Thailand – Democrats do not believe Democracy

The Democrats in Thailand have had enough of Democracy and proclaimed that they do not believe in Democracy anymore. Can you believe it? They claimed that Democracy does not guarantee majority rule! They are the majority and always lose in a general election. So they want to do away with Democracy and replaced with the tyranny of the minority, with the leaders being appointed by self appointed righteous men and women who professed that they are not corrupt while others are.

Why the Democrats want to throw away Democracy? Since 1992, they have not won a general election. So they believe that they have the majority but the winners of the general election are supported by the minority. Strange that a minority can win a general election when the winners must be the majority.

They have big turnouts in street demonstrations recently. They did want to know that if the Red Shirts were to march in the streets, they would make the Yellow Shirts look so small. But the Democrats are claiming that the majority of the people are behind them. Then why not stand in the next general election if they have the majority supporting them? The truth, the majority, if there is, is only in Bangkok among the rich elite. The masses of Thai electorate across the country are the majority and this majority is not with the Democrats. The Democrats know this and know in a democratic election they will lose as the majority of the Thais are not with them. So they are now going to turn away from Democracy and to install a govt by a few self appointed elite.

Down with Democracy!


Anonymous said...

But why don't the Thais practise the GRC system?

The Thais should make Bangkok (yellow shirts)a big GRC with say 80% seats. The rest of the country with the majority electorate (red shirts) should just have 20% seats.

Like that sure got majority what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Or the Thais should follow Matland, where a rural seat can have only 20K voters, while a urban seat can have 100K voters, except of course in reverse for the Thais lah!

That's why Matland ruling coalition Barisan Nasional can win 60% seats with only 46 % votes!

Lagi more tok kong than Sinkieland 60% votes winning 93% seats, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If one does not know the details, everything seems so fair and fine on the surface. The dirt is beneath if one bothers to dig deep enough.

Anonymous said...

When a ruler is weak, his subjects will fight for control. No furture for this Sawadi land. It is going down the drain.

Anonymous said...

How come the Thai protest Leader Suthep (a former DPM) can get tens of thousands of Thais to the streets, even on weekdays and even occupy govt buildings? And illegally some more.

And Sinkie protest leader Gilbert (ordinary Sinkie only lah) cannot even get hundreds of Sinkies legally to protest at Hong Lim Park on a weekend?

Is it because Gilbert is ordinary?
unlike Thais, most Sinkies believe in the vote (or PAP) and not protests?
most Sinkies are happy, so nothing to protest?
or any or all of the above?
Or none of the above?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

You must know who is behind Suthep. The king is weak? Physically maybe.

Anonymous said...

"And Sinkie protest leader Gilbert (ordinary Sinkie only lah) cannot even get hundreds of Sinkies legally to protest at Hong Lim Park on a weekend?"
Anon 1:19 pm

Nothing to do with Gilbert being ordinary. Even if it is Tan Jee Say, I think the outcome will still be about the same.

And that's why PAP won GE 2011 and also a clear indication that PAP will also win GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, 1st round Gilbert got thousands to protest at Hong Lim Park.

After that hor, Sinkies realised protests also not much use, or if at all.

That's why 2nd round, even with free food, Gilbert could not even get hundreds.

Sinkies are practical. If no use, don't do it, even with free finger food provided.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Suthep is nothing without the power behind him. Just like our politicians, without the power behind them they know that they are just ordinary citizens.

When there is power on their back, they talk differently. Watch the level of confidence and you know if they are in favour or passe.

b said...

Just let them fight among each other. Maybe thats the only way for them to learn that they must stand united and not divided if they want a better future for themselves.

b said...

Divide and Rule - an old strategy for rulers. The rulers will continue to increase in wealth and power so long as the people continue to stay divided.