One more charge for the rioters

I still remember clearly that the rioters accused the police officers for assaulting them while in custody. And the deputy police chief promised an inquiry.

Now you read first hand narrations of the officers under attack by the rioters. 39 of them were hurt. How many rioters were hurt? How many claimed they were beaten by the police?

I hope the police would conduct an investigation on the attack on police police officers and put another charge on those rioters found guilty. Or is it a case that the rioters can assault the police officers because they were rioting and they cannot be charged for assault but officers hitting them for rioting can be charged for assaulting them?

What kind of justice is this? Rioters have rights not to be beaten but they can beat up police officers apprehending them? The laws protect the rioters and not the police officers?

Is there any rioter being accused and charged for assaulting the police officers?


patriot said...

Those undesirable s are already deported.
How to charge them?


Virgo49 said...

These Ah Nehs count their lucky stars that they rioted in SinkieLand.

Sinkies past fifty years become Jelly already under the PAP rule.

If they were in Thailand, Indonesia, Mat Land, they better wish that they are not born.

They would beat the living daylights out of them.

Most of them now would be sucking their thumbs with rolled eyes staring at the skies not knowing what hit them.

Anonymous said...

According to reports, I thought the police and ambulance officers were assaulted by projectiles thrown at them, probably from some distance? And some more so many rioters and so dark (at night, you know).

Like that ah, very hard to pinpoint which rioter(s) threw the projectiles or to recognise them, tio bo?

So unless the rioters admitted voluntarily, how to charge the rioters for assault on officers, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

But then if the rioters were drunk, how could they have thrown projectiles so accurately to hit so many police officers and injuring them, unless by luck lah, tio bo?

SO maybe although they might have drank alcohol (as smelled out by minister Lui) but they were not drunk but very sober. That's why their projectiles were so accurate.

b said...

I think the entire operation is a big screwed up so they want to deport them (witnesses and rioters) asap.

Anonymous said...

in a riot anyone can be assaulted, while assault in custody is abuse.

Anonymous said...

@December 27, 2013 10:31 pm

brilliant ... brilliant another indian masterpiece

finally understand why in india a woman is reported raped every 20 minutes

knnccb .... fucking leegime that brought the nation to her knees

Anonymous said...

RB, problem is the police may beat the wrong guys until proven guilty. It's better to beat and cane them in prison lar after conviction mah Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

In a riot the rioters are hitting every wrong guy, including police. In a riot, according to 10;31, it is normal to assault the police. No crime because it is a riot.

You agree with this silly argument?

Anonymous said...

How come the policemen are not trained "to have a last stand"....

Why must they run for cover...Stand

Anonymous said...

If they were soldiers, running away from a battle is an ultimate disgrace to their profession and punishable by death if known and caught, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

"If they were soldiers, running away from a battle is an ultimate disgrace to their profession and punishable by death if known and caught, tio bo?"
Anon 9:24 am

But is this applicable to cheaper, faster(run), foreign talent(recruited off their homeland streets) auxiliary police officers?

Anonymous said...

Only the MIW would not run away. They will stand to fight, in every corner.

Anonymous said...

Only the MIW would not run away.
Anon 9:28 am

Of course not. This potential PM MIW is trained at the US Command and General Staff College and also in their Hall of Fame.

That's why his political strategy to fight in every corner must be well respected and not trifled with.

Anonymous said...

"This potential PM MIW is trained at the US Command and General Staff College and also in their Hall of Fame."
Anon 9:41 am

That's good. Sinkieland will be in good, firm hands if he succeeds PM Lee.

So Sinkies, not to worry for the future.

Anonymous said...

One taxi driver was viciously attacked by 7 or 8 foreigner workers in the Havelock Road area. His taxi was smashed. This is reported in Singapore News Alternative.

Compare to the picture perfect rioters reported in the main media that were charged in court, they were so nice looking, so sweet, so innocent, never look an inch a rioter.

Many would love to marry their daughters to them. Must bring more of these nice people here. Sorry, taxi driver, it is your fault.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 9.24am

NS SAF men not tested yet lah!!!

Maybe run faster than the Men in blue!!

All exercises for VVVIPs shadow play, wayang onlt lah!!!

Tell the terrorists, when we go near near after one kick, one punch, you better go down fast and put your hands behind your backs to be cuffed. OK! Understand!!

Abolish NSlavery and have few battalions of true professional soldiers like the 1SIR & 2SIR in the 60s where they are truly aH bENG, aH seNG aLI SOLDIERS.

Better to put your trust in them than several dozens battalions of NS men who are not meant to be fighting soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Our NS men are like the GI conscripts sent to fight in the Vietnam War. When they heard gun fires they wet in their pants.