Naughty Singapore escapes punishment

The Johore Mentri Besar, Mohammed Khaled Nordin, has commented on the spying allegation during a mass circumcision ceremony last Sunday. He is awaiting the decision of the Federal govt before taking actions against Singapore/Singaporean investments in Johore, particularly in the Iskandar Economic Zone. He mentioned punishment, and looks like it is only a matter of degree. Some investments would be circumcised.

The Mentri Besar was also cautious as to what or who would be affected. He recognized that some of the investments were by Singaporeans and not by the Singapore govt. So those buying properties for investment may be spared should he wield the cane.

Would two strokes be enough?

Singapore can heave a sigh of relief after what Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said yesterday. The spying case is closed. The good relations between the two countries remained intact, life goes on as before. One caveat, the Malaysian govt may still investigate the allegations.

It is really good to have a lawyer as the Foreign Minister. And better still, a very good one. Shanmugam has done a good job.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck the Besar asshole lah. If not for Singapore money, Johor, and especially JB is still a Turd Whirled Shithole full of in-bred, criminal no-hopers.

Anonymous said...

The Besar did not read about our
latest purchase of submarines.
If he did, he will know that Singapore
does not need to spy much about it's
neighbours. It is strong and invincible
at least for another decade or two.

Anonymous said...

The troubling thought is that with this kind of mindset, things can go wrong anytime and those Sinkies investing in Iskandar may be slapped at the most unexpected time.

There is this deep sense of misgivings that is covered up by a thin veil.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


No lah. Nothing to worry about. The GIC and other "big timers" have poured money into the former shithole known as Johor Bahru.

For e.g. the big resort hotel and shopping centre KSL City is owned by GIC.

So don't worry. Let the mats do their wayang kulit and dandut dance... at the end of the day Singapore Money is the ultimate power.

b said...

Good? I also know how to hand money over. Every time also settled this way. Can he be more innovative?