Get every Sinkie a job

The stories of many Sinkies that are jobless for months or years are very depressing and make one boils down under. On the other hand, more than a million foreigners are here gainfully employed, some through foul means make things more difficult to swallow for the Sinkies. And many foreigners are coming in forming a long queue, I hold your hand, you hold another, with jobs fixed up for them by their countrymen. This is not only not cute but disgusting, intolerable and must be put to a stop.

There is this latest letter by a Susan posted in Gilbert’s Transitioning.org blog. I reproduce a part of it here.

‘I graduated from NUS in July this year, and have since been unemployed.
Over the past 6 months, I have been sending out – I would say 50 or more – resumes daily via Jobsdb, Jobstreet, Jobscentral, NUS’s career site for their Alumni etc. You name it, I think I did it.

I did receive invitations to attend interviews for around 3-4 times each month.
Unfortunately no offers were presented after each interview.

To know that my friends from the same course have since found a job or attended paid internships after graduation does place stress on myself.

I have tried several times to contact someone and ask for assistance to review my resume and cover letter, but not much improvement on the process of my job hunt has been seen.

Months of staying at home without a proper job is tough, even tough my family is still doing fine with my father still working. I would love to be able to lessen his burden by finding a job. After all, they worked hard to get me through to a university and placed high hopes on me being able to get employed with a decent salary….’

Why are Sinkies ended up in such a deplorable state in their own country when they did everything that was needed, to get the necessary qualifications, to actively job hunt for an entry level job, but getting nowhere? Young people trying to do their bit to help their families could not even do so because of a system that favours foreigners.

This is not a challenge for the govt, but a responsibility to the people. If the govt does not see this as its duty but to look after foreigners, then the govt does not deserve to govern, does not deserve to be elected. Every Sinkie that is willing to work, actively seeking to work, except those that are a problem themselves, must be employed within a short period of job search, and employed in a job commensurate with their qualifications and experience. It is sick and arrogant to demand a qualified Sinkie to downgrade and be underemployed. Not acceptable. It is an abuse of the Sinkies.

We have a full employment situation and jobs must not be so difficult to come by for a willing Sinkie. I am not going to tell the govt how it can be done or should be done. It is their responsibility to see it done, and if necessary, cut down on foreigners, get the foreigners replaced by a Sinkie and NOT the other way. It is a fact that foreigners are here replacing Sinkies in good jobs. It is unacceptable to close one eye and pretend it is not happening.

There are many Susans and PMEs that are still unemployed or underemployed and are willing to take on any job that are reasonable and they are not demanding for the sky. Why are they still unemployed? It is not only a matter of no income, it is depressing, humiliating, psychologically painful to go on searching and getting rejection after rejection when the govt is claiming that there are so many jobs around and so many foreigners are happily coming in daily to make up the 6.9m. Can you blame them for feeling betrayed?

The govt owes the people a job, NOT the foreigners. If the govt refuses to act on this, let it be. The people shall decide who they want to be the govt to look after their interests. There is a social contract between the govt and the people. Who brays about betrayal when MPs tried to do something good for the people?


Anonymous said...

"The stories of many Sinkies that are jobless for months or years are very depressing..."

Depressing no doubt, but I think these jobless Sinkies are a minority lah, say 40% or less in 2011.

Not sure how many there will be in 2016.

If become majority, then they got hope lah, tio bo?

Hope that the new govt from opposition will give them hope lah.

Hope, hope, hope lah.

But why these Sinkies are not smart and can only complain and hope?

Remember, smart Sinkies can have a job and even make money in Timbuktu!

sgcynic said...

Makes us wonder if the ICA MOM PAP has been run by FT

Oh, and that "FT" is now M of MINDEF, waiting to throw billions on his expensive new toy, the F35

sgcynic said...


Not just competing with FTs for jobs in Singapore, we have to compete with tourists too.

oldhorse42 said...

"No body owes you a living!" one tough PM had told Singaporean.
He is the father of present PM and has mentored many minister during his time.
So why should things change now?
You want a job? Go get one yourself, lo.
The Govt job is to help the economy growing and thriving. The towkays will make more money, elites will be richer and ministers' pay packages will be fatter.
Sinkie are too choosy. They want comfy jobs with high pay. They will just have to suffer for their high expectation, lo.
RB aka as chua kim leng should not waste his tears on these ungrateful people.

