The govt is asking, ‘What is the cause of this riot’

My view is that anyone who has a little brain and asking this question does not deserve an answer. You don’t need a super talent to know the answer. You don’t need to start an inquiry to know the answer. When you do that, it is an indication that you do not want to know the truth, you do not want to know the answer.

We have something like half a million foreign workers here. And one can agree that many of them are decent workers out here to do a decent job, to earn a decent living to feed their family. But with half a million, you only need to have 1% that is unhappy for whatever reasons, you can stare into a horde of 5 thousand potential rioters. This is a big number game, big data.

Let’s not kid ourselves that you can’t find 1% that will be trouble makers for the right or wrong reasons. And given the conditions and terms of their employment, many of them, maybe 50% or more would have problems and grudges and difficulties earning a decent living because of exploitations. And who is the biggest beneficiary to this scam? No prizes for guessing. And when they gathered together in tens of thousands or a hundred thousand, you think every will be peaceful forever, no trouble will come from these nice people? Are you born yesterday?

Have we learnt our lesson after this event? Do we sincerely believe that everything is alright, do a little cosmetic changes, don’t sell liquor, more police patrol, etc etc will avoid another riot? You can’t be so naïve right?

The root of the problem is still there. Half a million of exploited workers, underpaid, over worked and living and working in unsatisfactory conditions are tinder waiting to be set alight. And don’t forget, these are simple folks from the villages, uneducated, callous, boorish, with no social graces, and will turn foul and wild at the slightest provocation, no matter how decent and nice they are?

Have we not built enough flats to stop bringing in more of such nice people here? Boon Wan at one time threatened that he would not have the workers to build the flats for Sinkies. Now his happy problem is that he is slowing down his building programme. So?

Is this an opportune time to take our winnings and walk away unhurt? What had happened could be very much worse, and the worst is still out there waiting to happen. Have a little wisdom, or count the probabilities, stop the greed, start to unwind and reduce the presence of these very nice and simple folks here. Let them go, stop exploiting them for their cheap labour. Do a bit of charity, do some good deeds by not ensnaring so many of them here. The consequences of the next incident could be one that we cannot afford to pay for.

Take this as a lesson, a reminder, like the owl, that things can go awfully wrong and we will regret to continue down this path. Or shall we continue to bring more of them here, refuse to listen, be like deaf frogs, no ‘hew’, and believe that we can get away with it a second time like this one, with minimum casualties and damages to properties.

Do we want to see Singapore burning before calling it off? Do we really not understand what this whole incident is all about, we do not know how it came about?

Who’s kidding? Remember a picnic on East Coast Park could cause a riot? Here we have a mob in a hundred thousand every weekend, foreigners, single men, hungry, new to our way of life, exploited and all in debt. You have a perfect concoction to go on a rampage. You mean you dunno?


Anonymous said...

The Star, Malaysia

[View Singapore rioting incident seriously]

"I REFER to the report
'Riot breaks out in Little India' (The Star, Dec 9) in Singapore
not without some trepidation.

I feel it is important for our Govt to view the incident across the Johor Straits with serious concern
and consider the impact that our rampant “import” of about 5 million such foreign workers will have on our civil society in the near future.

Don’t say that we have not been forewarned."


Anonymous said...

PM Lee said “Only the PAP can provide this leadership – even the opposition says, ‘don’t worry the PAP will take care of everything, quite safe!’”

So even if PAP dunno, Sinkies will still have to accept PAP leadership lah, tio bo?

Virgo49 said...

The next BIG one, many lives innocent or otherwise will be lost.

The Special Operations Command, rusty liao, different from the PRU in the 60s and 70s.

Now do not even dare to confront the rioters. These mobs will dispersed after a BIG demolition as this is not their homeland.

You can slowly savored the ruins, killings and debris after that.

Good luck to one and all if the PAP is still in denial to their wrong policies of bringing these refugees down.

Just deported the whole lot of them and back to the tranquil times of our two to three millions with enough jobs, water, food for everyone.

Anonymous said...

தேக்­கா­வில் நேற்றிரவு சாலை விபத்­தில் ஒருவர் மாண்டதைத் தொடர்ந்து அங்கு கல­வ­ரம் மூண்டது. கல­வ­ரத்தை அடக்க போலி­சா­ருடன், போலிஸ் சிறப்பு நட­வ­டிக்கை தள­பத்­தி­ய­மும் கூர்க்கா படை­யி­ன­ரும் சம்பவ இடத்­துக்கு வர­வழைக்­கப்­பட்­ட­னர்.

