Dear The Real Singapore,

My well wishes to the next General Elections. Pray and hope the best last longer.

Sir, my name is UTHAYA KUMAR S/O P. THANGIAH, NRIC No: S1338799J. I am a Singaporean and on the 2nd December 2013, I have reached my 55 and I had great plans to utilize my CPF money, where my first priority is to get a nice place to live in and put my daughter to school in Indonesia. Purchase essential items for the home including a motor bike for transportation. 

All he got from his CPF savings was $5,000.

The above is the intro para of a letter written by Kumar and posted in The Real Singapore. This plea is going to be repeated by many Singaporeans when the hit 55 and found their savings untouchable. The Govt has decided to keep it for them for safe keeping to last them a life time.

Merry Christmas. No present for this Christmas for Kumar.


agongkia said...

When one mention the intention to get a nice place,put the daughter in Indonesia... ,it will give one an impression that one will take the money and spent in Indonesia.These are the dafts that spoil my plan of getting my money when I reach 55,for no reason.
Why mention Indonesia?

Want to have a second home oversea also need to be smart and do it secretly.Dun give others a chance to use that as a reason to stop giving out CPF.Looks like my hope of getting my CPF when I reach 55 is gone.

Anyway,minimum wage is about 2.5 juta in Indonesia.Just get a job there and forget about CPF.
I dun think you are concern about CPF but have your own agenda to write this.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition lor!
How else to get back our CPF money?
You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

agongkia is a mother-fucking PAPig

Anonymous said...

U think those cpf enuff to last how long in Singapore??

knnccb.... papigs, return my cpf money

Anonymous said...

My only question is, did NRIC No. S1338799J voted for the PAP? If yes, he should just bear with it and continue to vote PAP. Simple as that!

Anonymous said...

Agongkia n Matilah are the smart sinkies.
All the people can go n die, so long as they survive and thrive.
If those in power bring them wealth, they will fuck around the world with no worry, as they got money many many. Does not matter they got the money clean or dirty. They will make babies, walk away and leave them to their mummies.
They are like the Pappies that bully every sinkie.

Anonymous said...

The staggering win of a small town girl, with a heart, with normal qualifications beating a higher qualified arse doctor with many cars, reminded us another case. A person who is not a high flier and won big against a stop scholar? Through her sheer hard work, knocking door to door to understand her residents needs?

Lina Charm's husband Charm See Tong won big against Maraloro Tan one of the top scholar? Charm See Tong had not much high sounding certs, but he is street smarts, he beat the pants of of the top scholar Maraboro Tan, who believe you can own something, is affordable by borrowing?

After successive lost, they decided to call it a day and device a GRC system, so that Maraboro Tan could came in by the back door, if he can't came in by the front door? As usual always with some sort of creative words and excuses?

So how Maraboro Tan with his quips and his definition of affordable became a MP?

Virgo49 said...

HI Anon @5.32

Not only Mr Chiam See Tong beats Marbo Tan, he also beats Howe Yoon Choong before Marbo Tan.

Heavy weight ex PSA Chairman some more.

My childhood friend in HDB for forty years before retirement and posted to Toa Payoh to help this Howe for Potong Pasir.

Told me that that they redrawn boundary at Toa Payoh which is part of Me Ong Teong Cheong, our ex-President to be part of Potong Pasir.

At that time, Mr Ong is the highest winner in the PAP camp at Toa Payoh at 88 over percent.

Still Mr Chiam managed to beat him about thousand plus votes.

See how dirty these PAPigs are!!


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @2.54.

The reality is that most of the current generation of Singaporeans will only draw a minimum of 5K or less when they reached the age of 55.

By that time, the minimum sum would be at least 200K and the Medisave at 50K.

Also after paying off their mortgage of HDB or other housing loans, how much you expect to save.

NWC recommended increment of eveb 50 bucks, NTUC chief got to take out drawing board and start drawing circles and circles with it.

b said...

The only way to withdraw is to have a foreign passport. If his wife is indon, he can apply using his wife nationality.

Anonymous said...

A little xmas present for RB. One kopi extra kau.

Merry Xmas!

Anonymous said...

Many of the Tanjong Pagar GRC residents, who are in the 50s hardly ever voted in their whole life, because of the GRC systems, in the first world democracy, with walkover after walkover?

The old man who usually won around 80 percent of the votes in previous SMC, can easily pull in 4 mediocre MP or maybe yes men with some good sounding qualifications? He can literally pass 30 over percents of his votes to at least 2 or 3 weak candidates to pull them in as long as they have an agreeable mentality?

So the oppositions usually avoid it, but age is catching he might not have many years, so some might want to retire without his votes?

So next time the paper general can write a book literally (How to win a war without a single battle)?

The tooth pick minister, some call him Zoro, his selling point is cheaper, faster and better?

Next time maybe he not running because his East Coast GRC, which near losing averaging only 54 pc , with the second lowest average GRC votes, maybe consider retire or maybe the PM ask him to retire earlier, worry he could pull the whole GRC down the next time? Or he may want to retire to take his money and start his toothpicks business, in case he might lose the next time?

So now he practice selling toothpicks at Tin Tai Fung, how help him in his pay, maybe later work for Tin Tai Fung, selling tooth picks or learn from them how to sell tooth picks and start his toothpicks factory?

Anonymous said...

How come some people still do not realise, at this point of time, that they cannot or will not be able to draw out any CPF at 55, or at most only a token sum?

Years down the road, those younger Sinkies now will only be able to feel very rich looking at their annual CPF statements with hundreds of thousands in the MSS and Medisave, but untouchable.

Envy the lucky oldies who got their money out after paying for a cheaper and bigger HDB flat three decades ago. Gone are the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Those who turned 55 and cannot withdraw their CPF money are just a small minority of voters in 2011 lah. Majority of voters then had not yet turned 55, and some with a long way to go.

But not sure by 2016, how many will turn 55 and cannot withdraw CPF money.

If it is majority of voters, PAP for sure will habis (finished).
And WP for sure will be voted in as govt even though not ready.

And be prepared for Low Thia Khiang becoming the reluctant PM. LOL

virgo49 said...

Hi bro, so far only once.

One gur lan Singh testing water. Lost his deposit.

Also got one Leong gentleman many times not successfully in the nominations against the LKY before GRC.

In GE 2011, nearly contested but think the opposition only play play

They should allowed voters to cast their votes even in no contest constituencies to guage whether the constituents want them to be their MPs or not.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor. Even no contest also can put a lizard or a cockroach against the PAP and let voters decide. Good idea. Who knows? We would also become the first country in the world with this fabulous idea. Singapore lumber one!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.33pm: /Even no contest also can put a lizard or a cockroach against the PAP and let voters decide. /

Are you suggesting putting up five donkeys, dogs, wolves, chickens and pigs of diferrent gender, colour and skill set such as mb an ex-general also?