We are immigrants!!!!???

Thomas Cook posted this in TRE on the riot in Little India..

‘I summarize it in few points below & hope you take note it and pass to as many friends & citizens as possible:
Today’s America prosper due to the early immigrants arrive there.
Today’s Germany prosper due to the early immigrants arrive there.
Today’s Australia prosper due to the early immigrants arrive there.
Today’s Singapore prosper due to our fore parents arrive here.
Need I say more?’

What this Thomas Cook was implying is that we are immigrants and forever immigrants and we must open our arms to welcome more immigrants. I am not going to deal with the size of this little piece of rock we called a country. Anyone who cannot imagine how small we are and still keep calling for more people to settle here is not only mad but dangerous to the well being of the citizens of this island.

My main point is that our fore fathers or our parents are immigrants. We are not immigrants. We are born here, built a modern city on the sweat on our backs. We own this place. We are not immigrants anymore.

Our forefathers came to a place that was hardly a country. The early Americans and Australians went to different lands as immigrants. Their roots were immigrants, but the present Americans and Australians are no longer immigrants.

What many people are spouting is that we are forever immigrants and we have no right to this land. We must share it with whoever that comes along and wears a badge, ‘I am immigrant’. How foolish can these people be? They do not understand what is ownership? They stupidly want to share whatever they have with foreigners and they believe that they owe it to the foreigners. The homes or properties that you bought and owned, you want to share with anyone that comes along?

Sinkies must start to get rid of this silly immigrant mentality. That is history. Today you are owners of this island. You want to invite foreigners here to kick you out of this island? You believe the foreigners have the same equal rights as you to be here?
Now which twit is implanting this silliness in the minds of daft Sinkies? Sinkies who believe in this nonsense deserve to be boat people one day. PMEs deserve to lose their jobs to foreigners. Our children deserve to be deprived of university places. Sinkies don’t deserve to be owners of this island…coz you are immigrants. Damn it!


Anonymous said...

/// Today you are owners of this island. ///

you sure or not?
I thot LKY and PAP own this island?

Anonymous said...

Well, asked the Americans to open the custom and immigration check point along Mexico..or allowed any foreigners (S Asian / Middle East / South East Asia or Chinese people) to enter without visas or restrictions....

We all are immigrants...and there is no need of passports / check points then..

Sgcynic said...

Then the PAP must be running this place like a hotel. The past decade show that indeed they are.

Anonymous said...

WTF is this thomas cook bloke ?

Anonymous said...

Humans are just temporary custodians and stewards of the land we live on - just reflect on who inhabited this place before us and where our own ancestors came from — can we ever stand still without another disruptive event or technology strikes us?

patriot said...

My Late Father was immigranr who later became citizen, he had applied and got his citizenship. Why did have to undergo that process.
My Late Mother was Locally born, she too had to apply for citizenship, why?9
Me too local born, was given option to be British
or Malaysian Citizenship liked all others at one point in time. However, when Sin declared independence, most locallborn chose to be NATIVE SINGAPOREANS.
Anyway, anyone can say whatever, but, the is; in every land, there is always native-born WHO CANNOTBE IMMIGRANTS BECAUSE THEY DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM ELSEWHERE.

Got it?


Anonymous said...

Let's face it, we're just a mere digit and have no ownership or say in this place. Don't you get it!!!

Anonymous said...

60% Sinkies did not get kicked, whether by PAP or foreigners.

In fact they (eg those bus operators to Little India)even make lots of money when there are more foreigners.

And those who got extra property rent it out to foreigners.

So PAP as govt look at the overall picture. And they realised, despite so many foreigners, there are more Sinkies happy and satisfied with PAP than those who are not.

Anonymous said...

/// So PAP as govt look at the overall picture. And they realised, despite so many foreigners, there are more Sinkies happy and satisfied with PAP than those who are not. ///
December 18, 2013 12:42 pm

Tiok! Very Tiok!
To the rest of us.
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a
mistake." – Napoleon Bonaparte

b said...

