Thailand, Anarchy approved

The violence in Thailand is not a spontaneous uprising of a people under oppression. From the look of things, it is a carefully planned violence orchestrated by some very powerful forces that no one would want to talk about. The confidence and arrogance and law defying protestors speak volumes as to where they are coming from. This violence is going to increase in tempo and will lead to more bloodshed. And no forces, not the govt, is able or wanting to contain it. For they know what the dark forces are. And the rioters went about as if knowing that they have the licence to kill. So the govt cannot act, the army would not act. It is a kind of paralysis, and a stage set for anarchy.

Anarchy is going to be the order of the day. And the Yingluck govt may just stay its hand and let the mob do its utmost destruction to Thailand. Any attempt by the Yingluck govt will see greater forces being unleashed to bring it down. The dark side is bent on bringing down Yingluck’s govt by any means and waiting for the govt to act against the rioters. Maybe this is just the natural order of things to come when a dynasty is about to eclipse itself and a new mandate is being slated to take its place.

When the dark side has expended its forces and reveals itself as the forces of evil, a more powerful and spontaneous force will sweep across Thailand to welcome and establish a new order. In the aftermath of destruction will rise a new Thailand.

Would this be the fate of Thailand or will the old hierarchy be reinstated with the defeat of the Yingluck govt? Who will ultimately triumph, the old autocrats in Bangkok or the poor peasants across the country?


Anonymous said...

Thailand has been like this since 1932 when absolute monarchy was abolished.

Anonymous said...

North Korea still haven't abolished absolute monarchy.

Virgo49 said...

Main culprit AbiSHIT from Havard Uni in collaboration with the American Cunts.

Yingluck leaning towards PRC.

Many more countries with Thailand borders leaning towards PRC with their soft friendship and mutual respect policies.

The American Cunts: You are for US or Against US(A)

If against US(A) we shall give you HELL.

Anonymous said...


"Born in England, Abhisit attended Eton College and earned bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Oxford."


Anonymous said...

Abishit does not have that kind of power.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok Post editorial

[Thaksin need not even listen]

"Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra talks of reforms after the election,
but a step towards reforms could have been had with Pheu Thai's party list, yet it was not to be.

Looking through the top 10 names of parliamentary candidates on Pheu Thai's party list, one thing is for certain;
Thaksin Shinawatra couldn't care less for the demands for the protestors in the streets.

Hence, Thaksin can slap the faces of the protestors with his party list candidates.

Hence, Suthep Thuagsuban and the Democrats can slap the faces of the voters with their demands to temporarily cancel electoral democracy and their boycott of the election.
Not only to boycott, but in fact to campaign to block the election.

So here we are, at the same place we were before.
The two political factions are at each other's throat.
Supporters on both sides remain divided, angry and frustrated.

Meanwhile, Thailand is stuck in the tangled web that we have all helped to weave.


Anonymous said...

To understand Thai politics, you must know who is the power behind all this. Suthep is nothing, just a messenger boy. So is Ahbisit. So is the army.

oldhorse42 said...

Just like singapore, an old man living in gradndeur is behind it.

Anonymous said...

RB Sir,
I agreed with u lar but likely only 40% agreed only lor so what can we do?

Anonymous said...

Yes. There is a force behind all these. The scary part is that someone thing is a woman. Heck, history just repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

When the Redshirts launch their offensive, Thailand willbe in a blood-bath, however when the bloods dried, there will be long term rebuilding which will result in a more stable society. When most militant and violent members are put away, the peaceful ones will make progress.