Foreign workers in Little India

Are these workers having a hard time in Singapore? Look at their dressing, the enviroment they are in, would they be better off in India? These are not the well educated professionals. Would they be able to enjoy such comfort in such a fine and clean surrounding? If they are back in India, would they have the money to enjoy their drinks or would they be jobless, poorly clothed and could not even afford a drink?

Who is claiming that they are being exploited and living in drudgery, in a fearful environment and being discriminated by the Chinese majority in Singapore? Look at their faces, are they unhappy, in pain, in fear, being harassed? Or are they free and relax and happy, enjoying their drinks in the company of friends?

They may not be making a lot of money. But they are getting on well and with the freedom to do as they pleased in their off days.


Anonymous said...

It looks calm, but the storm had arrived.

PSS said...

Excerpts from:

Part 1: Leadership in a Changing Landscape - HOPE


/// " I hope to stand firm enough not to go backward, and yet not go forward fast enough to wreck the country's cause."
Abraham Lincoln ( 1809-1865 ), US 16th President

In this time of considerable anxiety, stress, fear, disappearing hope, distrust, the fight for survival and a peaceful tomorrow ...... , strong leadership is quintessential. Leaders provide directions and are great sources of influence. Great leadership seeks to inspire, enthuse, infect their followers with their passion and devotion. Leaders add layers each day to foundations and consolidate the organisational structure with greater strength and tensile. Leadership is not administrative ability. Leadership is to manage followers and subjects towards achieving the group objective. Therefore, winning the trust of followers and subject is essential in successful and sustainable leadership.

“It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.”

J K Rowling, Harry Porter and the Dealthly Hallows

In a fast changing world, adaptation is key. What works for a country in the past may be what would fail the country in the future.

The present is a crossroad.

Leadership needs intelligence and vision.

Great leaders know the directions they need to head to and where they can take the people. Without winning the hearts and minds of its people, a leader can go nowhere. Coercive power needs to be constantly used. Historically it doesn't last long. The Qin Dynasty is a great example. Its tyranny brought to its demise in only 15 years of reign, the shortest in China 5,000 years recorded history. ///

Anonymous said...


Lots have been said right till now on the issues that lead to the riot, the exploitation?, the alcohol, even the venue and our xenophobia????, but have anyone said what kind of protection sinkies will have for such occurrence, what happen to those that was injured?, such heroic was met with a bashing, were they being secured with free medical expenses.....anyone know what happen to those that are injured?.

Again lots of finger pointing was done, looking after the FW was said by the top brass, but what about the sinkies that was hurt, were they gross with awards as they have stood up against the rioters, if nothing is done, what did they risk their lives for?

The question I want to ask is are sinkies lives just as precious as the FW if not more? Why are there no mention of those people that was there??, was any interview conducted with them, are they not the people that was actually there, instead an Indian national was put up, talking about his fears of now and initial?.

I'm sure they will not be paid a million dollars but shouldn't they be mention or recognition done, have I made a mistake and wasted my time with these words, pray tell me, anyone that they have been mention.

It's extremely sad that the FW need such an incident to trigger a reaction, was not an Indian national killed in a construction accident recently, if my recollection is correct, there was at least twice such accidents that involve Indian nationals, am I right??? what was the conclusion, where was the mention??


Anonymous said...

knnccb ... my blood is boiling

knnccb ... hsien loong

knnccb ... papigs

knnccb .... why i knnccb these fuckers? must be daft

Anonymous said...

dun pray pray ..

according to this leeport .. matakia veBy the bbrave ...

" SINGAPORE - A man carrying what seemed to be a samurai sword was spotted on the MRT train at around 12.45pm today.

According to AsiaOne reader Julian Lim, the man boarded the train at City Hall station with three policemen following him.

He observed that when the policemen talked to the man, it just made him more agitated. He then pulled the sword out and pointed it at one of the policemen.

Seeing this, the people in the train backed off from the man.

He then alighted at Dhoby Ghaut station followed by the policemen.

Photos of the man were also submitted to citizen journalism website Stomp. ""

last time mata quick quick taser like in outram park mrt station .. the victim went see god???

this time mata kias neBer run .. soo si brave

knnccb ... lau uncle here luckilee not there else pants also wet wet

agongkia said...

