US gangster behaviour in the South China Sea and the PACIFIC OCEAN

Communication key to avoid sea incidents
Global Times | 2013-12-16 0:43:01
By Global Times
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The US media has reported, citing sources from the American military, that on December 5 the Cowpens, a US guided missile cruiser, was forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision with a Chinese warship when the Cowpens was near the Liaoning aircraft carrier in the South China Sea.

Anonymous sources from the US side called it a "dangerous maneuver" and said the US has made protests to China through diplomatic and military means. A statement issued by the US Pacific Fleet said that the State Department has taken the issue up with China and thinks the acts of both "not uncommon." As of last night, the Chinese military has not responded. This is not the first time that Chinese and American warships have confronted each other in the South China Sea. Airborne confrontations have also occurred often.

It is a fact that China has already announced three regions in the South China Sea as its military areas. The outside world knows that they are used for scientific research and training of the Liaoning aircraft carrier. Meanwhile, many areas in the South China Sea are China's exclusive economic zones. Clearly, the US missile cruiser has come to China's threshold and posed a threat to China's military security.

If the American navy and air force always encroach near China's doorstep, "confrontation" is bound to take place. In 2001, the collision between an American spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet was such an accident resulting from constant confrontation between the two.

The US side demands the Chinese navy and air force abide by "rules." Such rules are only served at American convenience to conduct inspections and show off its military strength. They do not belong to international laws. With its overall strength as the backing, the US forces the world to abide by them.

But the US should not go too far. Especially, it should show respect for China's legal interests and concerns for its own security and should not harm China's security at will.

We don't think the South China Sea is a stage where the US 7th Fleet flaunts its prowess. We try to avoid friction because we wish for a new type of major power relationship with the US rather than being pressured by this fleet.

The China-US crisis management system should be based on past rules on the one hand. On the other hand, China should also participate in rule-making. American leaders have welcomed China's peaceful rise, but they didn't actually respect the fact that as China's interests expand and its strength increases, its concern for security also deepens.

As China's strength grows, the US should learn to communicate with and respect China if it doesn't want a collision on the sea or in the air.

China should speed up empowering itself. Only when the US feels China is a well-matched adversary, will it deal with China in a reasonable way. China is trying to avoid friction with the US. But it should also be firm about safeguarding its own interests.

This has nothing to do with the "China threat" theory. Only when the world acknowledges China's deterrence, could the South and East China Seas stay in peace. We will bear every risk involved in this process.


Anonymous said...

One wonder why they are so intelligent as the claimed and need these pay to justify their talent, they can't devise ways to let Singaporean up the technological solutions like other advanced countries like Israel, Japan, South Korea and the Nordic countries etc. and have the better standard of living instead deteriorate back to the third world standard of living, where many workers have the salaries depressed and difficult to get good secure jobs? Many countries do import foreigners workers but they don't down their local workers, they got to find out is it the salaries problems, the levies problems or the working conditions problems? Hope not to bring in another Tin Pei Ling type to solve the problem, what do you think?

They should know when more people came in to share the pie with the older workers, their standard of living could drop further, this is the fundamental of economic of supply and demand? Why they don't learn from the Nordic countries, their direct taxes abit higher but they take care of their old ages, educational need and retrenchment needs? They have the multi parties system to consider all angle when implement such crucial policy like the locked up CPF system for whole like which need a serious debate and suggestions from the public?

They should know with their incredible talent as they claimed, maybe they take care of each other keep quiet the negativities, so not to rock the boat because of the lucrative salaries they got, too much cheaper foreign workers can cause sufferings to locals and more and more side effect, like the Geylang riot and the recent Tekka riot?

Anonymous said...

They are truly genius can come up with the ideas GRC system so that little oppositions can come in, the Group Representative Constituency, which come out the like of especially talented Tin Pei Ling? Which the better candidate can give some votes to support the weaker ones?

But if in the future the GRC don't work like, TPL pull down too much votes how, using the importing people system, they might not work as you can see 500k of permanent residents, know they need to pay extraordinary indirect taxes, so they don't want to be citizens, make enough them go back to their low inflation countries to enjoy the savings from Singapore?

Could many go down like Punggol East or Aljunied GRC when 3 minister is vote out how, if three vote out or 3 GRC voted out altogether will be 9 ministers will Singapore in a crisis, we should not always think in the past when it work but it might not work in the future?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the China Navy can go and visit Cuba....

Anonymous said...

In future the profit sharing scheme, as in Punggol East might not work how?

Now the oppositions wise up, they will only put their candidate last minutes, so the propaganda machines can't work on them, how? If the propaganda machine don't know, which opposition they are completing how the can run them down?

So it is harder to find people want to stand up like the arse doctor, who was reluctant to stand at first, but later eventually persuade to run and lost at Punggol East with a unexpected 3000 over votes, many felt that oppositions could lost?

Now many PMET are join the oppositions you can see the WP a professor and many well qualify persons are joining them? Competitions is rising by the day?

Anonymous said...

