Fandi - Welcome home

Ever since the madness about FTs extended to our little pond of sports, I have given up following what was happening to the national football team. All I heard was that the standard has gone from bad to worse despite the silly money being paid to all the foreign players and coaches. So much money wasted, so much time wasted and so many local talents wasted, all for some naïve bugger’s fetish craze for foreigners.

This morning the news reported that Fandi has been appointed as the coach for the Lions XII, taken over from Sundramoorthy. I can only presume that this is the national team. I can only say it is high time we put the screws in our heads back in their proper place and stop coveting other people’s fallen talents. We need to spend our money on our children, our very own talents. We need to nurture our talents, support them and give them pride to be Singaporeans and not be despised as not good enough by FTs. The devious and demeaning thinking and attitude of our silly leaders must be given a good shaking and get the stench of foreigners off them.

To be frank, what we have is a team of potatoes. And no matter who is brought in to coach them, they will play like potatoes, maybe a little better or a little worse. To turn potatoes into world champions cannot be done by simply hiring a foreign coach or a few ‘has been’ foreign footballers. We have to be realistic in our expectations. We must have our own pride. No, Fandi is not going to turn our potato footballers into world champions. And please, do not blame him for not being able to do that. No foreign coaches can do that either. It has been proven.

What Fandi can do is to do us proud as Singaporeans again, kicking the ball in the field and running around for Singapore by Singaporeans. We need to look inward and rely on ourselves, our own children, to bring us glory. We have done that in the past, all on our own, local coaches and local footballers. We must know out limitations and be content that we are regional champions. Forget about the World Cup. Oh, you want to spend our millions to buy the world’s best coach and the best players, go ahead. Make sure it is your own money.

We have had our flirtations with foreign coaches and foreign players and we know what we could get after throwing away good money that could go to our boys. We have Sundramoorthy who did just as good as the foreign coaches. Now we have Fandi back, our very own international football star. Let’s give him the fullest support and let him do us proud. But don’t have delusionary wet dreams that he must bring us the World Cup. Fandi would do his best with the potato footballers we have and they will gel around him as a national team. We can then cheer ‘Fandi’ instead of some queer names from dunno where. Shouting them would not mean anything to anyone of us.

Let’s hear Fandi’s name in everyone’s lips once again. Let our boys grow with him and for every Singaporean to feel really proud when the boys bring home a trophy, no matter how small. They are our own talents, not some FTs from God knows where.


Veritas said...

Kicking out local sportsman and replace it by foreigners could be a coordinated scheme for social engineering.

Imagine if another political party ascend and decree that all sports team must be Singaporeans, no Tao Li type. Next day, Singaporeans will go stadium and cheer for our sports team.

An united Singaporeans is something PAP hate most. Tunku Abdul Rahman said that the Malayan can build unity by cheering for our own sports team.

Mahathir knew it as well. He do not want Singaporeans to get united. During the mid 90s, Mahathir kick Singapore out of Malaysia cup. Mahathir really hurt the interest of Singaporeans Malay.

If we have Malaysia cup, Singaporeans will have a meeting place. We will be more united. Anything PAP want to do to our national soccer team will be scrutinize.

With a united spirit around and rally under a flag in soccer match, it would be easier to go against PAP FT policy. Now there is no way going back Malaysia cup.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Veritas.
The PIGS do not want a united Singapore.
The PIGS do not want Singaporeans to be united.
The PIGS just want to stay in power forever.
And the way to do this is to impoverish and suppress all Singaporeans who are not in their political party.

Anonymous said...

Aren't all these FTs false and erroneous hope and premise originated from Lao Goh's assertion in 1998 when France won the World Cup that more than half in the French World Cup winning team are naturalised foreign born. This excuse and pretext was used frivolously to crank up and open the foreigners flood gate. He happily and conveniently swept the World Cup 2010 target he boasted for the excuse to open flood gate to bring in foreign footballers but all other professions as well.

What happened after that?

Sinkies got f-cked time and again.

Can their words be trusted?

Read their lips?

Ha ha

Good luck to Sinkies ........

