The Most Congested Expressway MCE

The MCE opened to traffic on a hazy Monday morning and caught motorists by surprise when jams started to form near the Garden by the Bay towards the Marina Bay Financial Centre. The 4 photos are in sequence starting from the Garden, straight and running parallel to the empty closed stretch of ECP, turned right and under the ECP to a traffic light junction just next to Tower 3 of MBFC.

The cause of the traffic snarl was likely due free moving highway traffic converged and came to an abrupt halt at the traffic light. At this junction, traffic turning left towards MBFC and Lau Pa Sat entered a two lane road that was subsequently widen by the removal of concrete road dividers into 3 lanes. That did not really help that much and the 2 to 3 km jam was cleared only in mid afternoon.

Many motorists were held up by at least an hour in the jam. By the way, the MCE is underground and underwater, all $4.3b of it. The jam was on a new surface road leading from the exits of the MCE to MBFC.


Anonymous said...

Another once in 50 years event.

GE 2016.
PAP loses elections and fails to form government.
Hopefully, yet another once in 50 years event.

Anonymous said...

This jam is excuse for $100 ERP to recoup cost of tunnel.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing lah.

Recently a big city in China was caught in a 100-km 9 day jam.



Anyway, our super talents are the best we have. The next available already publicly admitted not ready yet, not even a partial or fraction shadow cabinet.

So please give those in charge some time to sort out the issues.

Critising is always very easy.

More should stand up to be counted if they think they can do a better job.

Opposition chief already said he not ready => means he can't or for that matter all his entire team, even if they throw in their entire "kitchen and sink".

Waiting for the incumbent to make mistake to score points is not exactly what Singaporeans hope to see in potential substitutes.

If substitutes don't demonstrate their skills, even if the first team members don't deliver the medals does not mean the substitute would be able. Likely, with their "hiding" in the background and not gaining the necessary experience via a shadow cabinet and other available means, if trouble really beset the incumbent, Sinkieland may be left "headless".

By not standing up, co-drivers are not exactly helping the cause of suffering sinkies now and in the future. They are likely helping their own cause ..... What is the different then if they are voted in? Can they deliver what the incumbent can't in significant way?

Anyway, their election promise of "First World Parliament" till now already more than mid way past the current term also is not yielding any result.

Sure, they will say their number not enough! But Low Thia Khiang already shouted on election night on the rostrum about delivering "First World Parliament". What does he mean by that? With some caveat? Again, what is the different?

Whether incumbent or not, what sinkieland needs are people who can honour their promises and deliver. Not disappoint and let down sinkies despite risking their necks to throw in everything to vote in co-drivers only to find out they are just in name and words, not in deeds.

Anyway, the incumbent is right to say right now they are the only ones able to deliver in sinkieland.

No matter whether at times they falter, they are still the best available when no body else is ready yet.

Tio bo?

kpkb or say anything also useless.

So better make sinkieland works than let it slowly sink into oblivion, until such time another viable team emerges ......

kpkb everyday also no use.

Anonymous said...

why they driving thru the innards of old fart???

knnccb ... fucktard hsien loong, return my cpf money, it's not pek kim for u or others. khcccb

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2013 11:20 pm
/// So please give those in charge some time to sort out the issues. ///

We've already given them 50 years.
Some more, LKY cannot last much longer.
How much more time he got before you completely disgrace him?

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2013 11:20 pm
/// ... if trouble really beset the incumbent, Sinkieland may be left "headless". ///

Trouble already beset the incumbent even before 2011.
Sinkieland and PAP already headless ever since our 3rd Prime Minister Millionaire took office.

Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2013 11:20 pm
/// By not standing up, co-drivers are not exactly helping the cause of suffering sinkies now and in the future. ///

It is not the job of the Opposition to help the PAP government.
Typical PAP subsidy mentality.