Yes, we are all immigrants descents whether white, yellow, brown or black. We should not have the mentality that we will stay here forever. We must prepare to go for greener pastures and ditch those governments that are totally hopeless. Always armed yourself with at least two passports. If you are the citizen of only one country, as most people are, you are essentially at the mercy of your government. If they decide to jail you or confiscate your assets, most of the time you’re on your own. Learn from the Jews, thats how they survived the second world war. All gov should allow their people to have dual citizenships. That will promote more peace and unity in the world. Having dual citizenship or multiple citizenships is an important step in achieving internationalization. No one should be forced to be a slave to one government merely because of their birth in that country. Throughout history, governments have used citizenship as a tool of economic enslavement, rather than a cherished gift.

Anonymous said...

/// Australians, Americans or Canadians will never put up with that. ///

Very tiok!
Australians, Americans or Canadians will never put up with PAP for 50 years.
Only daft Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Let said the need 87 people for the election 2016, so to get these 87, as many old MP or minister whould like to take their money and run, to retire like 2011, in case like the Punggol East, which they might lost, if the helm the wrong candidates like the Tin Tin Tin types as they earn enough?

Now is not like last time always walk over, which many depend on the seniors ministers pass them some votes to come in, which many in the 50s hardly had the chances to votes? And many better candidates might be reluctant to come as the chance being vote out like George Yeo and the arse doctor is high?

To get 87 people you need to to interview a few hundreds of potentials people to get the agreeable types, and rank them from the best to the worst from no. one to 87, so it is not easy task?

The oppositions had a much easier task now the already wise up, last minute then announce the candidates, so not to let the machinery to scutinise or run them down? And bring in more and more highly qualify and professional like Chen Show Mao and now a professor join the oppositions as more may come later? The concentrating their strength?

Let said four major oppositions parties each whould like to field their best candidates in the GRC, the most they can bring their best candidate to 2 or 3 GRCs?

Out of 87 the might be 5 like Tin Tin Tin types who might not likely to make it in a SMC - single seat so got to go in by the GRC ways and potentially bring down a lots of the average percentage of the votes of the GRC, but nowadays competitions is heating up by the days, with many new professionals and well qualify joining the oppositions, not like yesteryears?

Punggol East by elections are more middle class base, so they are well inform of the latest trend and not just read the MSM like the older generations, the got their news in the internet, so thing like CPF locked up for life, schemes could have swing the votes alots. These are more likely to have lots of new citizens who prefer a cheaper housing and less crowded area like the third world countries? As many new citizens realise the got to pay very heavy indirect taxes to support the highly pays civil servants?

The GRC systems, profit sharing schemes and the importing of talents may not be as effective as before?

If the top party put some of the Tin Tin Tins the bottom of the 87 potential candidates, it might be serious disadvantage, due to the opposition put their best candidate and concentration in winning some GRC first as the had wise up not to spread their resources too thin as last time? And as many as 5 GRC won by a margin of few percents only?

It could be changingto a multi-parties system in 2016 like the Nordic, which do very well as each parties carefully selected their best candidate to represent them and bring out sharing their best ideas?

Anonymous said...

ah beng kia:
December 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm (Quote)

@ oppo campers/LIONS

I cannot agree more.

I think koh poh koon’s defeat at Punggol was still more dignified than Lim Swee Say running over to Tampines from Holland GRC just to win the GE.

GRC is a really shameful and backward election process. Even big countries don’t need GRC and they are MULTI-RACIAL??? So using multi-racial/minority reasoning to have GRC election process is just debased.

Anonymous said...

Should they reduce the profit sharing schemes and give back people CPF at 55, which many had taken back their CPF previously, as promised earlier for their emergency plans?

CPF locked up schemes for life is a blunt tool, theone size fit all scheme?

What about those who lost the jobs between 55 and 68 as they raise their retirement age to 68? Previously those who lost their jobs to cheaper foreigners because of the levies can still survived on the CPF withdrawl in the meantime looking for jobs?

It is not like the Nordic they have retrenchment jobs benefits to tide over their difficult period, how if they spend all their savings and their CPF is locked up for life?

Jhon Staphen said...

People coming from other countries to Singapore are the apple of eye of Singapore because it is the country for all.
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