Pouring cold water on Chuan Jin’s optimism

 In his latest interview, Chuan Jin expressed confidence that the PAP would be in good stead in the next GE and likely to rule for at least another term. I do not wish to elaborate further on this assumptions and reasoning. All I can say is that the PAP is in for a rude awakening.

I just want to mention what happened at Punggol East as a good example of what is installed for the PAP. Punggol East may be just a single ward constituency. The message from Punggol East is loud and clear. And if I were to analyse for the PAP, it is most worrisome.

Punggol East was a total rejection of everything the PAP stood for, super talent, successful professional and big income candidate that was equivalent to a good and desirable MP. Punggol East said not interested. Punggol East was about PAP and the opposition and more, it was about a new alternative. The message was clear, anyone but PAP. Punggol East was about a careful and thinking electorate who knew what they really wanted and what mattered. Punggol East was about voting seriously, when every vote must count. The conscious choice of casting all their votes to one opposition party was a near miracle. It was like an invisible hand orchestrating the voters to vote for the WP. Punggol East was about sophistication and a new thinking, a new seriousness to vote for the best opposition candidate into Parliament. Punggol East is no fluke. Don’t pray pray.

All it needs now is for the voters of a few GRCs to think and behave like Punggol East and PAP will be history. And the likelihood of this happening is so real. It doesn’t take much really. It was the collective consciousness of the people fusing together as one. This is damn powerful to have happened. No politician could work out a thing like.

It is also good that PAP should continue to think that the people still support its policies and its chosen candidates and would not dare to say no, to fear rocking the sampan or changing ship. More good years, Medishield Life is really good, PWP is the best, more minimum sums, more foreigners, higher property and car prices…. It is good that the PAP continues to be confident that it can continue the way it was, that things will be the same and that it would be voted to form the next govt again.

It is good that the PAP can forget about Punggol East and think it is just an isolated event. It is good that the PAP thinks it has done well and has won over the voters again with all the pro people policies and the talented MPs and ministers in its stable.
Only the next GE will tell if the people are still with the PAP or have chosen the Punggol East way. What Chuan Jin or the PAP believes or what anyone of us believes is not important, irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, Punggol East is only a by election.

In a General Election, WP leader Low Thia Khiang already said majority Sinkies are very scared they accidentally vote PAP out because WP is not ready to be govt.

And when Low Thia Khiang speaks, you better listen. Because as leader of the strongest Sinkie opposition party, he is the most qualified Sinkie to say that.

Anonymous said...

"And when Low Thia Khiang speaks, you better listen."
Anon 9:18 am

Tiok. Which Sinkie now is a stronger opposition leader with better credentials than him, you tell me lah?

If they are, only then are they qualified to pour cold water on Chuan Jin's optimism.

If not, better kwai kwai (be obedient) share Chuan Jin's optimism.

Anonymous said...

why you so like this one?
Please take heed of Napoleon Bonaparte's advice:

"Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake."

Anonymous said...

Punggol East By-elections was very funny.
PAP thot they were going to win.
PAP Ministers were crawling all over the place like cockroaches.
All of them wanted to claim credit for doing their part in helping the asshole surgeon win.

Ha! Ha!
It was so funny to see their faces when they lost.

IF the PAPigs thot they were going to lose;
None of the Ministers would have been there.
PAP Ministers do not like to be associated with failure.

Anonymous said...


Due to the next best available a far, far distant second, third, fourth, fifth ....... behind, ah tan mb right about their prospect at the near term.

At the most, sinkies may send a couple more to put them on probation for a term and see how lah ........

Wholesale voted out? Well, just like buy 4d or toto, the hope or rather chances are always there. Interested parties or candidates can always "punt" or try their luck. Anyway, the allowance is worth $1 million or more ...... over one term. About the same as buying toto or big sweep. Good luck ........

Anonymous said...

haha ... them r trying to woo back PE residents

from msm, we read;

.. with "feel good" activities and events to woo the residents

.. scheme to help the needy

naturally to make themselves as caring and down to earth leaders

dun know whether reported anot,

... influx of new citizens

knnccb ... papigs, return my cpf money, it's my kuah-cha poon
cursed on those and their descedant who are involved

patriot said...

Me will go straight and direct to say other than George Yeo, Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan, there are many more that should be RED CARDED.

