The 7 Highest Paid Political Leaders in the World (2013) You must be joking!

7th Place: Francois Hollande, President of France
Approximate salary: SGD $291,680 per annum
Needs to manage: Approx. 65 million people, 675,000+ square kilometers, at least 400 kinds of cheese
In Singapore, his pay amounts to: Inability to buy a car with his entire month’s pay cheque. Come on, France.

6th Place: Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Approximate salary: SGD $387,351 per annum
Needs to manage: Approx. 34.4 million people, almost 10 million square kilometers, hockey violence and American tourists
In Singapore, his pay amounts to: His entire month’s pay cheque should just about make the down payment on a 5 room flat.

5th Place: Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya

Approximate salary: SGD $390,561 per annum
Needs to manage: Approx. 41.6 million people, 580,000+ square kilometers, and convincing the International Criminal Court that he hasn’t committed crimes against humanity. His case is probably next in line, after the producers of Jersey Shore.
In Singapore, his pay amounts to: His entire month’s pay cheque is less than Nparks once paid for 26 bicycles. Also, people need to stop cracking jokes about corruption in Africa. I’m just saying.

4th Place: Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland

Approximate salary: SGD $404,950 per annum
Needs to manage: Around 4.5 million people, 84,000+ square kilometers, and a self-inflicted pay cut. Approx. 65 “Irish invention” jokes per hour.

In Singapore, his pay amounts to: An average golf club membership. If he doesn’t go for too many frills.

3rd Place: Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

Approximate salary: SGD $500,720 per annum
Needs to manage: Around 314 million people, 9.8 million+ square kilometers, Republicans, and the Free World.
In Singapore, his pay amounts to: His entire month’s pay cheque might cover the Cash Over Valuation of a resale flat (in a mature estate).

2nd Place: Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of Hong Kong

Approximate salary: SGD $642,173 per annum
Needs to manage: Just over 7 million people, 1,100+ square kilometers, more triad violence than a mongrel has fleas.
In Singapore, his pay amounts to: Something we’d consider “a good start”, every time we review the cost of living.

1st Place: Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

lee hsien loong

Approximate salary: $2.2 million per annum
Needs to manage: Around 5.1 million people, 710 square kilometers, high inflation, immigration issues.
His pay amounts to: About four or five other people on this list…combined.
But hey, we’ve got a safe, clean country. And if you’d like to spy on other people’s salaries some more,...

Know any other highly paid leader we missed? Comment and let us know!

Yahoo and Ryan Ong,  are you joking? Every one of our cabinet minister is earning more than the second highest political leader in the world. Even our ministers of state are earning more than him. Close my eyes I would say at least 30 political leaders in Singapore, unless our ministers and ministers of state are not political leaders, are earning more than Donald Tsang, the second highest in the whole world. And if I am not mistaken, even our parlimentary secretaries and mayors could also be earning more than him and Obama.

You want to know more? Ask the MPs how much they are earning.

And you may want to include the bonuses, if you are talking about per annum. Used to be up to 24 months plus 13th month and another month for leadership.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah, why all the fuss?

The People Get The Government They Deserve.

The people kept voting PAP in at every election since this idea of aligning top tier govt salaries with top performers in the private sector.

Obviously the majority of people don't see this as an issue.

Anonymous said...

Please don't insult our PM and say he only gets $2.2m pa. You can't handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

Greed is good.
Gordon Gecko

Veritas said...

The high paid of SG ministers is nothing about meritocracy. Its about making ministers subservient to PM and also a coup in SG political system. When PAP first came to power, Kuan Yew then surrounded by his more leftist and idealistic colleague implements a wage cut for ministers in 1959.

PAP pay cut and a rein on pay rise has a far reaching consequence on the society of Singapore. Kuan Yew eventually hate this but his old colleague even though grow money minded over the years, manage to control Kuan Yew not to give ministers exorbitant pay. Our minister salary is at the range of upper middle class until 1990.

Why is middle class minister salary good for SG? Reason is it put minister into the shoe of average citizen. Any policy that hit the middle class economy hit our ministers. Evil Kuan Yew eventually get frustrated with anything good because all his wicked ideas are meet with resistance.