சில மணி நேரத்தில் கல­வ­ரம் கட்­டுக்­குள் கொண்டு வரப்­ பட்டதாக பின்­னி­ரவு 12.22க்கு வெளி­யி­டப்­பட்ட போலிஸ் அறிக்கை தெரி­வித்தது. 27 பேர் கைது

Anonymous said...

"So even if PAP dunno, Sinkies will still have to accept PAP leadership lah, tio bo?"
Anon 8:47 am

Tiok but only 60% tiok but good enough already. Or is it bad enough? Depends on who you are.

And therein lies the root of all problems.

Anonymous said...

Orchard Road got Tanglin Road Police Station.
Little India got police station or not?
Singapore got enforce our labour laws or not?

Anonymous said...

The Govt is asking, "What is the cause of this riot?"

I'm asking, " This country is not just you alone, it is all the Singaporean, PRs, uncle, aunties, son and daughters too. This country is not for you to twiddle here and there, play about and mess with.
Everyone of us has a role to play. As citizens, we play our part, earn our keep and be law-abiding. AS for YOU, you either do a good job or you are out!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anyone knows what 8:51 is saying?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.47.

The OWL waits until the PAP hao lian talks BIG BIG came out and said that they are the only capable people to run Singapore.

Then came the BIG BANG to see how capable they are.

Incident happened at 9.23 and NEWS bulletin on 9.30pm.

No BREAKING NEWS- see how capable and responsible they are.

Get info from the public till eleven plus and then CNA announced. Within this time, many innocent lives may be lost if the rioters turned most nasty.

Suppose to hold conference at 0130am and holds in private at the Police HQ nearly 0400 hours.

Police Chief and Big Nose all kanang kabok.

Police Chief famous quote: This is not the Singapore Way to the rioters.

You think they give a HOOT to your this is not the Singapore Way.

We did it our way and this is OUR WAY.

So you think they are the best and capable people to run the government??

WP on the other hand would want just to be the co-driver.

Not so siang now ching and still gets the CEOs pays of many companies.

So come 2016, besides WP, must vote for other alternative parties.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"What is the cause of this riot’"

Indians + Booze + Emotions

Anonymous said...

Take so much pay. Got problem, set up committee to think. No need to think at all. Just open mouth and wait for others to think.

Next, ask the people for feedback and suggestions.

Money so easy to earn one.

Anonymous said...

A police chief talking to a rioter:

P Chief: hey, why you riot, ah?
Rioter: buay song.

P Chief: why buay song?
Rioter: $$$ not enough, my boss no good la

P Chief: Then you should apply for a permit, and protest at Hong Lim Park. Do it the Singapore Way
Rioter: WTF is Hong Lim Park?

P Chief: It's a place for people who are buay song.
Rioter: Pundek, I'm Indian, and I do it My Way.

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way

The said...

Redbean - they should consult you on the reasons for the riot, instead of wasting time and money for yet another of those white-wash COI.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually they already found the reason. It is alcohol. Ban alcohol sale and no more problem. Got to ban the sale at Clark Quay and Club Street also.

jjgg said...

Chinese workers unhappy?...strike ... Indians..riot...Singaporeans...vote PAP...hehe

Anonymous said...

Without the COI, it is pretty obvious why there was a riot. Go to Little India on any weekend and just look at the mass of humanity milling about, loitering, binging on the grass verge, crossing roads without a hoot for motor vehicles, almost as if the whole area has no roads and has been converted into a pedestrian area.

And the so called security detail escorted by one armed Cisco auxillary policeman? All going about their duties in a half hearted manner like zombies. Never have I seen them checking on anything except walking around like having a stroll in the park on a weekend.

Without the so called COI, the answer lies in tapering the inflow of cheap Indian labour except for essential industries like shipbuilding, construction etc. Now almost every Ah Beng electrician or plumber has lowly paid Indian workers to enhance their profit margin.They should jolly well do the hard work themselves instead of using cheap labour because it is so easy to employ them.

The Indian PMETs taking away Singaporeans' jobs should not be spared either. If this bias towards employing cheap Indian PMET labout carries on unabated, riots could very well be started by Singaporeans who might have the same psychological bend as those who rioted in Little India.

Anonymous said...

Only the PAP can solve this problem. Vote PAP.

Veritas said...

Hi RB,

I am afraid something is coming if we do not stop FT Indians. The fact that FT Indians is more violent than Muslim Bangla is an extremely problematic sign. In South Asia, its the other way round.