There is no reason to keep the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, DPM Teo Chee Hian, Minister Lim Swee Say, Minister Khaw Boon Wan, Mayor Teo Ho Pin, Amy Khor and Baey Yam Kheng around. They cause much heartaches to the People with their irritating sweet talks. But, it is all talks and no walk when it comes to delivery and deliverance.

Now, more 2 Room or smaller housings are being built for us to upgrade and progress beyond 1st World Standard. Can Singaporeans see where the Afore-mentioned Leaders are leading us to?

Open your eyes and look at them properly and see for yourself. Listen to what they have said and are saying then look around and see what's happening and make your own decision.


Anonymous said...

One of our leaders said we must learn from the mainland Chinese who are so called greedy that they enjoy impressive economic growth. In other word, it is a numbering game that both China and Spore are pursuing for. I have just learnt the following about the other side of the coin...

new 8,000 cancers each day or 3 million per year,
More than 400 so called "cancer villages",
97% sources of water supply have been contaminated,
28,000 sources of water supply wete removed or eliminated due to Urbanisation
If we were to continue with the number game (migrant number for instance), other form of changes or adjustments would become an integral part of our life. For instance, we would have to deal with more MP from the opposition part.

Anonymous said...

i will vote pap if the following conditions are met.
1. LEE resigns and handover to THARMAN.
2. keechiu resigns. he came in tg pagar by back door on tailcoats of lky and the walkover against the opposition was under very dubiuos circumstances. i shudder to think this paper general is being groomef to be future prime minister.

THARMAN is the one and only pap man who have not spoken any silly or arrogant words. unlike all the other yesman generalists i think tharnan is a practicing specialist in his own field and he has great potential. all the other pap mps are dead wood generalists .

Anonymous said...

With many credit companies sprouting up all over Singapore. Many foreigners workers 1.5 millions foreign workers paid us $750 millions per month levies and the huge fund from the CPF locked up schemes for life?

We need to optimised these huge amount of indirect taxes and get better returns from it and which might pay us 9 or 10 months of bonuses, previous record is 8 months? Don't forget we has to pay ourselves the the highest salaries in the world too?

We can set up credit companies, to lend to those out of jobs and need money, since now after 55 they can't take out the CPF, and lot of cheaper foreign workers take away or depressed the new citizens and local jobs, don't forget we targeted 6.9 millions populations, so it is likely more new citizens will come to takeaway the older new citizens jobs and local old citizens jobs?

So now these old citizens now can't get back their CPF at 55 and the lost their jobs to newer and newer citizens or cheaper citizens and their pay depressed with more imported new citizens and higher inflation?

And they can't get job loss benefits like the Nordic, because we need be thrifty with social welfare, to pay ourselves the most expensive salaries in the world? The solutions is to set up a credit companies to lend money to this persons who is out of jobs, no money, no savings, no CPF to tide over their difficult periods?

We can assist these group of people who lost their jobs to cheaper foreigners, last time we use the words locals or newer citizens lost their jobs to cheaper foreigners we call it foreign worker (Creat Value )for Singapore workers because we can collect huge amount of levies from them and depress the local workers pay maybe later take away their jobs?

Now we need to use nice sound word call (Social Funding Grants), then claim credit for it, which mean the job loss workers can borrow a bit cheaper from us then the banks, credit companies and loan sharks which make them a run for their money?

We have lots of money many billions from the levies, COE, GST, ERP, CPF locked schemes for life, no problems we can loan to the job lost workers a bit cheaper then other companies and claim credits and ask the medias to broadcast how our schemes benefited them, maybe later we can get more bonuses 9 or 10 months?

In these ways it can benefit the job loss workers and we can get higher returns from our huge funds we collected from our indirect taxes?

In these was the workers feel we solve their problems and the might votes for us? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

@December 31, 2013 10:55 am

u ah neh?

botak pull the strings puki .. oops hsien loong react accordinglee

knnccb .. fuckturd hsien loong, my cpf money is not for his pek kim!!!

Anonymous said...

We need the medias companies to help use to sell our schemes or program, and our creative use of works and to make us look good, if they don't co operate, how terminate them?

Anonymous said...

A recap of the Punggol East By-Election results: Lee Li Lian WP (16038), Koh Poh Koon PAP (12856), K Jeyaretnam RP (316), Desmond Lim SDA (168).

