150th anniversary of Sin India fraternal relations

I remember that 2015 has already been earmarked as the year to celebrate the good relations between India and Singapore and a long list of activities will be planned for this great event. The presidents of both countries will pay homage to each other with their entourages of courtiers and royalties. Dunno who is paying for this great year long party. Maybe they will provide for it in the next budget.

As a warm up to this event, it would be appropriate to build up the tempo early to get the people of the two countries in a celebration mood and to be emotionally prepared to love and hug each other when 2015 arrives. The little isolated incident at Little India may mar the mindsets of the two people at the moment and both may be looking at each other with suspicion. Those who listened and believed what TV Sun had broadcasted over the air may not only be harbouring hatred against the Sinkie Chinese, some may even be planning some vengeful treats in return. It is thus of utmost importance to cleanse out this bad and wrongful thought that had been planted in some unthinking minds, of course done unintentionally, just an innocent mistake.

Make 2014 a year of love and peace between the two people prior to the year long celebration in 2015. And this can start almost immediately, now, and encouraging all Sinkie households to adopt an India worker and play host to him till 2015. The Indian workers can be invited to stay with Sinkie families and enjoy the tender loving care of Sinkie families and our way of life. This would definitely be the best integration exercise of all integration exercise. This would not only build a damn good relationship with the people of India, it will also save a lot of other problems, like housing, saving them on food and lodging, govt no need to build more dormitories to ‘angrify’ the neighbourhood, and the Indian workers need not go to Little India to feel at home, thus reducing their tendency to drink and get drunk and ending in rioting.

Singaporeans will also not be attacked and blamed for xenophobia. The whole country may be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for building a harmonious relationship with poor foreign workers needing shelter and love and a home away from home. Hey, if every home has one, there should be enough to go round with half a million of them here and more to come, there would not be any enclaves forming. They will all blend in nicely with the families and the housing estates.

Now would not this be nice? And come 2015, we can celebrate together all year round with Indians visiting here and Sinkies visiting India. The visiting should not be confined to just the Presidents and govt dignitaries. That would be too selfish. Let the joy be shared by the people of both counties. I am already looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

anybody have any update on the poohgress of the nalanda university by georgie boy??

classes starting soon or constructions still WIP?

knnccb .... i wanna reduce my negative karma .... hopefully thru reading and copying ancient scriptures there

Anonymous said...

Rb, I think they should pass a law and make it compulsory for each family to have one FT living with them. Exception of course has to be made for VIP lar as can not take the risk for security reason in case mah tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I have better idea. We should honour all our leaders for their great contribution to our country. Give them a one year holiday on a world tour in the best cruise ship. This is like a retreat and when they come back, they would be reenergised with greater ideas to bring the country to the next level.

Anonymous said...

How to invite our FT guess to stay in, to house 3 generation in HDB already have difficulty.

You forget the problem - too close for comfort, how about sharing the bath room and toilet.

I wonder any body sharing the experience of using any construction site toilet. I am not mention about the toilet inside the site office.

Anonymous said...

Good relations betw the two country is a myth. There is deep seated hatred for Singaporean Chinese by the Indians. Read the Indian media on their coverage of the riot. Sun TV accused the Chinese of racism and attacking the Indians. DNA India has this to say,

'Singapore would do well to address the underlying issues.
Else, it risks more violence, societal fissures and diplomatic fireworks. Already, sharp, polarised views mark online fora and media content. Native Chinese appear to suggest that immigrant Asian workers are disruptive and ungrateful, and should be taught a stern lesson....Influential Singaporeans are calling for a review of liberal issuance of employment passes to foreigners.

But others seem to imply that Black Sunday is a culmination of long-felt anger against the well-concealed racist and condescending demeanour of native Chinese towards immigrant non-Chinese races.

Read the Times of India and feel the anti Chinese tones.

I hope the govt does not go ahead with this myth and waste public money on this celebration.

Anonymous said...

Construction sites, all this while we'll ask, to cash after the mossy which hv dengue and chikunniya(not sure sp), did nea ever visted these sites, there's one way in jurong which houses scraped metals, one building is not in used......the whole place easily has close to a million mossy, their toilet bowl which still has water has hundreds of mossy larva....i once brought a brand new spray, i used the whole bottle of spray up and still there are mossy flying here and there.

They have malaysian boom drivers, indians fork lift drivers, chinese prc Etc.

Virgo49 said...

In 1965, after SIN land kicked out of Ma Lai See Yah, LKY requested our beloved friends indeed to train our own SAF.

They flatly refused. Trust these An Nehs! You die your business.

Luckily, not train by them as our instructors then told us.

Or else, you have to polish your toe-nails instead of your combat boots.

Also, holding a big cane like what they do now on riot controls in their own country.

Walk here, walk there and caned them once a while like canning the cows.


Anonymous said...

knnccb goes to tekka

passed by kampong kapor

saw a building called rochor neighbourhod police post ???

outside parked many angchia labelled "special operations command"??? note; not those"special"

also see many radio-cars. u know what are radio-cars??? sorry uncle old man lah. radio-car refer to police patrol cars

inside radio-cars many mata-kia,
sun overhead at noon, temperature inside must be like inside oven

uncle think mata kias must be on standby, readi to goes, like speedy gonzales .... if no aircon not on, kanan heatstroke how?

but laws stated .... stationary vehicles cannot have running engines .... aiyah maybe these special cases ... national duty

like those fighter pilots seating in their fighter plane on standby
duty ... sheltered under the alert hangar; machiam tom cruise

old uncle then limp to tekka market. met some ah neh friends, asked them where the place where his ah neh brudders had their MAYHEM? ah neh give me dirty look and neber reply

nebermind, old uncle knnccb than goes to tekka market, uncle like tekka market teh halia. here drink teh halia, old cock also can wake up

uncle ask Chinese stall operator where ah neh play play with mata and burn bonfire.... neber ask directly "burn mata chia" not veBy nice lah. she said "oubuay, oubuay"

but she veBy sad ...WHY? business bad, see many empty tables

aiyoh .... so bad, papig once said, foreLAN talent veBy good, create jobs for singapoNANG and good for business. GST plenti plenti mah...

sorry .... uncle running out of steam. WHY??? no toddy lah, daft uncle forgotten liqour banned

knnccb ..... no alcohol veBy the torok .... feeling what devan nair had felt. understand the meaning "NAIR"

b said...

Between malays and indians, I would rather choose malays. Indians are descendants of gang rapists.

b said...

The number of foreign doctors here is alarming. They may gang up with the authorities to poison/rape/raid the locals and take over the country.


Anonymous said...

Why not they import some eastern europeans? their minimum pay is less than 200 euro. much cheaper than a lot of FWs.

patriot said...

I think it is only natural and right for us
to be on good terms and friendly with
our neighbours, near and far.
Treating one exclusively special just do
not make us impartial.