Could Chuan Jin rise above the heap of mediocrity?

There are a few urgent issues affecting Sinkies and Sin City that would make or break the dominance of the PAP. Housing is obviously a major one and Boon Wan has to some extent avoided the fall over the cliff. But he could not do more than what he has done now without turning everything topsy turvy as the problem is now too big and too complex to rewind the damages done. And there is still a big batch of young people caught by the dastard policies and still cannot buy HDB flats cause their incomes have exceeded the stupid income ceiling. They will be forever not allowed to buy HDB flats, like the outcasts or lepers of Roman Empire. They can only curse and swear to vote the govt out for causing the harm and damage to their lives, the ONLY group of Sinkies that cannot buy HDB flats.

I would not bother to deal with the others but just one, ie jobs for Sinkies which is also related to the high presence of foreigners here. To unravel and solve these two issues would put a minister in a position of great admiration by the Sinkies. Chuan Jin is strategically placed to tackle these issues and could make or break his career as a result. He either succeeds or become just one of them, seen as anti Singaporeans. He has all the potential to rise above the heap of mediocrity, to make a real difference to the lives of Sinkies and the future of this island.

What Chuan Jin needs is the confident to go where the heart is and what is right and good for the Sinkies. To do this, he must be prepared to take on the big wigs of his party and the foreigners making outrageous demands on the system. Get the jobs for Sinkies, cut down the unduly huge foreign presence especially in PME positions and even top jobs. It is a bit nationalistic but there is no reason why talented Sinkies cannot replace the foreign imports. We built this City on the back of local talents. The foreigner are here standing on our shoulders, on what we have built. They did not contribute much or anything towards our achievements but being rewarded unashamingly.

Would Chuan Jin have the courage to answer this calling and be prepared to challenge the conventional wisdom of the party, and risk being kicked out from the Party or being called traitor to the party? He has the all wither to go for it.

The only misgiving is what he said about Sinkies preferring contract jobs instead of permanent jobs. I hope he is fed with misinformation and know that this is false. If he really believes that Sinkies wanted short term contract jobs instead of a long term career, then I take back everything I said above. For if he believes that Sinkies are so daft, then I see no hope in what he will do as the premises on which his policies will depend on is misleading. He would thus be pursuing a policy direction that is not attuned to the aspirations of Sinkies, or he could not understand the aspiration of the Sinkies. That means he would be working and walking in a different direction and ending in nowhere, no difference from where he started. Then everything will be in vain.

Whither will Chuan Jin be heading? Would he seize the moment and be the one that makes the difference at a critical time when a maverick is needed? Or would he squander his chances and just crumble and merge into the same heap of mediocrity?


oldhorse42 said...

I think RB aka as Chua Kim Leng has misplaced high hope for this mediocre minister.

I heard him at the dialogue organised by NUSS and I was not impressed. He read from prepared speech and answered questions in a robotic manner.
He is mild mannered and I don't think he has the gumption to play the role RB carved out for him.

On the other hand, the kee chiu general has my respect.
He threw away the prepared speech, abandoned the safety of the moderator and came down from the rostrum to challenged the audience.

He asked the audience to ask any question bothering him/her and he would answer.
Many questions flowed and he answered them all with spirit.

Virgo49 said...

One man's stand of principles and human feelings for his countryfolks against the BIG WIGS of the PAP who are out to punish the sinkies for not listening to them???

Impossible lah!! Just like a Company Executive trying to tell the Company of their downfall policies to the Directors/Chairman oops now called CEO liao.

They would not listened as they always think that they are smarter than you as they are the ones who employed you.

The PAP Big wigs are very sio kee siao ren want!

After losing Hougang, Punggol East and Aljunied, they are all out to punish the sinkies who defied them.

Let you repent at your own leisure. Bo Tua Bo sio. Let me put the spurs deep onto your back and backsides.

Do waste time lah!! If they change, they be admitting their damn wrong policies for the past years.

Think they do it?? Too proud to do so as they always think they are smarter.

Stupid dozens of nincompoop incompetent charlatans who make millions of citizens suffered unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

"What Chuan Jin needs is the confident to go where the heart is and what is right and good for the Sinkies."