Anonymous said...

If economic growth needs lots of FT, so be it.

If economic growth cause riots, so be it.

If economic growth cause Sinkies to be jobless, so be it.

If economic growth create wide income gap and lots of poor Sinkies, so be it.

The solution is to have a capable Home Team to deal with riots and create conditions to keep jobless Sinkies to a minority. And poor Sinkies be given handouts and vouchers.

Anonymous said...

rb: // Why are Sinkies ended up in such a deplorable state in their own country when they did everything that was needed, to get the necessary qualifications, to actively job hunt for an entry level job, but getting nowhere?//

Rb, this may just be the beginning.

In Spain, more than 50% young people and graduates are unemployed. Gross unemployment is >25% overall.

And the Spaniard did not have that much foreign workers issues in their country.

The situation before they went down is similar to current SinkieLand. Huge property and building boom.

Many Spaniard graduates and post graduates washing toilets in neighbouring countries just to subsist.

Spaniards are bull fighters. They produced World Cup winning teams.

Where would SinkieLand end up when the next global storm comes?

Depend on S$8 heart bypass "COW" to engineer soft landing? "Horse" surname ex-minister waiting to see show and opportunity to make his comeback.

"COW" has to produce better KPI than making political "gaffes" about banishing "useless" oldies to neighbouring countries to "live out" their lives and showing off to Sinkies about his "unfair" privilege of World Class heart bypass procedure at only S$8. Surely as ex-health minister, "COW" is aware even a school kid or an elderly pays more than S$8 just for a 3 to 4 hours waiting time general consultation for normal ills such as cough and flu. Who is he trying to "fool" except himself and mb Loong Chong super talents. Likely, none of them go polyclinic to see lockter when their parents or children sick.

Talking about heaven and hell disconnect and million lollars and $2 an hour salary?

Where on earth you can find such "GULF" between politicians and citizens GINI coefficient, if there is one that measures such difference?

When one's abode is at least a 15,000 sq ft landed with 2 maids running around, one's commuting mode is at least 2 branded luxury cars parked in the garage, one's holiday trip is at least 5-star hotel stay and S$50,000 to S$100,000 trip plus shopping, one's daily wardrobe, watches, rings, diamonds etc worth hundreds of thousands and millions and one's other routine is to use shark fin soup for gargling, how do you expect such people pampered from head to toe daily and almost every second to empathise and roll out policies for those staying in 450 to 650 sq ft pigeon holes, squeezing bus and mrt every morning and evening, doing lowly jobs even for new honours degree graduate from our top uni, much mentioning run of the mill degrees?

Wither SinkieLand?

Georgie, when are you going to carry out your promise to initiate reform to save SinkieLand, to bring back lost hope and trust among old comrades and stalwarts?

Or are they meant to be empty promises yet again to hoodwink daft sinkies?

Anonymous said...

All of them joined the ruling party to initiate reformed. The result, they were reformed.

Many assholes think it is a joke that young graduates are jobless and they only have themselves to blame.

Every unemployed young graduate is a family disappointed and in anger. A broken dream, a hope that went up in smokes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is one thing that our young are in despair. It is another thing to see foreigners coming in in hordes and grabbing all the jobs available and leaving our young jobless.

This is unforgiveable!

Anonymous said...


hope your children and grand children no need fall back on kopi kau ......

with the rate things "falling apart" for sinkies hope and aspiration, one never knows

there are many graduate sinkies even in their 30s going no where. no flat, no spouse, no chidren, no good job. some just with one to subsist.

dun you know why many end up drinking silly in clarke quay and some even doing atrocious stuff on the dance floor too drunk and "drugged" to even know what happen to them ......

these will be the future many in sinkieland are walking into .....

hopefully such future and despair facing many sinkies are not as bad as the hangover after those frequent all nighters heavy drinking binge .......

with such rates, not mentioning "ah lian", even those old people rampaging in rubbish bins mb sinkies also will send them into "third world parliament" if they stand in next GE ........

why "3rd world parliament'? becos must be one since it is not "first world parliament" yet. heard the "phrase" "Towards First World Parliament" ...... the war cries of those who are supposed to "change" things ..... not "get themselves changed" by things .....

ha ha

no wonder not ready yet ....

