500,000 march with their feet

DNAIndia.com, 14 Dec 2013
‘While it is no one’s case to condone Sunday’s violence, Singapore would do well not to treat the incident as an aberration, and not be dismissive about the larger sociological implications. It would be wrong to ignore the underlying simmering resentmentand frustration of Singpaore’s imported labourers. It is Singapore’s worst-kept secret that most of the lowly jobs (housemaids, construction workers, garbage removal and sewer maintenance personnel, so on) are performed by non-Chinese immigrants from South/Southeast Asia. Stories of worker abuse, intimidation and exploitation are aplenty : employers lodge thousands of imported workers in poorly provided cubbyholes, subject them to long work hours and confiscate their passports during the contract tenures….’

The above is a comment in DNA India which reflects the kind of thinking in India over the plight of the Indian workers here. Many of the claims are true, but things are improving dramatically and many dormitories are now like little country clubs with facilities that the workers would never dream of at home. Some of the dormitories are quality housing, better than HDB flats, and thousands of time better than the broken sheds they had at home with poor or no sanitation. Once the full programme dished out by the MOM is implemented, the quality of living condition in dormitories would be like heaven and hell from where they came from.

The proof of all these is that 500,000 of them are voting with their feet and more are craving to be here. There are exploitations, sure. Who are the exploiters? Who did the workers took their loans from? The Singapore side of the equation is no angels, but the law is coming down fast on them. Would the Indian media and their heart wrenching journalists and reporters offer these ‘exploited’ workers jobs that are better or at least the same as what Singapore can provide, with the same decent income? The answer is a big NO. They could not give these workers decent jobs, decent income and decent lodging and they are blaming Singapore for providing them a decent alternative! If these workers are thrifty and not exploited by their agents and employers, many of them would not only provide well for their families, some would return fairly rich, much richer than the reporters writing their nonsense.

If India is so good, these 500,000 workers would not be here. If the terms of their employments and life are so bad, they would not pay thousands to their agent to be here. And not only the workers are here, many of the professionals that India could not provide them with decent jobs and incomes are escaping from India to the West, with many coming to this island that are victimizing them on racist grounds. Many of their top brains are here to be exploited. Either their top brains are fools or the reporters are talking rubbish.

The truth is that they are exploiting Sinkies and the good infrastructure here for their own good. The people that are exploited are the Sinkies, particularly the PMEs. Wait till these local PMEs find life unbearable and unsustainable when they could no longer provide for their families. Just wait for their wrath.

And a final word, if the Indians, professionals and the workers, find it so bad here, exploited here, discriminated by the racist Chinese here, please get lost, go back home to the great comfort of your great country.

If our relations with India are so good, why are the Indian media so hostile to Singapore? Remember Sun TV. Who is spreading the myth that relations between the people of the two countries are so good that it deserves a big celebration in 2015 using public money? How much of the people’s money would be spent on this make belief while the Indians are cursing us everyday in their media?

Do we still want to spend public fund on this 150th Anniversary? For those people who believe that relations are so good and it is deserving of a big celebration, can they please use their own pocket money for it and not the people’s money? It is so easy to spend OPM ya.


Anonymous said...

The root cause of the riot and the unhappiness in India is that there are not enough Indians here. Import more and when they become the majority, the problem will solve by itself.

The said...

Tell India to boycott Singapore by recalling and repatriating all their talents back home go that they can earn much higher salaries and enjoy much better working and living conditions.

Anonymous said...

This is the slant from the Times of India:

'Race and its close relation, religion, are societal dynamite in Singapore, and in neighbouring Malaysia, which the island was once part of. The race riots of 1964 and 1969, in which mostly Buddhist Chinese and Muslim Malays attacked and killed each other — the ugliness held out by authorities as a dystopia no-one wants — strongly define the social character of modern Singapore.

