Thailand heading for civil unrest and political strife

The stage is set for a civil war in Thailand. The tough stand taken by Suthep and his yellow shirts is a sign that he has been given an edict to get rid of Yingluck. This is shown in his confidence and persistent to push to the end. He would not compromise, he is showing his cards without taking it out. They are even talking of arresting Yingluck for treason. This is the last push by the monarchy to stay in power.

The red shirts have been exceptionally restrained and non confrontational so far. They have been on the retreat, on the defensive, trying to appeal for reasons and negotiation. They have finally come to the conclusion that there is no option left. Either they fight or they would be kicked out with Yingluck and her parties.

The red shirts have started to stand up to tell the yellow shirts that they would fight for their freedom and democracy. They would not accept an undemocratic govt in the form of a dictatorship.

Thailand is like heading towards a revolution or a civil war. It is now all in, all the chips are on the table and winners take all. The end result could be a strengthened and revived monarchy to rule for another hundred years or a republic without the monarchy or a ceremonial monarchy that would have no say in Thai politics once the dust settles.

Yingluck and the red shirts have tried to avoid bloodshed and a civil war. The yellow shirts will not have that and are pushing for an all out war. This run up to the snap election is going to be critical to Thai politics and a dramatic change could take place in the next couple of months or weeks when the red shirts are forced to march into Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

One man detroys the whole country for selfish reasons? Sound familiar in many countries in the world, past and present.

Anonymous said...

I think they should now starting thinking who should they release the CPF back to them 55, Punggol East showed that people not so happy with the CPF lock up scheme for life, rather then spending their time thinking of giving how much to each individuals in the 2016 profit sharing scheme?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Chua

Would the Red and Yellow fight it out at Golden Mile Complex.

They can release steam at the basement steamboat restaurant right?

Sawadee Krap

Anonymous said...

Current Events in Thailand are worrying, if our own recent events are anything to goes by.
There was squabble between PRC Drivers with their Employer and the Union joined in the Fray.
Days ago, there was confrontation between Indian Foreigner Workers and Locals which included Members from the Authorities; Police, Medical Personnels etc. The Challenges against the Authorities are extremely grave. However, Singaporeans are NOT all on the Side of the Authorities. Many Singaporeans are sympathetic to the Foreigners so far based on Humanities. Many Native Singaporeans are of the View that Foreigners as well as Locals had been badly exploited with many workers abused by Employers and sadly, neglected by the Authority.

There is a rift that is brewing between the Native Singaporeans and the Rulers for some times and the Momentum is gathering strength by the Days. What does it portends?


patriot said...

Ex Thai Premier Ahbisit is charged today, if convicted, situation and condition in Thailand will likely improve. And the Thais will have peace and will be able to better their livings.
Thais are hard working and progressive.


Veritas said...

Actually the standard game of democracy is the ruling party must not mobilize the street. The opposition party must not paralyze the government by means of protest. Now opposition breaks the rule. Yingluck got to respond.

Also Suthep and probably Abhisit knew Abhisit is going to be charged. All political deals are done in back rooms and meal time. Since Abhisit group reject amnesty, Yingluck respond by charging him.

The way of politics is compromise. If the Bangkok elites continue to play the impasse card, they may bring the country to civil war. Then the red shirt may mobilize the whole country and take over bangkok.

People think that army and palace is powerful. But red shirt is not just Yingluck and Thaksin -- 2 person.

The red shirt is a big and powerful group consists of numerous individuals and each holding power in their own turf. Once mobilize, the red shirt could mobilize the army units in the North took the capital.

But if the yellow shirt do nothing, they are doom to lose power also. Behind the red shirt is China and behind yellow shirt is USA. The emerging of China is going to tilt the balance to the red.

Right now from my source of information, the yellow can hardly can as tangible support from USA compared to what China can give to the red. China is rich and USA is broke.

oldhorse42 said...

The former Thai PM .Ahbisit is indicted for murder. How come he is allowed to run freely.
At the same time golfers here are happy. Many of them have taken advantage of cheap flights to golf in Thailand.
Perhaps RB should also do that! It will make him live longer. Put back the years taken away by too many cups of kopi kau.

Anonymous said...

Suthep is walking around shouting as if he is the king. Search his pocket and you will likely to find an imperial edict.

b said...

"ceremonial monarchy that would have no say"

- just look at the obscene wages of those so called ceremonial monarchs which will put PM Lee pay to shame and one will realize it is all a fake. They are the true power houses. Still believe in democracy, freedom, independence?