In 1990, Kuan Yew and fucking Chok Tong implement a coup d'etat of million dollar ministers. The million dollar minister salary is an entire social and political engineering. It basically remove not just the minister, but all senior leaders from the pain of any policies inflicted to middle class.

For example if our leaders salary is around S$300,000 a year instead of million dollar, he will think twice about COE, and asset enhancement. We will have free healthcare.

He cannot pay his sons to harvard and cambridge. Then he will resist FT policy.

NUS/NTU tution fee hit his pocket, he will resist tution fee hike.

He want to have a car for grocery, take his mother to hospital, take his pregnant wife to deliver, he will resist COE.

He want his sons to stay in landed property, he will resist FT policy.

The first step towards well being for Singaporeans is to reduce minister pay. Make them feel the pain.

RB you should blog more about minister salary. This sinister brainchild of Kuan Yew and Chok Tong has far more consequence than one imagined. It is a cultural revolution.

Fuck Kuan Yew.
Chok Tong you Chee Bye.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Daft sinkies are unable to see the wood from the trees.

Anonymous said...

Chronic daftness mah.

Anonymous said...

Use your hearts & brains:
December 7, 2013 at 12:04 pm (Quote)

Why the Nordic countries ministers can live with salaries of around $200K, why can’t Singapore ministers live with this salaries, are they more efficient or give less excuses? Do we have the more efficient people run the country with less? Is this the only way to pay them such high salaries then they willing to serve? Are they serve because of money or with their hearts?

Singapore have a huge advantages over many countries because it is at one of the best locations in the world with one of the busiest ports. Please don’t give so much excuses to lock up people CPF? Israel don’t have the busiest port yet do better?

Why penalise those who manage their money well, which their friends already withdraw their CPF? CPF should not one size fit all type of schemes? Of course there are excuses or do good to keep people CPF they over spent, why our ministers can have ten times that of other countries ministers salaries, but why so low interest, what about the inflations?

To do good your ministers pay on par with the Nordic ministers or swiss ministers salaries, so that less indirecst taxes?

To bring Singapore to the level of the Nordic countries or the Swiss standard, Singapore need the right kinds of foreign workers and invest in technological, innovative and better design solutions as in many advanced countries?

We can’t keep using the outmoded old systems which we success from a low base, like keep importing cheaper third world countries people to votes?

What about those new citizens replaced by new citizens did you think about it, how they feels, when they came they thought Singapore promised them alot later what to they found out?

What do you think a countries need ten times that amount to run then the equilvalent countries, do the tax payaers need ten time the amount of taxes or indirect taxes to pay them?

Anonymous said...

"Close my eyes I would say at least 30 political leaders in Singapore, unless our ministers and ministers of state are not political leaders, are earning more than Donald Tsang, the second highest in the whole world."

So? I am following LKY style.

oldhorse42 said...

I do hope some one will write an investigative piece on the assets own by our political masters.

Why do our leaders shy of declaring how many properties they and their family members own?

What do they do with their millions?

Anonymous said...

So? I am following LKY style.
Anon 1:01 pm

I think this style can be used to rule Sinkies very effectively.

Anonymous said...

What do they do with their millions?
oldhorse42 1:03 pm

Of course invest to make more money lah, like in properties. That's why the rich are getting richer mah.

You expect them to put as FDs and savings in banks? These are only for ordinary SInkies because they have no money to invest in properties, and they also cannot afford to lose their money.

Anonymous said...

What do you think, when those new citizens later find out they are been make use to vote for them, and later got to pay incredibly high indirect taxes? And when the grow old they will be replaced by the cheaper and cheaper newer citizens?

Anonymous said...

And when the grow old they will be replaced by the cheaper and cheaper newer citizens?
Anon 1.19 pm

Grow old then said lah.

They will cross the bridge when they reach it.

Tnink so far for what?

Anonymous said...

GREED is the word.
With apologies to John Travolta.

Veritas said...


Few months ago, I do not have a bad opinion about Tan Chuan Jin. Today, I feel he is a mother fucker trying to wayang his way out.