It was a multi-cornered fight, but the small number of votes that went to the RP and SDA showed a high level of savviness in the electorate. You can say that it was due to the by-election effect, but don't underestimate the voters in a general election, because they are getting smarter. Moreover this was before the Population White Paper was rammed through Parliament.

It's good that the PAP continues with it's self-denials, because with it's decreasing popularity, and the increasing sophistication of the electorate, the PAP will have a rude awakening at the next polls, especially with the PWP albatross round it's neck.

The PAP knows the importance of the internet and social media, which prompted Kee Chiu to declare war in cyberspace. But before that, it will clamp down hard on this new media, it's usual underhanded and cowardly tactic. So be very aware.

Anonymous said...

So the Lim Ah Heng and the Zoro King and now people used to call him the tooth pick master.

Last time the Heng Heng Heng, got a very good suggestion the innovative approach in locking up people CPF for life, he do such a got job give the right excuses and convincing people crying, later promoted to chairman, show some of them cheated all their money in Batam and crying to get some pity votes, later was promoted to Chairman?

So next time we need volunteer to cry and standby, we got to ask some mediacorp professional artistes to advice them the next time and make it more convincing, because this time it will be more challenging, with the unexpected lost of Punggol East the voters are getting wiser and wiser by the days?

And the oppositions able to counter our medias advantage by knocking door to door, to reach out to everyone and talking to the new citizens, now is fifty fifty chance not like last time the ministers with high votes and distribute some votes to the new candidates and bring them in by the back doors, if they can't came in my the front doors?

We got to be more professional in our crying, so we need to engage the media professionals to train us and standby a few ministers to cry during the 2016 if need arise?

So we had decided on our theme or manifestos in 2016 (How to make nothing but money from the foreigners) as now the GRC system don't work? and the profit sharing schemes or incentives schemes don't work in the Punggol East and the Presidential Elections?

So now we depend very much on the foreigners to vote us in and pull us through this difficult period?

Anonymous said...

人 算 不 如 天 算 , 你 欠 老 天 的,

一 定 會 被 追 回.

Anonymous said...

One person set 3 manifestos or AIM?

To have his daughter quit, to make Singapore reach the Kampong Soccer of World Cup of the World, which Singapore difficult to reach the Malaysia Cup and 3rd to reached the Swiss standard of Living, he had succeed by making himself way above the Swiss Standard of Living?

His selling point or quip? Foreigners take away New Citizens jobs and depressed their pay, which he called it (Create Value)?

Anonymous said...

One person set 3 manifestos or AIM?

To have his daughter quit, to make Singapore reach the Kampong Soccer of World Cup of the World, which Singapore difficult to reach the Malaysia Cup and 3rd to reached the Swiss standard of Living, he had succeed by making himself way above the Swiss Standard of Living?

His selling point or quip? Foreigners take away New Citizens jobs and depressed their pay, which he called it (Create Value)? Maybe he eat too many peanuts?

b said...

They will rule forever if they want - all they need to do is to switch some boxes. It is such an easy task for a general and dictators all over the world do that all the time. THis world is full of bullshits.

Anonymous said...

No matter what, 60% Sinkies will never respect any political party not able to contest 100% seats as one party in a GE and therefore will not vote for it.

Why? Because if the party cannot, it means it is not ready to be govt. No need to say already know. Saying it is superfluous. In Chinese it is called 多餘 (tuo yu)

Anonymous said...

Are those anti PAP bloggers and netizens also superfluous?

Except for fun and some kopi money?

Anonymous said...

looday is the first day of 2014;

knnccb ... borrow redbean blog to wish;

lee kuan yew ... long life, to witness the cuming n going of his leescendant

hsien loong ... continuing the familee lineage, as a running dog of the americunt. and the aspiration morphing into more whites

papigs ... please coninue on their good leedership

60% of the papigs supporters .. you all doing fine, continue to vote for these papigs in 2015/2016 beyond. the cuntry need you

more providers of $2.50 nasi padang ... all singaponang are assured of having wholesome meals everyday

knnccb .... i will continue voting for papigs the bestest of the bastards .. oops, bestest of the bestester

redbean ... huat ah, make panty of money in 2014

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is fun to be keyboard warrior but not a street warrior. A serious one, I mean.

Street warriors who want fun are clowns. I think PAP is also not bothered or worried with clowns. And 60% will also not respect clowns.

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