First must tell your kaki,that Mathematic Uncle Ah Goo to stay away from those kaykhiang organisation like home,ngos......he will lose his credibility if he continue with mixing with them.Ask him dun anyhow propose cpf or MW for them.

They are the one blindly claiming exploitation..These FWs are spoilt by them.They never see how these 'opay' sabo our local sinkie uncle and want to take over the job.Many uncle lost their job to these snakes and those kaykhiang are too blind to see.
Last time our Sinkies and those Thais,Malaysian sleep in job sites,no complain of low pay or sleeping condition.No chance to cheeko with maids.Now they got chance to cheeko with maid on Sundays and sleep in proper dormitory.Their condition oredi better than many local who are sleeping in the GorKahKee on cardboard.
Now PM say want built more dormitory for them.Sinkie are dafts.

Anonymous said...

New and New citizens better consider carefully, a country don't just give away 30,000 citizenships annually, for nothing and easily, Singapore has nothing just a small island, the money got to come from them or somewhere else, to pay then ten times the amount pay to the ministers of Nordic countries or others, salaries and to vote for them. The recent schemes is to lock up the CPF for life? Use your brain to think?

So that they can continue to pay themselves such lucrative salaries, that no other countries would pay them? Their usual stategy is to lure them in first later extract more from them they given out later? That why they now target 6.9million people, from one millions plus populations at the 1960s keep increasing it to 2060 at 6.9 millions?

Of course they are entice to come and might take away the jobs of the older citizens, one of these days their jobs too will be taken by newer and newer citizens?

With many newer and new citizens coming to take away their jobs, many older citizens were worry of borning babies in case they were out of jobs, so the cycle go on, how to solve the low birth rate problems, when many were worry about their job been taken away, depress pay by foreigners?

Many come to Singapore near the middle age so there will be much more older people then other countries next times? And many of the older workers whose jobs taken away from the newer and cheaper workers? Solve the problem of birthrate by adding more problems?

Anonymous said...

sgnewsalternative website host server is located in the vancouver area, british columbia, Canada and this website admin persons are also based in the vancouver area.

Anonymous said...

They look calm on the outside, but raging anger, frustration and a sense of being cheated, exploited on the inside. Like a volcano waiting to erupt.

Anonymous said...

After 2000 as China open up and welcome foreign investments, more and more foreign investments from Singapore move to China as China is cheaper in cost, one minister stated Singapore suffer 3 recessions after 2000?

In the 1990s Singaporean were voted the best workers in the world later they kept giving excuses Singapore not good enough or other reasons, funny isn't it?

So the cheap labour strategy, Singapore used to be so successful no longer working, so they got to pumping more and more cheap labour from the third world to sustain the economy, which will bring a heavy price to the older workers, who difficult to complete with them?

These clearly show that cheap foreign workers strategy don't work any more? But they got to continue to give excuses?

Finally half of the cabinet approved the 2 casinos, as Singapore have not much choice if investment continue to move the China Singapore will be in dire straits? Singapore divest it economy to a service economy?

Yet they increase their salaries 25 percents after they approve the casinos, which many disagreed with it, when you increase the populations more and more, of course inflation will rise further and further? You see the food price kept increasing even many were in these trade, many know there is demand there?

Singapore should use the technology way like some very successful Nordic countries, but these is not so beneficial to them they need to make use of the foreigners to vote for them? And other tax them indirectly as no other countries would pay them these kinds of lucrative salaries which ten times the salaries pay to some advanced countries ministers?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The foreigners will continue to come, to be PR or even take up citizenship. They have nothing to fear that their CPF will be locked up for good. All they need to do is to buy a HDB flat. And when the time comes to take profit, they will sell, denounce their citizenship and take their profits and monetary gains and say thank you and good bye.

The daft Sinkies do not have this option unless they want to be quitters.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One picture does not the whole story tell.

Anonymous said...

RB, you include one third of the Holy Trinity in your picture. They are the guardians of the foreign workers, looking after them and blessing them.

Anonymous said...

No matter how smelly these six toilets are, these toilets are more useful than the evil mind and ugly heart people who made us suffer.