Lily Neo felt helpless

Lily Neo wrote in her facebook that she felt very down after failing to help her residents to get back their money held captive in the CPF. Many have reached 55 or going to and are in desperate need of money only to see their money in the CPF. The money is their but not for them to touch. The impatient is turning into anger and desperation.

And many thanks to the govt for the many schemes to help the people with their life savings. And the govt is so proud to declare to the people that it is helping them with their money. As more and more Sinkies get to and pass 55, the number of disgruntled people is rising daily. On the other hand there is not a single word of sorry, of apology or remorse from the govt, but sheer arrogance that the people can just be ignored.

Now why would a population of several million people, and tens of thousands of aggrieved oldies finding themselves so helpless, so in need of money but not able to use their money? And at most there are less than 80 MPs to deal with. Even then, not all 80 of them are in favour of keeping the people’s savings out of their reach.

The decision is likely to be the brain child of a handful of politicians who are so aloof and dismissive to think that the people elected them to do anything they want to the people. Could the people change their fate and take back their money by simply voting out the govt? Is it really so difficult to do such a thing when their core interests are at stake? Howe Yoon Choong was forced to step down after he tried to extend the withdrawal age of the CPF. What had happened since was much more obnoxious. And on top of this there are many very serious issues that the people are unhappy about.

Why not change the govt in the next GE? It is so easy to vote out a govt in a GE if the people decided to do so. Is the CPF such an intolerable issue to break the camel’s back? Why would the people work for a life time and rudely awaken to find the hard truth, that they have no right to take back their life savings as promised? Why would the people feel that they cannot do anything about it? And why does the govt think that they can change the rules of the CPF and they can get away with it? And the schemes to hold back the CPF savings of the people are getting more and more audacious and unacceptable with total disregard of the people’s feeling, objection, disapproval and protest. The frustration is festering and growing.

Maybe it is true, once the people elected other ordinary citizens to be the govt, they ended up as servants and slaves to these ordinary people who are now called the govt. The helplessness is not only in Lily Neo. The helplessness is in all the citizens, young and old. Why save?


Anonymous said...

"Many have reached 55 or going to and are in desperate need of money only to see their money in the CPF."

Like everything else which is not positive, I believe only a minority (40% or less) of those who have reached 55 or going to are desperate for their CPF money lah.

In a one man one vote system, the ruling party can never be voted out if majority are happy and satisfied.

And in a GRC system, just need 60% to be happy is enough to secure 93% seats already, and hence to be able to form a very strong govt.

Anonymous said...

I think nothing will happen even if Lily Neo and those affected Sinkies felt helpless.

Unless the strongest opposition party, or any other opposition party, happened to grow strong enough and ready to be govt lah.

But will it happen? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies can make lots of money , so they don't need their CPF money.

And smart Sinkies will not join opposition to make it strong to challenge PAP, because it is easier and better to make money under PAP.

So the opposition cannot grow strong. It is a vicious cycle for the opposition and daft, loser Sinkies desperate for their CPF money.

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies will look at their CPF statements and smile.

Hope the anger can be contained. Otherwise, MPs holding MPS should have guards.

Anonymous said...

knnccb is also waiting for my cpf balance

but seem like the goal post keep shifting

with more and more schemes introduced to "protect" my welfare, with increasing premiums, my cpf balance seem to get smaller and smaller

and inflation rates spirally out of control (IMHO) ... how much will it be worth in the future (assuming I will be fortunate to withdraw them)

knnbccb ..... yes KNNBCCB to those who introduce this


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I keep telling folks -- that money in CPF is not yours -- even though you -- along with everyone else -- have your name attached to a small portion of it.

This latest event is yet more factual proof that you do not OWN a specified amount of money with your name on it. Ridiculous right? Of course it is, until you realise that it is a massive con job, written into law. And it is the fundamental function of The State to UPHOLD the rule of law.

So balls to you -- there is no escape. The sooner your write it off as a "sunken cost" (i.e. a tax) the sooner you can cut your mind free of one less thing to worry about, and continue your "pursuit of happiness".

If a senior MP cannot get "your money", then what fucking hope or bright idea did you have in mind?

Fact is: It is NOT your money. Stop the stupid wayang, for your own sakes!

...or don't and continue to entertain those of us who've resolved the issue with our own selves.

If you want to create your own mental torment, go right ahead :-)

Anonymous said...

To me she is a role model MP ..
Impeccable... passionate ...kind hearted ...helpful ..
This is my view n the views of my friends in kreta ayer ..
My very wishlist is that she can be a minister say in health , or community... we simply need her tender care n loves....

Anonymous said...

Govt will protect your CPF savings until after you die you will still be very rich. No chance to spend your money.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


It's not your money. Whether you die rich is entirely up to you. It has fuck-all to do with CPF ;-)

Anonymous said...

/// To me she is a role model MP ..
Impeccable... passionate ...kind hearted ...helpful ..
This is my view n the views of my friends in kreta ayer .. ///

She wears a white uniform.
She says she feel helpless.
How can she help you?

