6,000 Indian companies operating in Sin

It is reported that there are 6,000 Indian companies operating here, the largest group of foreign companies, outdoing our traditional partners like the US, Malaysia, Japan and China. This explains why the whole of Changi Business Park is probably filled by Indian companies.

How do these companies contribute to Singapore and its economies and what is the balance sheet in favour of Singapore? For sure, they will have to pay for the rentals in the park and the utilities and corporate taxes. The staff will also add up to the demands for housing, sales and rentals, and consumption of goods and services.
What about FDI? What percentage of FDI is contributed by this huge presence relative to other foreign companies? How many good jobs are created for Sinkies? What kind of goods and services are these companies providing with their huge presence? What is the value add from these companies to the economy in skills and technology transfer to Sin?

Are these companies in the likes of Rolls Royce, Panasonic, Thomsons, and the big names of Europe, America and Japan? Are we having quantity or quality investments from these FDIs? Or do they qualify as FDIs?


Anonymous said...

Somehow Indians were favoured by PAP. Look at the cabinet. I am sure you will notice there are more Indian ministers as compared to the population propotion. No wonder Indian companies are welcome to do business in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

RB, AiyaI under ceca no choice one lar. All can set up under this agreement right?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We should welcome quality, not rubbish and fakes.

Anonymous said...

I believe these 6000 Indian companies for sure contributed to our GDP growth.

If casinos are OK for GDP growth, why not 6000 Indian companies, you tell me lah?

Maybe even prostitution as a services sector is also OK, but maybe because it cannot contribute much, or harder to control and tax, that's why not selected for GDP growth lah.

Anonymous said...

The Reality:
December 4, 2013 at 8:51 am (Quote)

VTO 2016:
this is a sick cuntry, now you are dying but you cannot touch your own money in medisave to save yourself.

you are out of job and stomach empty, you cannot touch your money in cpf to buy yourself a loaf of bread

they are so rich looking at their cpf statements and busy stealing toothpicks that they have forgotten 远水救不了近火

what a fcuking sick joke the pxp is playing on the people.

It pains my heart to listen to what you say. How true indeed. My exact experience too. And to add cherry to the cake, we are called back to serve reservist to protects the assets of the rich people here. Why are new citizens exempted to serve reservists till their 40s? Why? Why such unfairness? PAP’s values are questionable today and don’t trust them anymore… The more we trust them Liao, theore jia lat the situation we get ourselves into.

Anonymous said...

9.34 actually can by setting up like a shopping mall but prices must be competitive lar. It can be run by PRA a newly set up stat board that is prostitution regulatory authority.

As long as prices are competitive, set in a comfortable and safe environment run by PRA I don't see a problem as revenue is centralized collection and prices are fixed may be with discount like time booked or number of girls book per session etc. sine more can use FT. At the moment it's run by various small operators that pay no taxes. In the USA and Australia, they are taxed anyway

To discourage local, may be can be set up in one of the small artificial island but no levy etc as it would raise the price encourage the illegal competition

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Only 6000? There is ample room for more.

I like Indian companies. I use virtual assistants in India top do the heavy lifting work. They do excellent work and cost about 1/5th of a lazy, over-valued, rude, world-owes-me-a-living Aussie worker. (ok, I'm generalising).

So yeah. I'm all for this -- bang for buck, better productivity...but most importantly, more PROFIT, and more leisure time for ME! :-)

Anonymous said...

If PAP is good for Singapore.
And Lee Hsien Loong is on our side.
Then definitely 6,000 Indian companies operating in Singapore is good for us.

Keep voting PAP in GE 2016.
What can possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Chinese girls wearing sari with an Indian husband look so pretty.

Veritas said...

Every countries that import Indians got caste system. See Guyana today, she is on verge of civil war because Indians impose caste system on everyone else.

jjgg said...

If we left everything to the private sector we would have expanded at a more reasonable pace n everybody would be satisfied cos the private sector can only operate within the confines of stated rules..it's only when GLCs n the government try n do business then they start changing the rules n implement their business practice to suit themselves. This is stifling the private sector. If GLCs continue to control the businesses in Singapore ,then there is no longer a survival of the fittest but rather an ever increasing tax rate or more statutory controls on the private sector

Anonymous said...

Veritas, if the PAP rule forever, can you give us a scenario in the future when the imported caste system problem is entrenched in Spore?

Anonymous said...

They are here to complete with the SME for the local construction/ maintenance market etc ...and jobs for the local Singaporean...as a front as HR recruitment centre..and bringing in their own country men...into Singapore.

Anonymous said...

They are here to complete with the SME for the local construction/ maintenance market etc ...and jobs for the local Singaporean...as a front as HR recruitment centre..and bringing in their own country men...into Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Soon cooking curry in HDB is the norm

Veritas said...

Veritas, if the PAP rule forever, can you give us a scenario in the future when the imported caste system problem is entrenched in Spore?

We already got some sort of caste system here way before PAP start of import FT Indians.

If you observe the school system since all schools when PAP seize power, it is design to favor peranakan and westernize malay and Indians. The natives Chinese, Malay, Indian speakers go Primary 1 and dont understand a single thing.

Next banana Goh Keng Swee cum Kuan Yew implement a P3 streaming system (1980s), design to kick all of us into Monolingual stream, with a very diluted syllabus. That is to prevent all native speaker to pick up knowledge.

