Economic cleansing by Gilbert Goh

Below is the first part of a long article by Gilbert Goh on the grave changes in our socio, economic and political landscape. I will post the other parts as a series.

I seldom felt so enraged when I received emails from our readers until I received one from Francisthe other day.
Francis wrote how he was ousted from his company – a global Fortune 500 conglomerate, by a foreigner Indian IT director from India. He is now happily resettled in Melbourne – one of the tens of thousands of Singaporeans forced by the recent economical circumstances to relocate elsewhere in search of greener pasture.
What irked me was how easily the Indian IT director could replace our own local executives, without any repercussion, with his own people from India. Something is wrong with our human resource policy here and so far the ministry of manpower has kept quiet about this hiring discrimination….

Economic cleansing being practised here?
Though we may not have entered into such grotesque activity yet, the signs are there and its pretty ominous.
Nevertheless, we may have enter into a dark period of economic cleansing – foreigners arriving on our shore invited with open arms by a regime to take over our jobs and hiding a sinister agenda for political gain.

The agenda though subtle is equally damaging as economic cleansing has driven many of our citizens into deep depression and some have even attempted suicide. Those who can emigrate will do so – leaving the country to well-to-do foreigners with good paying jobs to gain control.

One in three workers in Singapore is a foreigner now and at least 1.5 million foreigners, carrying all kinds of work permits, have settled down on our tiny island state – artificially inflating our population to a miserable 5.1 million and stretching infrastructure and employment opportunities to the maximum.
Amidst this economic sizzle which is supposed to benefit its own people, entire companies have been replaced by foreigners and one only needs to walk along busy financial centre at Marina to witness the ugly manifestation.

Singaporean executives ironically remain a rare representation in our best economic model thus far – the financial sector.
Deustche Bank, Barclays, Credit Sussie, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank – all banking giants out to clamour for a lucrative piece of the Asian economic miracle here could only mysteriously employ a majority of foreign executives on its payroll. We don’t have enough talents – so say the employers and agreed by our government.

Let the foreign talents come in – not by the tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands as our own local workers sit by the wayside and envy the smartly-dressed foreign executives filing past on their way to work in gleaming glass-towered buildings! Never before has any country in the world imposed work discrimination so obviously and maliciously played out - against its own people mind you.

For the first time in history, more foreign doctors (60%) last year registered with our Singapore Medical Council (SMC) than local ones – a reflection of economic cleansing that will continue unabated in the near future.

The government has also shamelessly used tax-payer money to lure foreigners via a comprehensivewebsite meant to simplify procedures for immigrants coming into our country.

Government-linked companies, multi national companies and even small and medium enterprises splashed out full page advertisement abroad in search of foreign workers to fortify their economic prowess as companies continue to shun local workers labelling them lazy, choosy and hard to please.

The government has always asked its own people to welcome foreigners into our midst as if not – jobs will evaporate, investors will run away and the economy will collapse.
However, it could not properly explain why capable well-educated citizens continue to stay jobless or enter into under employment by driving cabs and taking on low level jobs in order to survive.

If this happens in any country in the world, citizens will gather together and speak out against such employment discrimination but in a law-abiding country like Singapore - whereby even a lone demonstrator can be arrested, we are being denied such basic human rights and can only count emigration as a way out of our misery.


Anonymous said...

Many bloggers have drum on these issues but the situation have not improved by much if nothing else getting worst. Any reasons why nothing have change or did it.

Anonymous said...

The MOM is working very hard. Have faith. Nothing to worry.

Anonymous said...

@December 15, 2013 9:38 am

the truth is out there!!!!

a cuntry of daft local born citizens?


a cuntry of talents thru importation of foreLAN talents and their next generation local born offsprings?

knnccb ..... our fore-fathers must had sinned badly, we are reaping the karma. did god sinned too? and we suffering the side effects???

Anonymous said...

What's more relevant, they, being kept in power or the netizen, the ones that initial build from the ground up to where we are today, the actual ones that sweat, bled, and died for the nation..of course being in power is, with growth comes more money and more number ones, the billionaires are coming so what's the nitty gritty things like the world's most expensive cars, the high cost medical, the high rise expensive bird holes...the rich dun bother cause these are peanuts for them. They dun bother cause when they eat its 2.50 cts vs 6.50 cts for us and a $8 by pass vs thousands of dollars for us.

Sinkies loosing their jobs is old news RB, we have been saying that ages ago, so, what's the fussing about, more than half the locals are employed, if they're not slap, they would not bother, so in otherwards they would certainly still be in power after 2016. There's a word for this, its call, "comfort". What i dun feel, see, why bother....

If the riot did not bring the senses of ppl round to see what they are, mocking the same kind, putting the blame yet again, its funny that the ppl still dun see....isn't the intention clear in whats to come....recently another MP said, "i'll make every sinkie happy", then came,"sinkies does more crime than them"??!!!, 400 crimes within a day, i wonder does he know what hes saying, does being flame proof means he can say anything.

If the sinkies are still daft and blind, then good for this little island, but when your children can't find a job or can't buy a house and its having hell in their lives...make fucking sure you tell him who you voted for.

There's a lot of talk about the opps not being ready...so what, i'll rather have someone not ready then one who keeps telling us to be grateful, then turn around and spents billion of dollars more and says we're still in a sampan.....after all these years and we're still in a sampan...dun you think its time for a change??

Anonymous said...

Pass by the Marina Financial Centre you see many FT there. Inside the food court at Changi Business Park, sure to be surrounded by FT. Eat at Lau Pa Sak food court you have to rub shower with FT there. Do I need to say when one inside MRT and Bus? I choose not to bury my head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Paying so much for a life in a sampan that can be easily capsized in a small storm.

Anonymous said...

Keep voting Opposition in GE 2016.
Tan Chuan Jin is just part of the problem.
What can an acting Minister do?
If PAPig really serious, a COI would have been appointed.
And a Senior Minister would have been appointed to look into unfair employment practices.

oldhorse42 said...

The routine police work has also been outsoured to Certis, which employed FTs into the rank and file of its force.
How independent and professional are these FT police force.
Well, we saw what happened at Little India.
Even the ang chia must be escorted by the gurkhas(FTs) into the arena.

Anonymous said...

You bloody Sinkies can no longer be trusted to vote for the "correct" party.
So it's time to replace the old Sinkies with new Sinkies.
The new Sinkies can be trusted to vote "correctly".

b said...

"can only count emigration as a way out of our misery"
- I am glad people finally realised that. Else we should fight for re-colonisation and bring back the Queen of England. Being under the British is far better than under the pappigs. At least will have free healthcare, pensions for elderly etc. The americunt sold us a lie, just look around, those countries who are independent are worse off than being colonised.

b said...

Everywhere is FTs, so rare to find a sinkies. It is easier to find a sinky in perth than in this island. Have they all migrated?

Anonymous said...

What is happening in Sin is one of the Most intimate and clear example of how the Chinese Race betrays their own kind. Not they work for Japanese, British and American. So long there is gain and fame, they will even work for the devil.

Anonymous said...

If you read the Indian media on the coverage of the riot you will know how much hate they have for the Chinese. All the problems in Sin are caused by the Chinese. And in front of you they will say Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai.

Some of the articles are posted in Singapore News Alternative.

patriot said...

If Sinkies choose traitors to live with, it is their own choice.
They have to live with the Consequences.