The cowboys were trying to bully the Chinamen in China's front yard. Any signs of weakness would only encourage the cowboys to be more reckless.

China should continue to play chicken game with the cowboys, ram their ships if needed, one for one. China's ship are cheaper and taking down a more expensive ship would be good value for money.

Anonymous said...

What type of foreigners Singapore need to build it countries like the Nordic, Swiss maybe 10 percents foreigners with the specials that can bring up the bottom 20 percents of the standard of living?

Those foreigners to admit to be Singapore citizen should be well verse in technology and design?

Not the type that could bring up the ministers' bonuses, they already have the highest standard of living and incredible salaries, which they promise themselves already?

The criteria in admitting new citizens should be study those successful country how they admitted not the 70 percents of foreigners as plan in 2030 any Tom Dick and Harry?

Anonymous said...

Gilbert Goh
30 minutes ago ·

Single mum of two kids requesting another PWP protest due to Little India riot:-

Hi Gilbert

As promised, I am writing to ask if you will be organizing another protest in the near future.

It saddens me when I read the stories about Singaporeans not being able to get a full time job and have to end up doing low-end temp job.

I also feel that the protest should be held soon due to recent riot at Little India… I went to Little India the following day to buy curry powder for my Taiwanese friends who were here holidaying.

Can you imagine how frightened I was when I went there alone and I quickly bought the stuff from the store and left as fast as I could. This sounds silly as this is my country and I don’t feel safe anymore living here.

I also fear what kind of country will my kids grow up in when foreigners could strike or anyhow riot?

Another incident happened when I went to Chinatown – I was approached by this Dirty Old Man asking me to have coffee with him.

I been told that I look like mainland Chinese but then I am 100% Singaporean… Chinatown is no longer the same as I was younger….Singaporeans are hardly to be seen and only those old folks go there to while away their time.

I can’t help but think where I do stand or belong in my own country?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not racist (the other word for dislike of foreigner), I have good friends who are foreigners and I love them as friends but the other part of me felt uncomfortable as they have taken our jobs and security.

A close friend of mine from Philippines is living here and her husband is making $8K as an engineer (offshore) and she is making almost $3k as a Account Executive. Both of them are returning to Philippines after chalking enough savings while working here.

A co-worker of mine received his PR recently also never has the intention of staying long in Singapore.

According to him, he will return to Myamar so that his son does not need to serve NS.

I also have a neighbour from China who migrated immediately to Canada once he was offered his Singaporean citizenship.

I feel our government is keeping these PR holders whose intention is never to place their hearts or make their home here.

Moreover, personally, as a Singaporean, what do I gain from all these foreigners who have come in to snatch away our jobs and homes?

I am a divorcee with 2 kids and I brought them up by myself without any assistance from our government.

There was once my ex-company failed to submit my CPF on time and I have not received my wages - the HDB officers cane and knocked on my door every night demanding payment.

To me, they are no difference from the loan sharks…town council also send me a lawyer letter when I couldn‘t pay the S & C fee on time…I was once asked loudly at town council office by their staff to pay up embarrassing me to no end!

Rest assured that if you organise another population white paper protest I will be there to support!

Its for our future and we own it.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies cannot let a few individual Sinkies mess up their country and their lives. Sinkies must make them accountable for the drastic and destructive changes that have been brought about by them.

Anonymous said...

The person who suggest locked CPF to 68?

The Pioneering Generation:
December 17, 2013 at 10:29 am (Quote)

In 2007 after the general election, a ministerial committee was formed to look into the plights of an ageing population. Lim Boon Heng, Minister without portfolio in the PMO then was tasked by the PM to lead this committee. Grand plans were laid out in a media release, terms of reference made and lofty ideals tabled to (1) Enhance the employability and financial security of senior citizens to enable them to be employed and be financially independent (2) Provide holistic and affordable healthcare and eldercare and (3) Enable ageing-in-place with public amenities elderly-friendly. After much fanfare and a full term has passed leading to a watershed GE2011, nothing concrete and significant was done by LBH leading to his retirement from politics and his drop from the cabinet. Now come a fresh initiative and the decision to set up of a new interest and advocacy wing for seniors, on a par with its women’s and youth wings to understand the needs and worries of the pioneering generation of Singaporeans to be led by the Speaker of Parliament and having ESM as the advisor. How can I, as a member of the pioneering generation put my trust in the PAP anymore when LBH was allowed to get away with impunity for having done nothing in a term to address the careabouts of the pioneering generation and being so richly rewarded by the millions in salary for five years and even now abundantly taken care of and made Chairman of Tamasek Holdings. Most of us in the fifties and sixties are still keen of mind, stout of heart and strong of limbs to be left to waste in favour of the new immigrants. Let it be known that the power of the silver votes will be brought to bear on the incumbent come 2016.

Anonymous said...

2016 could be the watershed year, with many MP or ministers with the fat salaries equivalent to ten times of Nordic ministers, as they might worried to lose like Aljunied GRC like the George Yeo? Many likely to request to retire like 2011 better to be succeed at the height and take their money and run, which made it more difficult to find people to stand for 2016?