And you still want to vote for her?
Another daft Sinkie who deserves to die of poverty & disease with $100K in the CPF.

Help yourself.
Vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

RB, i think many people are unaware that the medisave minimum sum(MMS) have no limit. Govt decides the amount to increase each year. Also if i am correct the RA minimum sum (MSS)will be adjusted to inflation until 2015. After this date the Govt has not indicated there will be no more MSS adjustment after 2015. If govt decides otherwise can you visualise the impact. No limit to MSS and MMS. Argghhhhhhhh.
The Goat

Anonymous said...

vote opposition if you want to be able to spend your own (CPF) money.

jjgg said...

The clincher may come later...estate duty imposed on remaining cpf balances!! Hehe

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> vote opposition if you want to be able to spend your own (CPF) money.

Sorry, but the likelihood of that happening is close to 0% probability.


Because CPF is written into LAW. What the govt is doing is perfectly legal. CPF definitely secures the financial strength of the whole nation, and the power of the state.

Do you seriously think that an elected govt will GIVE GROUND by reducing its financial power?

If you do, you must be living in a dream world ;-)


>> The clincher may come later...estate duty imposed on remaining cpf balances!! Hehe

Quite possible. And it will be a master stroke because it would add to the "belief" that the govt tells you -- CPF money is yours. Death duty is a duty imposed on PRIVATE property. So if they tax CPF on death, that is "proof" that the money is actually yours. :-)

How much more ridiculous can it get? The sky's the limit when it comes to The State inventing ways to relieve you of your money.

Singaporeans are very clever with money. The govt is made up of Singaporeans :-))

Anonymous said...

They force the citizens to save and keep a huge amount 'adjusted to inflation'. Your savings and they got the cheek to adjust it to inflation! What the fuck is happening?

Anonymous said...

Lily Neo is the Type of MP that helps PAP to get more votes from the daft sinkies. On the surface, she appears to be very concern for the people. At voting in Parliament on Policy, liked her supporters; she will also vote for her PAP to implement the Policies.
Is she doing the people good?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

patriot -- 99.999% right. 1 part in a thousand (0.001%) for "uncertainty", because it is impossible to be 100% certain on anything.

At the end of the day, Indonesian-born Lily is a politician, for Tg Pagar, no less -- the most famous seat in Singapore, stronghold of the OLDEST POLITICIAN and probably the OLDEST GOVERNMENT WORKER in Singapore. ;-)

However, I do think that her attitude of compassion is genuine. She doesn't come across to me as a "money/ power grabber".

Anonymous said...

Did she vote for all the CPF changes against the people? If she did, she deserves to be scolded by the people.

b said...

Perhaps LKY is dying soon and election is round the corner. It is time to buy some votes especially sympathy ones.

b said...

'that money in CPF is not yours'

- the money is only yours when you migrate and give up your sinkies passport.

- try to get a passport from panama.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Lily Neo one of those pappies who voted Aya for the white toilet paper ? Isn't she felt nothing wrong with old fart been the same GRC while he is not even doing any grc work other than publishing his own nonsense of hard truth ?

So why is she even complaining ? Is she trying to buy sympathetic vote for the next election ?

Who is she trying to fool by portraying herself as angel of the WhiteOutSideBlackInside ?

Why is she trying to prove ? Score political point again ?

Did she even know that internet is for all to see on her hypocrisy ?

She should just shut up and stop making a fool of herself after all.

Anonymous said...

@December 04, 2013 9:50 am

matilah .... lidat, may i assume it to be pek-kim for your avatar

knnccb .... wondering whether i died with my eyes WIDE OPEN after your enlightenment

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I can understand why foreigners and the foreign media face palms over certain aspects of Singapore life -- especially when it relates to Singapore govt policy.

For instance: no chewing gum, 3/4 fuel tank law at causeway, all manner of things relating to homosexuality, banning of certain magazines, books, movies, TV serials and even music...just to name a few downright STUPID examples of legislation that can only come from bat-shit insane people with absolute power.

However, when locals try to con themselves and others over a FIXTURE in law and in society -- like the institutions of NS and CPF -- it makes me mad lah. The world has continued on without giving a flying shit about these issues, yet Singaporeans have been arguing over these non-issues for decades.

Get fucking real lah. Singapore, like the anywhere in the world is not "perfect", and like everything which is "wrong" in the world, is not going to change so that a few "childish dreamers" can be "happy".

Can you be free and happy in an unfree world?

Absolutely. But you need to apply EFFORT and RESOLVE.

But don't take my word. Here is what great libertarian writer and investor Harry Browne has to say (PDF file). This book is also available in hardback at the National Library.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, what are you going to do about it?

Nevermind if some idiot is going to talk down on you in Parliament. Say what you really feel. This is your last term. Let it off your chest for the good of your constituents, the people who trusted you and voted for you.

Let them have a piece of your mind.