But resentments simmer. Immigration over generations has made the indigenous Malay Muslim community a minority on their own soil — they now form only 12 to 13% of the population and are the least economically advantaged of Singapore's communities. Around 10% of Singaporeans are of Indian, mostly Tamil, descent. The island's authority and wealth lie overwhelmingly with the majority 74% ethnic Chinese majority.

These racial ratios are rarely replicated in the strata of society. Malays are over-represented in the lower levels of the civil service and under-represented in government, business and the military, while Indians tend toward the professions and family businesses. Ethnic Chinese, led by the Lee family, are the majoritarian first among equals dictating the national political and corporate agenda, while nodding to an often-laboured national inclusiveness as Singaporeans.'

Veritas said...

I have already warn people long time ago, to read the clowns of TOI. This is Singapore and we see so many shit sprout of India land of rape and their mouth. I am choked on daily basis their comments regarding China.

The fucking self styled historian George fucking Yeo, don know that? I think he may know but he deliberately sell us out. Fuck the catholic george yeo and may more of his family got leukemia.

In fact, the moment I read George fucking Yeo son got leukemia, is one or two most significant events that prove God exist.

Veritas said...

Right now, I go forum elsewhere, every fucking foul mouth Indians claim Singaporeans are racist. But the fact is we give all our jobs, that is supposingly going to our sons to these fucking FT Indians.

PAP rigged demographics that Chninese is getting less and Indians getting more. 20% of our ministers are Indians. What else could Indians want? They want our life? They want to prostitute our daughters?

This is a bigger conspiracy by banana PAP, USA to dilute Chinese dominant in SG. Before PAP has been helping USA in detrimenting Chinese interest in SE Asia.

Anonymous said...

All their top talents preferred to come here to help Sinkies rather than their homeland. Sinkies must be grateful.

Anonymous said...

The Indian workers are very happy to be here on their free will. If things are bad they would have gone back and none will be queuing to come here.

Anonymous said...

Indians all over the world have the right to lambast the treatment given to their fellow countrymen in Singapore. They are sourced, attracted and given permits to work but are badly exploited.
As said in the Taiwanese tv program about the little india riot, not only foreign workers were exploited, THE LOCAL SINGAPOREAN WORKERS SUFFER MUCH THE SAME FATE. This explains why the indian workers got much sympathy from many sinkies.

Veritas said...

Indians all over the world have the right to lambast the treatment given to their fellow countrymen in Singapore. They are sourced, attracted and given permits to work but are badly exploited.
As said in the Taiwanese tv program about the little india riot, not only foreign workers were exploited, THE LOCAL SINGAPOREAN WORKERS SUFFER MUCH THE SAME FATE. This explains why the indian workers got much sympathy from many sinkies.

A lot of Singaporeans campaign relentlessly over the years against PAP workers' policy, including me. The problem is Indians attribute all these nonsense in Singapore to Chinese in a hostile manner full of lies.

It is the PAP who support Indians that give these workers shit. Why blame the Chinese? PAP are peranakan with an over-representation of Indian ministers.

Indian nationals hate Chinese and we must be inform of this.

Anonymous said...

"Wait till these local PMEs find life unbearable and unsustainable when they could no longer provide for their families."

RB, u wait long, long lah.

How long?

As long as it takes for the strongest opposition to be ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

"If our relations with India are so good, why are the Indian media so hostile to Singapore?"

If not, how to sell their Indian newspapers and news, you tell me lah?

Just like smart Sinkies, they also want to make money, lots of it.

Anonymous said...

"If our relations with India are so good, why are the Indian media so hostile to Singapore?"

Hostile? So?

Friendly? So?

I am following LKY style of asking questions.

Veritas said...

India newspaper are hostile to anything regarding Chinese and China. You go read TOI you know. Up till now, they still think S Tibet is theirs, and forever cook lies and accuse China of invading India, in reality Indians are the one invading China.

India is a human wonder of excrement pile, and only PAP like them.

agongkia said...

