SMRT asking for fare hike

Is the hike in fare justifiable? In the past, before a hike there would be talks of hike ok lah so long as service would be improved. And after so many years and so many hikes, has the service improved?

This time the hike is due to operating cost. Sure, with the frequent breakdowns and the massive changes to rectify the faults, cost must have gone up. But why was there a need for such massive and expensive cost expenditure to upgrade and replace worn out parts and equipment?

For many years, the transport operators had been chalking up hundreds of millions of profits annually and the top management was happily enjoying the fat bonuses. And no one was complaining about the good windfall. Recently, after the repeated disruption of services, it was revealed that maintenance were compromised or neglected in the past. Is this true? If so, the big profits of past years were partially due to the savings on maintenance cost. It is thus time for SMRT to cough out what it took from maintenance to plough back into the system. The higher maintenance and operating costs are just payback time and should not be passed to the commuters.

And don’t forget the more than a billion charity from the public coffer to buy more trains and equipment that should have come from the operators.

So, is this fare hike justifiable? And no one is mumbling about improving quality of service. How much profit are the operators making or are there incurring losses?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

cut and paste ...

He paid 2.50... so many criticism.

How many realised if they had being overcharged on alighting the buses.

Old knnccb experienced so many times. Made claims at their selected office, many occasion the staff said only a few cents also wanna claim.

Old knnccb told them old knnccb poor man, even one cent also must claim.

One old cheese bye even said, she kena overcharged also she dun claim. Knnbccb..... fucking lau kuay bu, old knnccb tell her... u so rich ah.

Knnccb.... hsien loong, the nation is rotting under you.

Anonymous said...

"So, is this fare hike justifiable?"

There is only one MRT system.

And only the PAP can contest 100% seats in a General election and hence very ready to be govt if elected.

oldhorse42 said...

Not only SMRT asking for fare increase. The other operator SBS Transit have also asked for fare increase. PTC sure approve one! Ka Ke Nang what.
Fare increase will increase GDP and GDP rise will add more millions to our millionaire ministers's pays. Who can then afford to pay more their nasi padang.
Can't you see the causal effect?

Anonymous said...

any public tenders???

three quotations???

eg. those sleepers ... how much??

knnccb .... pity those auditors

Anonymous said...

three quotations???
Anon 9:03 am

Not applicable for proprietary systems or if only one vendor is available to supply the product or able to do the job.

How to vote in a political party if they are not ready to be govt to do the job?

Anonymous said...

What do I think?

I'm thinking what is PAP's value proposition? i.e.
I vote PAP, what do I get?

A profitable SMRT asking for yet another fare hike?
After getting a $1 billion dollar SUBSIDY from Sinkies.

The usual once every 50 years;
a. riot
b. escaping terrorists
c. floods
d. bus strikes
e. record dengue fever
f. record chikugunya

Goodness! The list keeps growing.
A trend seems to be emerging.

I don't know if it's fair to blame all this on the PAP government.
What do you think?
Bad luck or incompetence?
Do you think our Opposition parties can do better?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

incestious relationship?

I think it means brother and sister sleeping together.
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What do you think?
Am I correct?

Actually hor.
I think in Singapore, incest means;
"if you are not part of the gang, all you are going to get is National Slavery".
What do you think?
An I correct?

Anonymous said...

@December 20, 2013 9:30 am

noting beat;

no public announcement of salary increments .. okay lah, salary adjustments not increment

knnccb ... toddy, toddy wanna drink toddy, cheese pie, cheeby, cunt, puki, virginia also sama sama

Anonymous said...

@December 20, 2013 9:37 am

i dunno ... care to enlighten?

with regard to the adam and eve version ... okay?

knnccb ... are we fucking our sibling???

Anonymous said...

So easy to run public companies as when cost gone up just increase charges, erp, coe, taxes and pay themselves big bonuses. can the private sections do it?

Anonymous said...

@December 20, 2013 10:36 am

why lidat?

of course ... everybody can
private company ... just do it!!

public transport ... MUST WAYANG, WANYANG .. make the daft singaponang hapby habpy lah

convince that garment veby caring

knncbb .. old uncle knnccb not habpy .. lan lan press balls only cum here kpkb n curse kuan yew et al ...knnbccb

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> What do you think?

Monopoly "business" lah. They can charge what they feel is "right".

Even if they double the fares -- by global standards it is still cheap.

Anonymous said...

/// Even if they double the fares -- by global standards it is still cheap. ///

Where is your proof?
Which cuntry?

Anonymous said...

When the Malaysian coaches increased their fares together, they say it is collusion against fair competition and were given heavy fines.

When the taxi, bus & rail services submit their applications together for another round of fare increases, everything becomes above board even when these companies already make obscene profits?

So what happened to that Fair Competition committee, sleeping or pretending everything is fair?

Anonymous said...

may one ask is Temasek's SMRT and SBst and other companies like nol becoming a financial burden of Singapore citizens?

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
SMRT and SBS are just another way of collecting more money from Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Fair CON-petition CONmmittee


Anonymous said...

Why does SBS Transit need to increase fares in Singapore?

Possible answer?
So that SBS can REDUCE fares in its overseas markets in order to be more competitive?

How can this be true?

Sgcynic said...

Privatize profits, socialize costs. Uniquely PAP's Singapore Inc.

Anonymous said...

You want improvement to the service?

You can't afford it!

Anonymous said...

Who said so? Under the last CEO service was so good wat.

b said...

Papapigs are no saint. They will turn every problem into a profit making opportunity for themselves. When people complaint, they will make sure the people will pay. This kind of tactics used again and again until I am so sian talking about it again. However, most people are too innocence and easily manipulated and voted for them again and again when they just have to cough up some crumbs during election times.