I fainted a third time

Yesterday I sent a reminder to all my clients telling them to reply and confirm that they would want to continue to receive my messages so that I would not violate the new DNC regulations and be fined $10k. This morning I read the media and found that it was not necessary to do so. Businesses can continue to send messages to clients that have an existing relationship even though they have signed the Do Not Call Registry. Shit, why did they not said it earlier?

The official excuse is that they did not receive enough feedback from the public so they are now amending their earlier policy directives. Ok, Sinkies, please take note of this. The govt needs your feedback or else they cannot think properly and cannot come out with a practical and workable solution. It is your fault. They cannot think very much and very far when making sweeping policies unless the people feedback to them, not with all the super talents being paid super talented salaries. Uniquely Singapore?

Boon Wan is also amending his housing policy because he received feedback that the policy is outdated. I also want to tell him his income ceiling for HDB flats is outdated when the prices of public and private housing have gone bonkers and unaffordable to those outcasts banned from buying public flats. They are the new sandwich class, earn more than the average but cannot afford private properties unless they want to be trapped with a huge mortgage and be cursed for the next 30 years. And they are the new homeless in this country they pledged to defend with their lives. Thanks to the kind govt policies that many of them would be migrating since the govt treated them as unwanted citizens, worse than new citizens.

Let’s see if this feedback will get to Boon Wan’s ear or his ear is only for selective feedback, hearing only things he wants to hear.


Anonymous said...

Wait wait. They are going to set up a COI to find a better solution.

Anonymous said...

"They are the new sandwich class, earn more than the average but cannot afford private properties unless they want to be trapped with a huge mortgage and be cursed for the next 30 years."

Are they already part of the 40% that voted opposition in GE 2011? Are their numbers growing?

If not, I think Boon Wan will not be too worried and therefore would not do as much as RB told him to do.

patriot said...

It is high time for Redbean aka Mr Chua Chin Leng to collate all that he has written in Cyberspace into a book. Have it published for Sinkies to buy it as a keepsake for future generations to know the real history of Sin.
As an elderly, I find that the History Of Sin has been most factually recorded in Cyberspace. Mr Chua Chin Leng has been one of the Best Recorder of events in the Last One Decade and more.
I am most impress by Mr Chua's foresight and ability to read the implications of current policies and situations to their consequences. This contrast absolutely with Rulers who need feedbacks to know what's going on around them.
As shown in this Post by Mr Chua, without feedbacks, our Rulers are lost, not even capable of formulating policies.
The Daft Sinkies must have been blind not to know the Calibres of the Folks they voted for.


Anonymous said...

RB needs to launch his book in Istana to be saleable: )

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that these million $ salaried ministers and civil servants have no idea what's going on in area under their charge? Heck, why keep telling us that we need to pay top dollars to get smart ministers? Whats the outcome so far? Same old, same old. Only we are made poorer by this policy.

agongkia said...

Keep fainting over such trivial matter for so many times you should seriously change your ceramic marble tile to the rubber type,for safety reason.

Whether one call them Chia Leow Bee or Teng Ah Gee,I believe they are still doing their best ,just that they cannot please everyone.
Rome is not built in a day.Give them sometime.
Want to earn more should stay in private property and not compete with poor folk like me.This is just a wayang.
Solution:Let the wife stay at home,produce baby ,take care pof the in law instead of both couple working that result in higher household income.Earn so much for what?Not as if every rich couple bring their parent for holiday.I seen too many of these rich people buying more cars,exploiting the poor and my survey is that many of these even neglect their elderly else they should stay with them.These people dun kpkb and are usually the one that is happy with the Garmen.Its daft who like to think they are unhappy and start to speculate.

I am sure PM is listening.Help to provide constructive feedback to them, be gracious and look forward to a more happy 2014.

Anonymous said...

Hear the good stuff. No worry, be happy.

You mean it is so difficult to come out with a workable policy?

Anonymous said...

Nowadays huh, no need to think through the problems and solutions. Anyhow hantam also can. Really like third world.

Anonymous said...

The book is a good idea. Call it Singapore's uncensored current history or The Plain Truth of Current Affairs. Include the comments of bloggers as well. This is real man, not the right stuff.

Anonymous said...

No less than 50 talented people have been building a 650 sq kilometre islet for 50 years. They are so hard at work that the Islet got saturated, all built up and nothing left, within such a short time of independence.
Agongkia can have all the time to build, just give one idea on how to go about it. JUST ONE.
Wither Sin from now on ?

Anonymous said...

/// The official excuse is that they did not receive enough feedback from the public so they are now amending their earlier policy directives. ///

What is PAP's value in contributing to improving the lives of Singaporeans?

What is PAP's value proposition to Singaporeans?

If you voted PAP, how does that benefit you, the Singaporean?

Anonymous said...

Knnccb.... yao siew kia hsien long, return our cpf money @55.

Anonymous said...

Return your CPF? With Medishield Life you can kiss your CPF goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they do things based on your feedbacks or even taking them into account? Asking for our feedback is a form of wayanging, just to satisfy the calls of the masses for consultation on important issues. The best part of the whole wayang is that they are asking for feedbacks on even unimportant issues as well. Got the drift?

The PAP has changed it's past formula of 'unilateral' choice of action into a so-called 'consulatative stance' after election 2011,
and developed it into an art form, and they are doing it so well that Singaporeans do not realise that they have been taken for ride.

So, they have feedbacks, but have you even noticed that whatever they set out to do will not change?

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition.
This is the only form of feedback that matters.

b said...

How many out there will think that a foreign born politician will have the interest of the locals at heart? If this is not daftness then it must be stupidity.