What did Georgie said?

Wither what ...... ?

Anonymous said...

maybe .... as goh chok tong promised decade ago ...

singapore be in the world cup final soon

"All I Have to Do Is Dream" by the Everly Brothers

knnccb .... dreams are free

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.07am // knnccb .... dreams are free //

Talk also cheap and free.

Promises lagi free.

Like Swiss Standard living ..... knn

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Fandi. Now it give us more reason to watch n support the team. And no more foreign imports please. Nuturing our local boys is the way forward. Winning n loosing is part of a game. Dont import just for the sake of winning n building big egos.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, it was by default that Fandi is back lah.

Remember how Fandi was "demoted" by Johor FA and later resigned "of course lah" from the Johor Club?

If not for the Johor FA decision, we might never have Fandi joined Lions XII now, or at all in future, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If not for WP not ready to be govt, PAP would have been voted out in GE 2011 already, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


Very Tiok!

Tiok! Tiok! Tiok!

Funny politics in SinkieLand.

Fearless and altruistic opposition fighting for Sinkies welfare not elected.

Elected oppo mostly hum ji, act blur, living well on $16,000 allowance, courtesy of Sinkies who sticked out their necks to support and vote for them. And after kena repeatefly slapped by drivers instead of the other way round, co drivers shrink up even more and hide under bloggers' and netizens' skirts.

Georgie! Wither what ....,,,,, ?

Anonymous said...

Really long time never hear the kallang roar .. its our pride ...its in our blood too ... welcome back fandi ...

Anonymous said...

Redbean, one kopi for you from a football fan.

Anonymous said...

Fandi is a favourite son of Singapore. The country must support him and not to behave like traitors throwing money to foreigners and kicking our sons aside. It is better to kick the traitors instead.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense, think we should have a Malay Team, a Chinese Team, and an Indian Team, and the best will go to represent Singapore...as previously we have

Gintai_昇泰 said...

I'm sure our local son Fandi will do his best. He's going to prove them wrong. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

FTs attitude sucks.

Those pinoys in some coffee joint in ECP.

F-cking rude, f-cked attitude, etc etc ......

Frankly, will never go back there to eat again. Lousy service, food worst than hawker centre standard but more than 4 times the normal price inclusive f-cking 10% svc charge for non-existent svc from the pinoy staffs. Only thing is it is airconditioned. Food courts also air con but better quality food and much cheaper.

To all the pinoy, if not willingly work here, can always go back to your 3rd world country. Singaporeans no need your attitude and rude faces and svc. You are just ruining the company you working in by giving such attitude face and svc to customers.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure our local son Fandi will do his best. He's going to prove them wrong."
Gintai 5:31 pm

But then how come he did not do his best when he was with the Johor Club? Why they "demoted" him as mentioned by Anon 11:11 am?

But hope the Lions XII won't "demote" him in future lah. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

"But then how come he did not do his best when he was with the Johor Club?"
Anon 7:35 pm

He did his best but his best is still no good lah. Sometimes depend on luck also lah.

For instance PAP is very lucky to have WP as the strongest opposition, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7.41pm // For instance PAP is very lucky to have WP as the strongest opposition, tio bo? //

So is that a blessing or a curse?

To have an oppo like that is more a curse than anything else for the future of sinkies.

Might as well don't have and let it be 87-0.

With the rate they try to increase their presence, does anyone seriously think the hammer can even reach 1/4 in parliament when SinkieLand already flooded to 10 million.

Then how?

1/4 can't even veto anything much less bringing about much needed change for the benefit of Sinkies welfare and long term future.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.52am // The PIGS just want to stay in power forever. //

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Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

ang tou ..... why u din blog on the greatest hapBening last night???

cultural assimilation successfully taken roots here

cheers .... hope more such values firmly take root here

maybe starting a biz to sell chastity belts will be as successful as selling bubble tea in the past

knnccb .... pass me the toddy,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Last night after hearing the good news I went to bed early and was dreaming of how good Singapore would become. Dunno what happened after that. You drank toddy, I celebrated with a few cans of beer.

Only read the news in the morning.