Before the fact that most participant are Indians are made known, FT Indians went online and accuse Singaporeans of -- racism, a-g-a-i-n, and accuse the players as Bangla.

We need to ask why FT Indians who are docile in middle east for CENTURIES are violent in SG. Did Arabs exploit Indians? They did.

Did Arabs bash Indians. Yes.

Why no one complain or riot in Arab land. Why are Muslim Bangla more docile?

We need to ask a lot of questions.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8.51am
// தேக்­கா­வில் நேற்றிரவு சாலை விபத்­தில் ஒருவர் மாண்டதைத் தொடர்ந்து அங்கு கல­வ­ரம் மூண்டது. கல­வ­ரத்தை அடக்க போலி­சா­ருடன், போலிஸ் சிறப்பு நட­வ­டிக்கை தள­பத்­தி­ய­மும் கூர்க்கா படை­யி­ன­ரும் சம்பவ இடத்­துக்கு வர­வழைக்­கப்­பட்­ட­னர்.

சில மணி நேரத்தில் கல­வ­ரம் கட்­டுக்­குள் கொண்டு வரப்­ பட்டதாக பின்­னி­ரவு 12.22க்கு வெளி­யி­டப்­பட்ட போலிஸ் அறிக்கை தெரி­வித்தது. 27 பேர் கைது //

Google Translator:

//Where someone died in a road accident last night in Dekha Rioting continued. To quell the riot police, special police were called to the scene of action talapattiyamum Gurkha soldiers.

In a few hours time, having come up with riot control police said in a statement released late on 12.22. 27 people arrested//

Obviously, it is saying some news that even many primary students received many times more in twitters yesterday with updates/ comments flying by the hundreds or even thousands by the mins and hours, but in a different language. To "impress" on readers here, obviously that is still millions or billions of miles of far cry. No?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 9.12am // WP on the other hand would want just to be the co-driver.

Not so siang now ching and still gets the CEOs pays of many companies.//

Is it a case of:

Have a BIG "WAYANG PARTY in junction with another PIAK-A-PAIK PARTY, have booze and what have you merry making to no end in the same bed and after that Sinkies still have to pick up the PRICE TAB of all the bills" every month?

Are Sinkies being screwed "front,back below and also in front on top" all the same time?

Is it what you mean Virgo49?

What say you?

Continue vote "Wayang Party" and "Piak-A-Piak Party" big time and let them continue the "WAYANGING" AND also "PIAKING AND PIAKING" OF SINKIES EVERY AVAILABLE "HOLES" until the end of the world .....?

Veritas said...


You may want to write and research more about Thaksin and Thailand issue. Recently I did more research and get very excited. I conclude that Thaksin is an ally of China, and if Thaksin group is entrench, it will mean that USA lost the entire Indo China.

Abhisit is USA ally. Now China is support democracy in Thailand while USA is taking down democracy.

The domino will soon be felt in Malaysia. Malaysia is much more pro China than SG. Singapore and PAP is a strong ally of the west. PAP did a lot of things to harm China's interest.

I believe the mass import of FT Indians is an evil plan by PAP to harm interest of SE Asia Chinese. Also I am now doing a lot of research about SE Asia Chinese. I came to conclusion that the west is extremely hostile against the power of SE Asia Chinese, especially their economics power. PAP peranakan now sold us to USA.

Thaksin group survive after so many onslaught not entirely because Thaksin is powerful, but Thaksin has backing of China. Similarly, when Thailand go to China, soon will be Malaysia. Next, SG. We need to get rid of USA bases here. It will do Chinese no good. USA MNC must be tame to hire locals instead of shipping in Brahmins, loath by the entire universe except PAP.

Only with the return of China we can solve our problem of caste system.

Anonymous said...

the papies are absolutely right ...

we daft citizens had failed miserably to make those foreign talents feel at home

failed to embrace their cultural values such as providing manly love to the opposite sex, consuming unhatched chicks ...balut??

and toddy too......

knnccb ..... pukimak

Anonymous said...

@December 10, 2013 8:55 am

now i understand why kuan yew called singaporean daft!!!

next to kk hospital ... NO POLICE STATION???? kampong kapor dun have???

knnccb ...... anyhow shoot, look for a toilet lah

long live kuan yew

Anonymous said...

@December 10, 2013 8:51 am

chuni wakaran ...

who u trying to communicate??

knnccb .... i love toddy

Anonymous said...

@December 10, 2013 9:10 am

ang tow ....

think the meaning is:

those mobsters are heroes ... more than 400 rioters .. only about 28 arrested

their ancestors are hidden in the himalayan range .. bery the powDerful

knnccb ... dun play play with these aryan descendant

Anonymous said...