If I were Chuan Jin or any PAP minister for that matter, I only need to be confident that the strongest opposition party is still not ready to be govt.

And 100 thanks to Low Thia Khiang for giving PAP that confidence, as always.

And thank God, for having 60% happy and satisfied money making Sinkies for choosing the best available party to be govt.

Ok lah, I admit PAP govt is not that good now, but still the best available. And that's what really matters.

Anonymous said...

"Ok lah, I admit PAP govt is not that good now, but still the best available."

Tiok. And just two words only "best available" to describe the choice for Sinkies.

Whether it is political leaders or foreign talents, get the best available.

And suffer for it lah, if the best available is not good. No choice what.

Anonymous said...

Ngiam said they would be thinking of protecting their high pay first. How to not do the right thing? Cannot lah, too much to lose leh.

Anonymous said...

It's true lah. Even at company level sometimes have to keep even below average staff simply because they are the best available. And the company cannot do without such staff.

And by the same logic, a country also cannot do with no PM and no govt, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

"On the other hand, the kee chiu general has my respect."
oldhorse42 9:00 am

It's a matter of form lah. Substance wise, sama sama (same) lah. All PAP substance what, tio bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore has been discarding all the below average staff, notably Sinkies, for better staff from overseas.

Funny the productivity still keeps going down. All Singapore companies, including govt services are having the best staff available from the whole wide world, but still looking very ordinary.

Anonymous said...

If Micheangelo just had clay and not marble to work with. All he would amount too is a great flower pot artisan. Certainly, no where near the artistry of what he could do with marble.

What this means is this Chin Leng. Your assumptions are wrong. It is not him per se. As what his bosses allow him to do.

By the looks of it - I don't think his bosses are really interested in putting capable people in positions of power. All they seem to do is want to consolidate their hold on power by ensuring the leaders are all emasculated and dependent of the narcotic of their million dollar lifestyle.

Personally, I think he is wasting his life there. He should go do a George Yeo and burn rubber by venturing into plantations, mining or something to do with the rugged business world.

The way I see it - the people you work with eventually rub off and shape you. So if he works alongside shitty people.....then.

Go get the drift.

Darkness 2013

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Darkness, what you said is a very sad state of affair. There are many talented people, not necessarily in politics, with some in the media, not able to blossom for the very reasons you mentioned.

Would there be a few mavericks that would break the trend? Some of the young men in politics have great potentials and need time and the cauldron of fire to temper them into better men.

If there is none, or none in the team, then the future is very dim. No wonder the govt is relying heavily on foreigners to take over this country.

patriot said...

To be selected into Parliament and given an Acting Minister Appointment on his maiden entry into politic, shows who Chuan Jin will be.
Mr Chua Chin Leng is too wishful to want Chuan Jin to outperform his Masters.
Cant really blame Chin Leng, things are getting desperate and tolerance is growing thin. Peaceful beans like Redbean and us are just hoping for miracle to happen.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear, in the darkest hour there will come a simmering light.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone says for sure that Tan Chuan Jin will not be as smart as George Yeo. He could likewise make as many multi millions and call it quit to globe-trot and enjoy living.

Anonymous said...

How can PAP solve the problem if they cannot admit that there is a problem in the first place?

Can PAP ever admit that they have elected the village idiot in their PAP village to be their leeder?

Anonymous said...

Singapore why like this?
I thot LKY has been mentoring a capable team to take over from him over these last 20 years?

LKY - what happened?
Can I have my money back please?

Perplexed said...

Yes, that's the failure of the mentor. The mistakes made by his proteges will tarnish the legacy he is leaving behind.

He led the team that built, he mentor the team that destroys.

It is not first among equal in the present cabinet. There is NO EQUAL. Who dares to use his brain or speak his mind?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Perplexed, welcome to the blog.

Why is it that everyone is talking about failures of govt policies but the govt does not think so?

patriot said...

Pardon me.
Me cant help getting personal today cos I have a strong feeling that Redbean has a soft spot or even a liking for Minister Tan Chuan Jin. Maybe a kind of fatherly love for the Younger Man.
Seems like Redbean have much faith that Chuan Jin will not only be competent in his job. He must be a latent benign ruler who has the potential to change all the Rulers to become conscientious and not suck into prevailing PAP Culture.