The only thing Tan Chuan Jin do is to think of ways to make Singaporeans think that PAP has protect locals, and when locals still cant make it, make Singapreans think that they are fuck up.

Recently Tan Chuan Jin come out with a trickery.

Now firms making new Employment Pass applications must advertise the job vacancy in a new jobs bank, administered by the Singapore Workforce and Development Agency (WDA), for at least 14 days.

Everyone in industry know this is a scam. As SG boss has been pampered all over the years to access every single workers in the world, many headcount could take 1-2 years to fill.

I got a colleague who left. His headcount took one year to fill until HR and senior managers got fared up and cancel away the headcount.

A lot of boss amuse themselves with interviews nowadays. Not only they want perfect match in track record, anytime the candidate make the boss feel no chemistry in interview, they are out -- never mind how good they are.

So many days have pass and what our ministers did are to ask our graduates to be hawker and ask Singaporeans stop going to university.

Fuck PAP.

Anonymous said...

"So many days have pass and what our ministers did are to ask our graduates to be hawker and ask Singaporeans stop going to university.

Fuck PAP."
Veritas 5:43 pm

So? I am following LKY style.

Anonymous said...

RB, can you get someone to calculate how much the cabinet and ministers of state and parliamentary secretaries and political secretaries and mps cost the the taxpayers in total every year including bonuses and performance bonuses and allowances, etc?

Anonymous said...

ang tow .... u called this bad

wat about lee kuan yew ... he paid to "write" fables

had he conducted any MPS b4?

knnccb .... soon i need to eat my leather belt and resort to string to tighten my pants

Anonymous said...

The rich get richer, the poor? Must make babies.

b said...

THis is what democracy is all about - the rich gets richer (especially the one percent) and the poor gets poorer. Prefer communism?

Anonymous said...

did you join PAP ? Otherwise how can you mislead the world ? LOL

All the top 30 highest paid are from singapore, and so how yet the top 6 here are from other countries ?

Even though it is from 2009, it is still stand corrected , as some of them get promoted and likely reflect in higher paid, didn't they ? and yet even after wayang adjustment, their salaries still reigned toppest in the world, and some say in the whole universe and galaxy as well.

The TOP 30 highest paid politicians in the world are all from Singapore: 1. Elected President SR Nathan - S$3.9 million. 2. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong - S$3.8 million. 3. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew - S$3.5 million. 4. Senior Minister Goh Chok Thong - S$3.5 million. 5. Senior Minister Prof Jayakumar - S$3.2 million. 6. DPM & Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng - S$2.9 million. 7. DPM & Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean - $2.9 million 8. Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo - S$2.8 million. 9. National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan - S$2.7 million. 10. PMO Miniser Lim Boon Heng - S$2.7 million. 11. Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang - S$2.7 million. 12. PMO Minister Lim Swee Say - S$2.6 million. 13. Environment Minister & Muslim Affairs Minister Dr Yaccob Ibrahim - S$2.6 million. 14. Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan - S$2.6 million. 15. Finance Minister S Tharman - S$2.6 million. 16. Education Minister & 2nd Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen - S$2.6 million. 17. Community Development Youth and Sports Minister - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan - S$2.5 million. 18. Transport Minister & 2nd Minister for Foreign Affairs Raymond Lim Siang Kiat - S$2.5 million. 19. Law Minister & 2nd Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam - S$2.4 million. 20. Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong - S$2.2 million. 21. PMO Minister Lim Hwee Hwa - S$2.2 million 22. Acting ICA Minister - Lui Tuck Yew - S$2.0 million. 23 to 30 = Senior Ministers of State and Ministers of State - each getting between S$1.8 million to S$1.5 million. Note: 1. The above pay does not include MP allowances, pensions and other sources of income such as Directorship, Chairmnship, Advisory, Consultancy, etc to Gov-linked and gov-related organisations or foreign MNCs such as Citigroup, etc. 2. Though it is based on an estimate, the data cannot be far off the official salary scales. The above was posted in redbeanforum by Green Peas.

and that is from your post


please come clean LOL