Police take peace for granted for too long. There should have riot police standby every sat. and sunday at little india. How can you take 2 hours to calm the situation?

Anonymous said...

seriously the govt must take steps to reduce the numbers of people congregating there. Even the increase of police presence will not be enough due to the their sheer numbers.

It is either you increase the zone for them to spread out in expanded Little India or reduce the number visiting the areas .

Anonymous said...


the tpp is widely believed many to contain China led by US..those countries on board all US allies and kakia

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The next casualty could be the police on patrol duties. Look, 100 thousand of them in one place drinking and getting drunk. Now that a spark has been ignited.

I hope the Police will not be so stupid to send their men to patrol the area when the mob is in. The patrolling of MRT stations is a different matter. Don't take it for granted that the place is still friendly and safe. It is a different picture now.

Even two teams of SOC cannot do anything against tens of thousands or a hundred thousand rioters. They would be swallowed by the crowd.

Don't pray pray with the mob and the lives of our boys.

Anonymous said...

The youtube video that anyhow accused Singaporean already watched 18,000 times.

This is very grave accusation.

The Singapore authority must reach out to them in THEIR mother tongue quickly to explain to them what had happened.

Luckily thankfully many Spore Indians who saw the video said something

Veritas said...

Right now, Singapore Malay really believe that Chinese kill Malay in 1064 and 1969. There choose not to remember that UMNO come here preach hate.

A lot of Malay writings in SG and Malaysia are extremely immature and full of hate. I got Indonesia Malay friend who told me they cannot get along with malay here as they are too "sensitive" and "arrogant". I got confirmation from local Malay they cannot get along with Indon as well.

Right now, Chinese people who behave as a model race everywhere in the whole world -- no jihad, no preach hate, study hard, no caste system...etc, are being accuse in SG as violent, and murderers.

Worse, some Chinese like Gintai even go Barrie blog and support Barrie that "Gintai found Chinese school students arrogant"...etc.

The Chinese sycophant is one of the reason our minorities dare to spread lies and hate against us. In whole SG, veritas is among the few who speak the direct truth.

Anonymous said...

@ RB 1.18pm : // Don't pray pray with the mob and the lives of our boys.//

Ya hor RB!

Don't pray pray with your Scholar son, his sons, her sons etc ...

Tio bo?

The said...

/// Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...
Anyone knows what 8:51 is saying? ///

This guy just found out how to use google translate and is having fun with his new-found trills.......

b said...

"Singapore Malay really believe that Chinese kill Malay in 1064 and 1969. "

- they just need to google and will realize that yellow skins only like to kill yellow skins. they do not anyhow killed other skins. deep down, yellow skins prefer other skins except their own yellow skins because they are so badly treated by their own yellow skins since the xia dynasty.

b said...

- Who is screwing local chinese? not ahneh but that yellow skin banana at the top. Ahneh is but a tool for that yellow skin banana at the top to screw chinese. Race, like religion, is a tool for the elite to divide and rule.

Anonymous said...

If singaporean dare to riot... I chop!!

knnccb.... I born with balls but no balls to riot. But I kpkb like a typical daft singaponang.

b said...

They are just insulting voters intelligence by asking what is the cause. The important question is "who let the rioters in?". RB? Matilah? or the PAP? Accountability is missing.

Anonymous said...


One black sheep in the form of gintai, dun make a big shit of problem, the things he writes are rubbish anyway, comparing the min wage with char kuay teow and the most recent teaching the youngers, that fighting is the way, he has put the homeless out of a place to sleep but he still does not have the responsibility nor sense, my son reads his blog for his jokes, i've stop him since, i guess loosing his job, put him out of his place.

I fully understand what you mean, some just don't get it, more should read what you write.

Thanks Veritas.

Anonymous said...

One way to prevent any recurrence of the weekend riot is to send the foreign talents or trash (depending on how you view them) to our neighbouring hinterland, where there is plenty of space for them to release whatever stress or tension they have accumulated over the week and return refreshed and relaxed to start another productive week.
The employers should pay for the transportation and the government subsidise from the workers' levies collected.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Sp4Sporeans, welcome to the blog. Boon Wan thinking of the idea. A better place would Tekong, in the parade square where they can enjoy their peace. Unfortunately the parade square may not be big enough.

Sp4Sporeans said...

I was thinking of the "hinterland" up north. As we know, how big is our country or island, let alone our sister islets.