Just as LKY said many years ago it is not his job to help the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2013 11:20 pm
/// Anyway, the incumbent is right to say right now they are the only ones able to deliver in sinkieland. ///

This type of standard, anybody in the Opposition Party can do better.
Standard very low.
Not difficult to exceed PAP's operational standard lah!

PAP can definitely kiss at least two more GRCs goodbye.

Say cheese!

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2013 11:20 pm
/// kpkb everyday also no use. ///

If kpkb got no use.
Then why are you here in this blog?
Why not you spend more time winning contracts making money with your $2 companies?

Anonymous said...

anon 12.56am
/// This type of standard, anybody in the Opposition Party can do better.
Standard very low.
Not difficult to exceed PAP's operational standard lah! ///

Ha ha ha

So who do you think in the not ready party can qualify to be in charge of the Transport Ministry?

The chief co-diver?

Then who becum the PM ( ??? ), 1st DPM ( ??? ), 2nd DPM ( Chen Sui Bao ??? ), Defence Minister ( ??? ), Finance Minister ( ??? ), Law Minister ( Auntie? ), Home Affairs ( ??? ), FA ( ??? ), MOE ( Yee Jenn Jong ??? ), MOH ( Giam ??? ), MCI ( Huat Ah or Ah Huat??? ), MTI ( ??? ), MCF ( 2nd Auntie??? ), MOM ( ??? ), blah blah blah

ha ha ha

Obviously Teochew uncle doesnt have the quality or quantity in the squad to even form a "basket ball", much less a full "football team with all the subs etc" .....

/// anybody in the Opposition Party can do better ///
anon 12.56am, seriously are you sure of that???

Rb, do you not agree opposition grossly lack in depth, breadth and volume?

Also, by keeping so quiet and not even a fraction of a shadow cabinet and thus almost zero experience and the necessary conditioning, people are seriously doubtful they can hold the fort if they are tasked with the job .......

That's why sinkies are despair and many would resort to packing their bags ......

The first team is no where near a first team performance and the next best team not even enough to form a proper team to play futsal in the basket ball court???

How not to be pessimistic in sinkieland .......

Anonymous said...

anon 12.56am
///PAP can definitely kiss at least two more GRCs goodbye.///

ha ha ha

which two are you referring to?

in the east?

the MCE "mass fiasco" just added another nail into the "......."

ha ha ha

good luck to those in the east .....

two more years of potential "massive traffic" morning and evening and akan datang "massive erp" .......

sell car take public tpt also maybe BAEY sai as one problem only shift to another area and result in "massive sardine" .....


wake up 2am and go office at 3am?

ha ha ha ........

might as well sell away current property and stay in downtown?

isn't it the future down town plan?

ha ha ha .......

sinkieland really everything plan sui sui liao for sinkies ......?????

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk, this just proves that there are too many cars on the road. Time to increase COE prices again. Oooh, income opportunity, Kaching! Those in whites will be laughing all the way to the bank, suckers. Waaahooo!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The secrets of heaven are not to be told. But they will unfold at the right time.

Anonymous said...

That's 4.3Billion down the waters LOL. Wonder will drivers see the money floating in the waters when their cars are stuck in the underground jam? Hmm, guess they will more or less feel the hot air eh.

Anonymous said...

4.3b to create jams. Those people in taxis sitting there seeing the meters keep clicking and clicking and paying $60 or more and not moving.

oldhorse42 said...

I am not surprised there was a big jam on the first day of opening for any thing in sinkieland.

Be it MCE or MRT. When the MRT was first opened, people queued hours for a ride. Now people kpkb if the queue for the train takes more than 5 min.
Life is like that one. Don't get excited over small thing, lah!
Think not of how much spent on building MCE. Think of potential returns the Govt could reap.
A little bit of congestion suffered by the people is nothing compared to the billions the Government could make.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No more jams in MCE. All clear! It is a miracle.

Maybe, I just say maybe, today is new year eve and many people on leave.

Maybe, a bigger reason, after being caught for hours yesterday, very few want to risk being caught one more time. So all scoot somewhere else.