cos "parliament not yet first world", so dun wan b the head of a "3rd world parliament"

but then which comes first?

chicken or egg?

again who pays the price?

daft sinkies again ....

head sinkies lose, tails foreigners win .....

sinkies future = no head no tail?

drivers sinkies no head, co drivers sinkies no tail ...... what is the diff?

mb "3rd world & 1st world parliament"

that mb be the diff?

in name?

that is the state sinkies deserve ......

no head no tail ......

whether drivers or co drivers, those are the type they deserved. whether "ah lian", "ah seng", "ah kiat", "ah tong", "ah mao", "ah singh", "ah ling", "ah shan", "ah Thar", "ah wan", " ah say', "ah pin", "ah sing", "ah jin", "ah thia" or "rubbish bin rampagers" ......

Anonymous said...

Just ask the PAP Millionaires;
If I vote for you, how will that benefit me?

If you can think like that;
You should know who you can vote for to benefit yourself.

Help yourself.
Vote for the "correct" political party in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

/// Hsien Loong was reported to have said that the riot in Little India was ‘a good reminder to Singaporeans that even in a stable society, such an incident can happen’. ////

I say this unemployed Singaporean Susan is a good reminder that even with a PAP millionaire government, such an incident can happen.

/// And he added that what was important was ‘to have a Home Team that can deal with the situation in a calibrated, thoughtful and decisive way’. ///

I say it is important to support a strong Opposition that can deal with an incompetent PAP millionaire government in a calibrated, thoughtful and decisive way.

Anonymous said...

rb "Every Sinkie that is willing to work, actively seeking to work, except those that are a problem themselves, must be employed within a short period of job search, and employed in a job commensurate with their qualifications and experience. It is sick and arrogant to demand a qualified Sinkie to downgrade and be underemployed. Not acceptable. It is an abuse of the Sinkies. "

rb, many well qualified are unemployed over long period ......

subsist on doing temp job in cafeteria, restaurants, part time job etc .....

even new graduates no jobs for many months are tempted with "indecent" offer ...... u wan your children and grand children "sleeping" with old dirty men older than you?

what future facing them, you tell lar ...... ?

remisiers sitting in 6 stars mbfc offices making "$800+" u kkpkb .....

young fresh graduates "making" only "$100 - $200" in the "oldest profession" .....

mind you, even the male ones also hor ..... many horny oldies ( uncle and aunties ) around who are rich after amassing huge property assets during pre asset enhancement years ....

somebody sons and daugthers are "sleeping" with these oldies wlking into sunset .... their last hurray before they part with the money they cant spent finish .....

on the other end, some oldies earning $300 per month in food courts. paid hourly as low as $1.50 or $2. still act happily working. really admire their fighting spirit.

saw some at a food court before Christmas this year ......

crazy world we are living in

oldies selling their time and energy for S$1.50, $2 an hour .....

young fresh graduates selling their youth for $100 to $200 with 60s to 80s years old DOMs and COUGARs ......

upside down liao

super talents still having their "sweet dreams" in their ivory sky scrapping towers, 20,000 sq ft good class bungalows ...... and palaces .....

so happy, the world o perfect ..... for super talent ......

the "poorer" among them also at least a "lousy" $10m Keppel Bay 8,000 sq ft penthouse overlooking RWS and sentosa island and southern harbor

what a crazy sinkieland with meritocrazy, democrazy and moneycrazy in action ......

The jap orchestrated the "rape of nanking" in the 30s .....

Is somebody orchestrating the "rape of sinkies" in 21st century after 50 years of eCONomics GROVE ......

after 50 yearsof eCONomics GROVE, sinkieland from fishing village back to equatorial mangrove, as far as many sinkies are concerned?

more like a jungle of wolves, lions, jaguars .... you die your business ..... cannot survive deserve to have spurs poked in your back like porcupine and eaten up by black panthers and wolves ......

Anonymous said...

Try imagine a poor couple working for a life time to bring up a son or daughter, full of hope and aspiration when the son or daughter graduated. They thought their son or daughter could bring in some income to make life better for them. And the son or daughter wanted to repay the debt and labour of the parents, wanting to start working to do his/her filial duty.

Then after one year of job hunting still cannot get a job. And money not enought at home.

b said...

No wolves will mind having more sheeps.