Haven for FWs

By not letting the FWs have their alcohol, not having buses to fetch them to meet with their friends in Little India, what would the workers do? Stay in their dormitories, watch TV or video, play caram, basketball, volley ball? And they would eat instant noodles, drink tea and kopi and get high? Are there other ways to help them unwind and be happy with their friends and alcohol?

If I am not mistaken, the old Turf Club is the ideal place as a haven for the foreign workers. It is big enough, centrally located, big car park, and unused but with all the facilities for a big crowd. All the dormitories can hire coaches to bring the FWs to this great common area to have fun and some private time among themselves. There is no need to disturb the residents, no need to cause traffic jams, no need to pee and shit on the road side as the toilet facilities are more than ample for their needs. And it is a damn decent place with good lightings and security fences.

All that is needed is to put up some food merchants to provide everything they need. The liquor licence holders can relocate their stalls in this new haven and no need to kpkb that they have invested so much money and no liquor sale means lose big money. The current foodstalls at Turf City will also be seeing a boom in their businesses and would be very thankful to the govt.

Think this is not only a win win for every party. It is a win, win, win, win and win for more than everyone. The entertainment industry can also do their bit to liven up the place. And no one can complain that they have been kept in a slum area. This is district 10, mind you. Ok, Ok, some shops in Little India may lose a bit of business. But allow them to open branches in the new place should help to increase their income. Can rename this place as the Little Taj Mahal.

What do you think? Or else rent a vacant piece of land in Batam and send them there during the weekend? Batam businesses will boom and the island will become another vibrant and busy place, more GDP, more foreign exchange and prosperity for the islanders. There will be big demands for food, entertainment and properties and all the services the FWs need. Still better than one of our precious little island that is undeveloped, no facilities and too small.


Anonymous said...

With half a million of them, they are bigger than the population of Maldives(300K), Seychelles, (72K) and almost half of Mauritius.

Just hope they don't demand to be recognised as a new state within a stste and have their own govt, banking system and all.

patriot said...

If alcohol was indeed the Cause or even just
the Main Contributing Factor to the Rioting,
then they probably should ban the sales of alcohols to Foreign Workers.
Maybe disallowing them to be no more than 10
in a group and each group to be at least 500
Metres apart can be set as rule for them as well.
Foreigner Workers will also work more overtime
works and make more monies to remit home as
they will not spend their salaries on booze and
their girl friends.
the greatest advantage is our enforcers will have
an easier job and everyone will free of much danger and worry.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, if you look at the photo on top, you will find that they are very happy living in close proximity. They have no problem in a very crowded place. Think they like crowds.

They may get angry if you don't let them get close together.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh... since they are comfortable holding each other hands.

Maybe can indulge in comforting activities.

Knnccb.... latest craze from the west n legalize too

Anonymous said...

Why the hell should we have a place for them????, what's the freaking rational RB, WHY?, i stayed overseas before and no one took special care of us, they are here to work.....if they want to have fun, there are a millions ways to do it, they can rent tapes to see, have a cook in, go window shopping, etc etc., we spoilt them if we pamper them, if they are interested they will eventually find something to do....but those of them that riot choose to do it of their own free will, those choose to drink of their own free will.

The problem is not what we can give them, the problem is what are we bringing in??, the courses that they go through, what do they courses carry, what are really taught to them, are the trainers qualified, who audits the courses, what is relevant for them to know what they can do here, did anyone tell them if they riot what are the consequences.

There are many that never travelled before but does that mean we can do what we want, rape, kill or riot etc, these are common sense that you do not shit on your neig house, its wrong for us to always spent that extra time to look after them, to make matters short, cane those idiots and deport them back, bar them from coming here again.....you can be very sure that non of them will cause any more trouble but instead what is the gahmen doing!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We need to treat them nice then people would not say Sinkies are xenophobic lor. also they like are forefathers, all immigrants. so immigrants must be good to immigrants lor.

Like that our govt may get a Nobel Peace Prize for humanity.

Anonymous said...

Little India is not designated as a 'proclaimed area' for nothing. During the riot they were only attacking the people in uniform.

The police going to patrol the area better be more careful and not to go in during weekends when the crowd is at its peak.

Anonymous said...

It is reported that the buses used to fetch the workers were school buses that fetched children to schools. I see bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes....

Virgo49 said...

Now they ban the private buses from fetching these hyenas to Little India.

So MRT, public buses will be crowded by them.

My God!!! Better still at home on weekends.

See them walk in groups, like hyenas on the prowl.

See them walk into twos, holding hands and fondling each other marbles.

See them walk solo, every two or three steps, will adjust his crotch like the late MJ.

agongkia said...

Banning of alcohol in Little India is a childish idea but providing shuttle service to make it easy for those FWs to go LI is a bad idea.Whose idea was that in the first place?
Its a good idea not to provide such bus service to LI to them .

We have public transport and if those FWs wish to go LI,they now how to be there.Public transport deserve extra income as its a waste to see less pax.on Sundays.

Dun be like a toad living in a coconut shell.
Visit more of these dormitories and you may even wish to stay there if given a chance.
They have food courts selling different foods and beer.
Barbers and phone shops.They even have beer garden with karaoke singing,just that they seldom patronize.
It will be perfect if they can allow license prostitute from those countries to serve the FWS.I won't mind to sacrifice myself to be a Or Kwee Thow there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can be recruited part time as an Auxiliary police force, to be deployed in Little India or such places where their own congregate on Sunday. Deploying Gurkhas may be a mistake, because they may be traditional enemies. And don't mention greenhorn NS men. Win win win all the way. Who better to police than their own people, some more extra overtime pay, which of them don't want? Also our own SPF can rest on Sunday. Please forward this idea to MHA. If successful can fan out for the Pinoys at Lucky Plaza, the PRCs at Geylang, etc...

oldhorse42 said...