PAP know that as native speaker immerse more in English schools, they will understand content better and better, and many will eventually outshine bastard peranakan. So better screw them before they master English using p3 streaming as a pretext.

The Chinese survive primarily because of massive early intervention in the form of private tution. Malay got screw worst.

In civil service, all high post and given to peranakan or westernize Singaporeans. Right now as more and more Singaporean parent get educated and aware of importance of intervention, Peranakan evil plans do not work that well anymore.

Nevertheless Peranakan has move well ahead in screwing Singaporeans. The Peranakans are the earliest anglicized Singaporeans. They took all the civil service jobs, hold high positions in western MNC.

The Peranakan also conduct an ethnic cleansing and anti-FT policy from 1960s to late 1970s. At that time, there are white man holding top position, especially in civil service and universities. They are all cleanse by Peranakan.

These Peranakan accumulated wealth and bought enough bangalows and landed properties at dirt low price. The Chinese village in Lim Chu Kang and Malay Kampong land are confiscated.At 1990s as the general population is getting prosperous, such cannot be tolerated.

Peranakan engineer hou sing bubble, FT ponzi, to make sure Singaporeans will not get what they deserve.

Someone who does not work a single day will see their property rocket to a level that one cannot accumulate such wealth even if working non stop from genesis.

Kuan Yew Oxley Road house could be hundreds of millions of dollar.

Peranakan FT ponzi is the ultimate tool no one can escape enslavement, no matter how hard you work. If you work hard, the property rise faster, you only benefit peranakan.

Right now, the Peranakan has been concealing themselves as Chinese. But from the sort of English they speak and their very non-Chinese comport, we know who they are.

It may be right to say that there are no peranakan race left in Singapore, as peranakan has swap their race with the identity of "westernize chinese".

These "westernize Chinese" completely different in mentality, culture of majority of Singaporean Chinese are the Brahmin of SG caste system.

Veritas said...

The next phase of Singaporean caste system is importing FT Indians, who are predominantly Brahmins, while local Indians came from the lowest caste.

The FT Indians are Hindutva who have no sense of meritocracy. Today, Citibank in CBP is a cesspool of caste system. No matter how good a Chinese is, not welcome.

Indians then can.

Then FT Indians conduct a PR campaign to spread lies that that Indians are good in IT, despite that India is big shit hole and land of rape, only capable of caste system.

PAP support these FT Indians PR campaign by a parallel set of propaganda, aim to put the highest IQ, most honest Singaporeans into slave mentality.

Before PAP told us we don study we go poverty. Today when everyone have education, PAP told us to become hawker. PAP also say we daft and lazy, FT is clever.

All these are Goebbel style propaganda of Neo Hinduism evangelism. 3000 years ago, the Dravidians who are the cleverest people in the world believe the Aryan BS that they need to be slave to cleanse the sin of pass life.

Today many Singaporeans are adherent of PAP neo Hinduism and believe that we are stupid and lazy. We need to be shit on by foreigners.

PAP step by step make as Dalits as follow. First PAP import FT for menial jobs like construction workers and say Singaporeans lazy.

Next PMET jobs get replace and PAP say Singaporeans stupid and lazy.

Now PAP start to replace Singaporeans in civil services and stat board saying Singaporeans lazy.

The final aim of PAP is that our woman must only have a career of prostitute and our man collecting shit.

Unfortunately, many Singaporeans still believe in neo-hinduism of PAP.

oldhorse42 said...

I saw Indian brought cow or buffalo to the HDB flat during certain celebration.
I wonder what sort of custom is that. Hindu or Tamil?
I have not seen this sort of practice done here before the influx of white indian( Hindu )!

Anonymous said...

Singapore would be a better country if the Indians take over.

Veritas said...

All Indian take over country got caste system. Yes good for Indian caste-ist.

Anonymous said...

PAP also got caste system right?
Elites versus non-elites.
Rich versus poor

Veritas said...

PAP caste system is base on Kuan Yew nut head capitalism. We can remove it when we change a leader. Indian caste system is far far more difficult to remove as evidence that they have staying power for 3000 years and only getting stronger each day.

Indian caste system is base on mythico-theological Hinduism. The only way to remove it is to destroy Hinduism. Even then it can be difficult even if Hinduism is destroy.

For example, India is the only country where there are caste system among Muslim and Christian, and Sikh. Guru Nanak hate caste system but after his death Indian Sikh went back to enslave themselves rather than follow Guru Nanak way that free them.

Anonymous said...

Very soon we will see them taking control of the whole estate like what one is seeing in Melvive Park in Simei

Anonymous said...

I am fine with Indians in IT
Chinese in food production
Philippinos in retail and service
And Ang Mos in Parliament.

b said...

They have one skill that suppresses everyone including angmo - they can bullshit very well. They are trained from young to say 'yes' shaking their heads and lying with their eyes wide open.

b said...

I believe everyone is born kind but the caste system in india destroys the indians that is why they are the way they are now. THey have to make an effort to abolish the caste system and put in a two kids policy.

b said...

And Ang Mos in Parliament.

- I think Angmo in parliament is best. They like welfare even if it is dirty. Just look at how many people wanna be citizens of angmo countries verses wanna be citizens of other countries. We should have more angmo in parliament and have as little non angmo as possible.

Anonymous said...

The woman who reversed into a stationary taxi and came out to blame the taxi driver was pure classic.

So unbelieveable! I nearly pengsan.