It will be good if Chuan Jin reads My Singapore News. Better if he gets Chin Leng to work in his Ministry as a senior staff or just a consultant. Chin Leng was a Human Resource Manager before and is a most humble person me has got to know.
Mr Chua is a senior citizen, however, he is much younger than LKY and younger than GCT and Tony Tan. There is many years of his usefulness to be tapped.

It is just my personal idea that Chin Leng can assist Chuan Jin to become a better person in work and as a ruler.

Please 'kee chiu' and say aye.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, the few young ministers, Chan Chun Sing included, could be heavy weights in times to come. They are still raw and need to have the sharp edges polished. They can mature and get wiser with time.

What is important is what they want to do with their lives, for self or for people? There are in a position to do a lot of things. Would they waste their talents and opportunities?

These are fortunate young men that are millionaires at a very young age and they do not have to bother about where and when their bread and butter will come from. They can work for bigger things in life than just a few more dollars in their bank accounts.

When they can get their motivations right, they could be different from those that only care about how many more millions they are going to get paid.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In my earlier post I talked about Qian Xue Sen. He could be a famous scientist and live a life of great luxury in America. He chose to go back to rebuild his motherland and live a spartan life without the comfort and glory if he were to remain in America.

He made his mark in a different way. He was a genius and a patriot.

patriot said...

Chua Chin Leng Sir;

Thank You much for the Response.
Indeed me agrees with You that a person is free to choose between being honourable or being filthy rich.
However, in cases where soldiers are selected to be rulers, they are caught in between loyalty to their masters and doing good for the Masses. Certainly no easy task to fulfill both obligations. To be brought into high office would also mean being beholdened to their masters. In Sin Case, the Masters are known for their hardheadedness and lacks of compassion and conscience. At least to the majority of netizens, they are heartless. As such, when anyone joins them, no one can be faulted for being sceptical. I suppose that the Reason why some call upon rulers to resign from the Party if they are caring and concern for the people.
Anyway, it is good to be hopeful. Me too is wishful, wishing that the Next Regime will be a coalition of different parties.
I never harbour any hope for anyone to work for the good of the People from within. On the Contrary, anyone who is in the Pack will cause wary.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When people are hungry, the tendency to work for self in unavoidable. When poeple are not hungry, there is good reason to work not just for the stomach.

In reality this is actually a fallacy. The hugnry would tend to work for a more virtuous cause. The rich would just want to be richer as they think it is silly to work for others and waste their precious time and effort.

This perhaps is the reason why so many in power got seduced by money and more money, and of course power for the sake of power.

b said...

I think PAP will purposely lose the election in 2016 and they will make the next gov increase the GST by a huge percentage. Since the PAP control the job market, they also control all the politicians and thus policy making decisions.

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Concerns about diluting republic's sense of identity -
As Singapore reaches middle age,
there are concerns about the dwindling number of ‘born and bred’ citizens]

"Last year, PM Lee apologised for his govt’s lack of 20-20 foresight to predict the population increase.

A serious impact of increasing the foreign content of the population to nearly 40% has been a dilution of Singapore’s cohesion and national identity.

Nowadays Singapore’s leaders seem less keen to promote nationalism among their citizens than they did in the past.

In fact, several leaders have begun to describe Singapore as a city rather than a country.

Last year, the controversy was rekindled by Foreign and Law Minister K. Shanmugam in the US when he was defending Singapore’s dominant one-party system.

Earlier former PM Lee Kuan Yew also touched on it in a different context when he said that Singapore was still a work-in-progress when it came to nationhood.

The founding leader himself has frequently poured cold water on the tiny island’s future existence.

What will become of original Singaporeans in the next 50 years?

Ironically, as the former PM Lee weakened with failing health in recent years, this was his publicly stated concern.

Going through some of his past speeches, I discovered that he had voiced his worries about having too many foreigners...


Anonymous said...

The fatherly love will go to waste.

The Author is casting pearls to swines.