

Anonymous said...

They went thru the wayang of charging them in court only to let them go free. These must be people more undesirable than those already deported.

Now with not reasons given, out free and not sent home.

What is happening?

Anonymous said...

PUBLIC ORDERS ACT reserved for daft local born singaponang exclusively.

Knnccb... hsien loong, khcccb, return my cpf money. It's not pek-kim for old fart or others.

The said...

/// What about jilted lovers slashing their potential ‘bribes to be’ in broad day light? ///

Talking about bribes, you forgot to mention so many cases of corruption, and most of them involving senior servants some-more.

Anonymous said...

In probably in a decade later, WE ,Singapore citizens born and bred here would become a minority right here in Spore where we were born ! This is simply unacceptable and intolerable.

Virgo49 said...

Now Pinky Loong said "In a stable country, this thing, i.e the Riots in Little India can still happened"


Who created this type of unstable environment????

For over forty odd years, Singaporeans of various races lived in PEACE.

Its only when you brought in all these refugees that SHITS happened.

Lin Liao Bah Aa!!!

b said...

We are in such misery because the previous generation stupidly fought for independence. Now we are colonized by ahnehs instead of angmos - all thanks to that particular old man.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to be colonised by India?