The recent by-election Punggol East, a titan against a hardworking, next door girl with a heart against, the highly qualify arse doctor with many cars lost drastically, is this the trend to come, so in future it is more difficult to convince people to come forward as they have high chance of losing like the arse doctor? They can no longer give excuses and share votes schemes which bring in the like of Tin Tin Tin in the GRC, if can't find people t field 87 candidates more Tin Tin Tin to be field?

Not like last time many can almost guarantee a seat, which always walk over in the GRC, the more successful ministers can give them some votes to cover their low votes, which many up to 50 years of age in some GRC hardly had a chance to vote?

Now the oppositions wise up only announced the candidates at the last minute, so that they are not able to be scrutinised, which make selecting the 87 candidates against any of the oppositions more difficult and can't have enough time to run them down my the machinery?

Another questions if too many ministers in a GRC if could lost, if they put a few more like Tin Tin with the ministers, how about more then half of the ministers gone, last time two senior ministers got cancers already made lot of noises? Will Singapore face serious crisis, could it return to the SMC better, where one person against one person? The winning candidate appoint the other races advisors to assist them? So no more excuses?

The oppositions are bringing in better and better PMET in, who are highly qualify like Chen Show Mao and the professor against the like of Tin Tin Tin, hope that no more feet stomps girls and (don't what to said girls) came in, Singapore could be the jokes of the world?

b said...

Thats why europe, russia and china should gang up and kick the ass of this cowboy back to his cowboy land. Sinky should also return back to british rule so that we will not be under ahneh rule.

b said...

"Singapore could be the jokes of the world?"

- sinkies already big joke by having Tin Tin as a MP. Can only wait for the colonial masters to right the wrongs doing of the local banana and ahneh masters. Bring back the Queen.

Anonymous said...

With more and more difficult to find people to join them, not much choice but to find more from the civil service. So the easiest way is to promote them the army a few to be general, later bring them to the cabinet?

Now there are 5 paper general in the cabinet, one left former general George Yeo, maybe next election bring in another 3 generals?

So when having cabinet meetings, one the chief general said something, 7 yes sir can be heard?

Anonymous said...

Every one of their MP and minister is doing OJT. They are no different from the candidates put up by the opposition. The opposition candidates are more committed in being politicians and could even do better as they are there to serve the people and not self serving.

Anonymous said...

knnccb ... did the msm arselickers reported this???

.... A day before the summit meeting, a high-ranking official of the Japanese government asked Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to stop submitting flight plans of his country’s commercial airlines to China when passing through the ADIZ. With a grimace, Lee questioned the official whether Japan would make the same request to the United States.......


knnccb .... his papa must be ashame of his son behaviour

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You have the cunning and warmongering Japanese trying to boss around with the little Asean states.

Then you have little Asean states waiting to get orders from the Empire. If Empire says yes, they will say yes.

Anonymous said...

All Asean states added up only have economies smaller than the japs. Japan is going to spend not tens of billions but S$301 billions in military spending with the China in mind , sure they can talk loud. Off course US would support any military spending if it their allies right? Uncle sam would be laughing his way to the bank with the Japanese money.

Anonymous said...

The Japan emperor met the Asean leaders on 13 dec 2013.(http://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2013/12/261636.html)

The anniversay of nanjing massacre is also 13 dec

The Nanking Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, was an episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against Nanking during the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937. The massacre occurred during a six-week period starting December 13, 1937, the day that the Japanese captured Nanking, which was then the Chinese capital. where got so co-incident one ?

Anonymous said...

nov 2013 news ---Mr. Hagel was in the region to try to revitalize America’s faltering “pivot” to Asia and had one especially pressing request for Ms. Park: to try to get along better with Japan. The steely Ms. Park instead delivered a lecture about Japan’s “total absence of sincerity” over the suffering that imperial Japan caused Korea in the last century and finished with a request of her own: that Washington force Tokyo to behave.

“If Germany had continued to say things that inflicted pain, while acting as if all was well, would European integration have been possible?” she asked Mr. Hagel. “I think the answer is no.”
====================== If Koreans can stand up to the jep kias why Singapore so scared? Now kena from the 'high ranking Japanese official ' asking Singapore PM to 'stop submit flight plans'.

Shitty times still dares say S$301 BILLIONS military built-up by Japan not excessive, it quoted a Japanese to support the Japanese !!

Billions NOT millions ok. That is what SG spent in 27 years.

Anonymous said...

This slimy Japanese PM has been shunned by China and S Korea. Both leaders refused to meet him. Now he is trying to bully the PM of a small island. He really thinks that this Chinese PM is stupid enough to pick a fight with China so that he can clap on the side line.

He is insulting the intelligence of the Spore PM. He thinks this PM is an idiot and can be made to dance to his tune

Anonymous said...

Else how to tell the 60% that F35 is a bargHEN...

Knnccb.... only yearn for a sip of toddy.