Let's see what happens after the holiday.

The said...


Lousy Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that the heavy traffic at Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) is not traffic jam, but "scheduled traffic".

LTA chief engineer, Shui Pian Plan told our reporter: "We never anyhow plan ok? It is obvious that intricate planning by the greatest minds has been done when we converted a relatively straight ECP into a massively curved MCE. What can I say, I am a genius!"

At press time, local movie house, Golden Villager, has expressed interest in partnering LTA to screen movies in MCE given that the average "scheduled traffic" last as long as a full movie. Lucky movie-goers who happens to be "scheduled" to spend a longer time in MCE may even get to watch the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy in one go.

Billion of dollars well spent indeed!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/sgag.sg?ref=stream&hc_location=stream

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The most effective way to keep an expressway free of traffic is to create a jam that is so bad that no one dares to take the expressway.

Anonymous said...

increase erp charges to $50,

surely the traffic jam problem will be solved overnight

knnccb ... my new year resolution;
pray that lee kuan yew live long to enjoy the pleasure of seeing another 5 generations

Anonymous said...

if i understand correctly mce has halved the lane widths available between ecp and city. previously there were four lanes each dirction between ecp and west via sheares bridge. now it is only two lanes each dirction, and lagi worse sheare bridge no longer connect ecp to the west (why?).
SO this is a recipe for disasterous jams by design. if mce cannot accomdate existing east west traffic capacity then why build it at all? simple logic tells us that if you have four lane traffic before then you must have four lane traffic after. whats wrong with LTA...they were very smart last time to do kpe to solve the paya lebar upper paya lebar jams common ten years ago. must be bunch of newer inexperienced planners doing mce....

Anonymous said...

Trust our highly educated civil servants? Maybe they are busy counting their monies. Phui

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is 5 lanes each way. This allows more vehicles on the expressway and technically travelling faster.

The problem is that they converged in the city and every traffic junction is a choke point. Imagine all the fast moving traffic coming to a halt and more following closely behind.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 11.07am

Two lanes at 4.3 billion. Four lanes at S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$???

Opening ceremony, Wah LTA officials and Joesphine Tan is it??

Smiling broadly, saying it the works of geniuses, digging the soil like peanut butter etc.

Why waste monies and time, cracking the heads of making peanut butter earth into super structures and have these MASSIVE jams???

Just ask Mr Dorai, the Peanut Man and Lau Goh's wife, the one with a lovely curve smile for advice before they built it mah!!

Tio Bo???

Anonymous said...

Need a COI?

Anonymous said...

Y they call it MCE?


like cpf;


knnccb.... hsien loong, u fucking bastard, u think u can escape karma? Look at your old fart kuan yew.

Anonymous said...

So let's see what new mess this PAP gahmen has created:

We got AYE, ECP and KPE.
Three expressways.
All converging into the 4.2km MCE.
Located in the middle of the busy Marina Bay Financial Centre.

And Fuck (I mean Tuck) Yew and MILF Josephine Teo was unprepared for a massive traffic jam that cost $4.3 billion dollars to engineer?

Anonymous said...

@ December 31, 2013 12:43 pm

Even Channel News Asia agrees with me on the facts:

Abao said...

4.3 billion for a massively congested expressway. I'm sure we can do no worse than that.

Anonymous said...

We have jam along Tanah Merah Coastal Road...leading to Changi Naval Base...so what is the big issue lah..

Anonymous said...

/// ... so what is the big issue lah.. ///

$4.3 fucking billion dollars of our money.

Lui! Where the fuck are Yew?

Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have so many talents working on this MCE. If not the jam could be 24 hours. Be grateful that the money is well spent.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why, they just want to spend big money in mega projects, like third world countries. The more expensive and bigger the projects the better. The practicality or usefulness of the project is not important.

Anonymous said...

Spending $4.3b to replicate the jams in Bangkok, Jakarta and KL. Ingenious. Money well spent.