There is an increasing number of these Foreign Dr,Prof.. who will pretend to commend our people but indirectly trying to shame us.
And we have literate,Tua Or Sheng and so call educated kaykhiang,ngos,or whatever keep claiming exploitation of foreign workers by our local employers.
These dafts are just spoiling the migrant workers,trying to catch attention and jealous of our local towkays .
Tell those jokers to compare the working condition of these workers with elsewhere.These jokers should tell those FWs to go back if not happy here instead of being con and think they are great.Good in statistic so what?
Toad living in a coconut shell still want to kaykhiang and talk like they work and stay with foreign workers.
These dafts will indirectly cause the anae to bully us more as they know we have daft leaders and cannot see the real picture.

Anonymous said...

How can our leaders be daft? See how much they made the people pay for their talents?

Anonymous said...

Just because the surname is Lee on the toilet door;
Does not mean that there is no smell when he shits.

Anonymous said...

If the Government continues with
this policy, five years from now you will see serious racial problem between the imported Indians and
the local.

Anonymous said...

/// If the Government continues with
this policy .... ///

But PAP government can only continue like this if all the Sinkies continue to vote for PAP tiok boh?

So who should stop first?
The PAP government or the stupid Sinkie?

b said...

I think the gov should start thinking about importing FWs from eastern europe where min wages are only 200 euro per month. They are cheaper, more pleasing to the eyes, more cultured.

b said...

"Many of their top brains are here to be exploited"

- How can the brains of descendants of gang rapists be top? They can only be rotten.

Someone (most likely an ahneh minister) obviously has made a lot of monies by introducing so many ahnehs into the country. Imagine, $1000 (a low estimate) per head for 500k workers. Wonder where he has hidden the monies.

jhansi said...

good job post

Freshers Way

Anonymous said...

History under the British was simple: they brought in Singhalese from then Ceylon as clerks and Tamils from India as manual workers.

In then Malaya, the miners and market gardeners were Chinese, the rubber tappers Indians, who also worked for Purposely Want to Dig or PWD [now exported as CPG but sold to PRC].

The British also divided the Indian sub-continent by religion. West and East Pakistan on the NW and NE.

With a little help from India, E Pakistan became Bangladesh. And because of this, Bengal became West Bengal, because east of it is Bangladesh.

It will take them a long time due to the complexities of their history: religion, caste, ethnicity, different states with their own regional language etc.

The world's largest democracy is just not ready to move forward fast enough. They have the people with the finest brains available but their politics slow them down. Sad.

Anonymous said...


I have done a research on Social engineering. Africa with the help of Nigeria is conspiring to change the racial balance in Antartica. This is to dilute the american presence in North Korea. High Cast Bulgarians still think they are better than Kazakhstan. These all are big conspiracy. Only people with good bran can understand what i am telling.....

Veritas said...

All former UK colonies got flooded with Indians, including SG, Malaysia, Mauritius, Burma, Guyana...etc and all got caste system.

Indians IQ82 can dominate IT in SG is due to white man's beholden, else we can be flooded by Chinese or Eastern European. Also a lot of IT stuff under Indian watch got run into shit or even company bankrupt, the most recent one like healthcare.gov.

I suspect USA is helping India against China.

Anonymous said...


You are correct.... Saudi Arabia is helping high cast Yemen FT's to loot the jobs from Syria. True blue Syrians have to do 2 years of service. But job goes to people from Antartica. Only Veritas and me knows this.... I suspect South Sudan is helping Ukraine against South Africa...

Anonymous said...

Whitemen especially europeans (british, australians etc) also hate the indians. Just google.

Indians has a reputation helping the americans to kick the europeans out of their colonised countries and hence losing all their wealth, effort, reputation, lives etc.

Unknown said...

It is the sad news for all Indian peoples in Singapore.These kinds of irreverent actions affect the tamil education for the Tamil peoples in Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi levi john, welcome to the blog.
Please share your views even if they don't agree with anyone here.