RB is definetly mistaken. Old turf club is not an acceptable place for the FWs.
The horses are no longer there so we do not have to worry that they would slaughter the horses and have a BBQ there
There is still a 9 hole golf course, the Green Fairway and panjang and many elites still have the morning exercise there.
The surrounding estate house many rich and powerful cream of the society with plentiful maids and they will raise a stink if they so much as to see one FW there.

Anonymous said...

You guys make me puke, so if after they riot, burn our police cars, overturn and injured our guys, we still have to hold their hands to cross the street, come on la, pussy, its ppl like this make us so fucking inferior, so we give them comfort, give them venue to mix, and then they are happy?????, so if there's another riot, and maybe with deaths....do we then cont., maybe wipe their ass also.

Most of us talk about bringing in quality ppl, so these are quality ppl that will drive the economy with their knowhow on how to riot, do they still deserve a place, there was a law in groups of ppl gatering was it not???, so we wipe their scum off and start anew, trying hard to please them???, we seem to forget they have like a billion ppl, and from them....all you guys are saying that, there are no one better than those that riot.

Again i stress, the problem is, "WHAT ARE WE BRINGING IN", i think the objective, must be clear, to drive the economy we need capable ppl, how the fuck do you term capability....xenophobia, does not mean we have to dance the hula for them.

We did not use that word, some high rise guy did, singkies have been blame left and right and what do we do, remember this very well.....your chidren have to face the same problem if this is not settle proper, the uni anin't worth nothing, their cpf is invisble, their houses are too expensive....dun be an ass holes and put them with more shit...knn

Anonymous said...

@ December 13, 2013 4:13 pm

Some more, on other days they are the eyes and ears of the SPF in the dormitories, and can nip any problem in the bud, before it happens. Another win.

Anonymous said...

Must salute Agongkia for his out of the carton astude ideas.
As a 'or kwee thow'(pimp) and if he adds supplies of Indian foods as well, soon he will be a multi-millionaire. On top of that, he would solve all the troubles relating to foreigner workers.

Can consider his idea?

Anonymous said...


I run along the line with agongkia, some companies, those in yishun rents video for them, and they screen it on big tv's, they provide food too, but i do know where agongkia has been to make him wanna stay there, and just for agongkia....there's some place call Desker, so you're late in wanting to be a tutle head.

I tent to agree with anon 4.17pm, if we keep on bending backwards, we may break our backs, i think in all civilisation we try our best to strive by learning and then producing, whatever the reason of being unhappy of what and what, they came here of their own free will, they can leave on their own free will.

But after saying that, i also agree that their welfare should be look after being the 1st world country we are.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can understand why so many of you are angry. I just wrote a short piece on how so solve the problem of 500k lonely men and women.

We never bargain for this. The people who created this problem did not want to know. They pretend there is no problem.

I will post it tomorrow.

agongkia said...

You heard about Dolly of Surabaya red light district,boasting about having the largest number of whores in SEA?It is said that it start providing sex workers to the Dutch seamen,reduce sexual crime rate ,make her rich and also help in its economy till today.
anon 4.45
I am talking about having brothels and being Or Khwee Thow in those FWs dormitory lah,
not Desker Road.
Not only Desker Road,also got Khoon Chio Kar,last time Keong Siak,Lor G,Thiam Siew Ave......who dun know.I never lost touch with the ground ok.

I am not shameful to say frequent there daily last time........as a boy selling Mah Pew Poh.

b said...

I think the best is to let them party in istana during weekend since the gov like them so much and they are sooo important to singapore (confirmed by pm lee).

b said...

Perhaps the ministers can take turns to perform every week to the Fws since they are so fond of them. Once they have their entertainment performed by those ministers, the Fws will feel appreciated and thus not riot.

b said...

These FWs, like locals, are treated like POWs. If we could unite, we could takeover all the businesses, buildings, assets of the powerful and the rich. There will then be no poverty and oppression. Unfortunatley, unison between poor people are hard to come and thus the abuse continues.

Anonymous said...

To force decentralise riot to test all the men in blue.

Paul Smith said...

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Anonymous said...


It is fortunate we have internet to balance the view, if monopoly will lead to high price and little innovations

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Big issues over riot in Little India -
Singaporeans hold contrasting views over whether this is an isolated incident
or the tip of an iceberg of grievances coming to the fore]

"Many people are blaming its excessive foreign intake for the blow-up.

Another major cause is unscrupulous employers."


Anonymous said...

The Star, Malaysia

[Lessons to learn from Singapore riot]

"Malaysia too has had its fair share of riots by foreign workers sometime ago in Negri Sembilan.

Since then, foreign workers are under control and riots appear to be a thing of the past.

Still, nothing is under control as long as we are dependent on foreign workers.

Like a sleeping volcano, it can erupt unexpectedly just like in regimented and peaceful Singapore."


Anonymous said...

It is important to let people have more options in their CPF, as some need the money to get better returns then been locked up by CPF for whole life and have letter chance of getting back their money?

Not everyone were to spend all their money? CPF is one of the most important asset a person has, which they have promised to give it back to them at 55 when it was conceived? If they can't take out their CPF what is the use of CPF?

Their popularity slipping alot and kept dropping as, you can been seen by the Punggol East by election. From around positive 55 percents to a negative of around 43 percents, many would not believe that, people thought oppositions could lost a narrow margin, with more oppositions party joining the competitions? It likely due to unhappiness of their life time savings been locked up for life which was the main contributing factor? Their popularity could drop further?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Paul Smith, welcome to the blog.

Anonymous said...

I think your idea of using the formal turf club is good. It is under ultilise at the moment.Pity it is another money making venture. So there is no chance it being turn into recreation place for foreign workers.