Murdoch, Monash, Curtin, RMIT …not recognized

I was shock to hear this little piece of news. I have had colleagues from these reputable universities and they are not recognized today. And that is not all, only 8 Australian universities are recognized here, ANU, Melbourne, WA, Adelaide, NSW etc. Parents spending hundreds of thousands to send their children to Australia better go and reconfirm this news and not to waste their precious savings on a piece of crap. I am still not convinced that this is true. Can someone please confirm that this is not true.

The news becomes even more ridiculous and nauseating when thousands of universities are recognized under CECA. Holy cow, who are those people that made these decisions? Did they sign the agreement under the influence of toddy or poppy flowers or kamasutra?

No, it cannot be. Out super talents cannot be as silly as this. If this is true, stupidity will take on a different meaning.


Anonymous said...

Where or who you hear from?

If it is from internet, please show the link.

Unknown said...

the list changes from year to year. even if u cfm that it is accepted now, it may not be acceptable in the future.

anyway from what i know, the list is more applicable if you are applying for work in govt agencies.

Anonymous said...

Read this blogger:


He said don't even go for an Australian University which is not in the top 10 ranking in Australia. And Australia only, so you can imagine what sort of ranking in the world.

Anonymous said...

"recognised' ?
Recognized by who?
You mean if Singapore don't "recognize" Murdoch, Monash, Curtin, RMIT ... all these universities will suddenly malu and die?

This is just a con game.

Like if you are an Opposition politician;
You are not "recognized" by the MSM.

And if you are a journalist from The Online Citizen you are not "recognized" and don't deserve to have your questions answered by Ministers.

And if you don't come from an "elite" school, you are not recognized as a capable person.
And the entire civil service will see you 'no up."

In GE 2016, you tell me who needs to be recognized more?
PAP politicians needing us to "recognize" them.
Singaporeans needing PAP politicians to acknowledge our rights as citizens.

Once every 5 years.
You can be a real citizen and actually make a difference in Singapore.
No need to go to your MP to beg for permission to do things in your own country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ann Leng, welcome to the blog.

And that is exactly the point. They are not recognised when applying for govt jobs.

Anyone else want to add on to this?

Anonymous said...

They are not recognised when applying for govt jobs.
RB 9:18 am

Of course lah, what do you expect when the govt already has more than enough good applicants from the reputable universities?

Just like you go for a buffett, you only pick the good stuff to fill your limited capacity stomach and time what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

RB, if it is true I need to reconsider the option for my son. I know monash produced either Nobel winner or nominated Nobel winner but don't think Indian has that. But then Indian universities probably better then asustralian uni cause they have nuclear bomb and australia does not have so may be the Indians more advanced mah Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

the 8 Australian unis are known as Group of 8. They are the top universities in Australia. In Australia, they are considered to top tier and all the rest are not so "recognised".

In UK, they have the Russell Group.

The universities in the Russel Group and Group of 8 represent the top league in their respective countries, leading college education with good standing and research funding.

Anonymous said...

In India there is the CECA Group. Every Indian University is in the Group and are the best for Singapore, only recognised by Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I challenge anybody here to produce a list of Indian and Philippines universities "recognised" by the PAP gahmen.

Anonymous said...

With the terms in CECA, no need to talk about recognition.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:12, please do a double confirmation. I was taken by surprise too, in disbelief. We have doctors from Third World countries working in out hospitals. Did they get their degrees from Third World countries and we are so desperate to have them?

Anonymous said...

RB, AiyaI to treat normal sinkies, any medical degree ok lar. Only for VIP they get treated in the USA anyway so won't affect them mah, Tio Bo? So those from ceca ok lar for normal sinkie

Anonymous said...

/// So those from ceca ok lar for normal sinkie ///

I'm a normal Sinkie.
I disagree.
since PAP is pro-CECA.
Therefore i must vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

RB, this is what I got from moe website

Question: Does the Ministry of Education have a list of accredited overseas universities? How do we find out if the degree qualifications awarded by these universities are recognised in Singapore?

Answer: The Ministry of Education does not have a list of accredited overseas universities. There is also no central authority in Singapore that assesses or grants recognition for degrees obtained from overseas universities. The reason is that the employer should be the one deciding whether a degree-holder has the qualities desired for the job and the qualification most relevant to his needs. The employer is in the best position to decide how much value he will assign to a person’s qualification.

However, in selecting an overseas institution for undergraduate degree studies, it is advisable that students establish whether the institution is a bona fide educational establishment. Such enquiries may be made at the Embassy/High Commission of the country where the university is located.

Professional degrees such as those in engineering, medicine, law, and accountancy should be those recognised by the respective professional bodies. For example, a person with an engineering degree from an overseas university who intends to seek registration as a professional engineer in Singapore will have to check whether the institution that awards the qualification is recognised by the Professional Engineers Board.

In the case of overseas universities offering courses here through local agents, the institutions concerned and their agents are responsible for all aspects of the programmes. It is advisable for students interested in enrolling for such courses to find out as much as possible about the programmes from the institutions or agents, before enrolling in them.

If you need information on acceptance of overseas universities for employment in the Civil Service, please read the FAQs available on the Careers@Gov portal.

Anonymous said...

Matilah's university not recognized also. University of Southern Queensland takes one of the bottom 3 places in every yearly ranking among Australia's 39 universities.

Anonymous said...

I recently felt numbness on my skin of my leg. Went to Polycinic and was seen by an Indian doctor from the subcontinent.
She refered me to the SKC (skin centre)
3 months later when I went for appt and seen the local specialist there, he said she should have referred me the Nerve Centre. I was told to go back to the polyclinic again inorder to get a subsidised referral to the Nerve Centre.
I gave up feeling the condition was no so not serious.
Have we come to the stage where we would admit doctors of this quality to our public hospitals?
Years ago, old fart restricted medical students intake in our Universities and now we are suffering the consequences.
Yet nobody is accountable for this policy failure.

Anonymous said...

Maybe u call ask tin pei ling

And take a photo of her reaction..

Knnccb..... ministoons say hawkers better,maybe someone try n reinforce their masters words.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 1:14, the recognition of universities applies mainly to govt services. Private sector more flexible.

Anonymous said...

The question to moe maybe rephrase to read Which are the universities(in the world) are recognised by the singapore civil service/government.

b said...

Singapore is in control by the ahnehs long ago. The PM and president are only there acting as pure mascots (just like the monarchs in europe). There is no real value added by them. They just show face and collect their high wages and have to leave everything to the ahneh ministers. Their speech have to be approved by those in control. That is the reason why so many native ahnehs can shit on the locals.

b said...

These universities are not recognised by pap because they employed anti pap politicians.

SG Girl said...

If I were you, I would have questioned the doctor why skin centre and not a nerve specialist. Even when doctors prescribe medication to me, I'll always ask what are the side effects and if allergies arise, should I go back and see them. Always ask questions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please lah, I didn't go to Uni S Q.

Having only a PSLE, and a passion for science and business, the only thing I could do was to sneak into all the uni's here -- UWA, Curtin, Murdoch, Edith Cowan, Notra Dame -- and get a "free" education without the qualifications. ;-)

Here are my rankings for Perth, in no particular order:

1. UWA -- the nicest one. Lush, wooded surrounds, "academic" feel old-style buildings and lecture halls. UWA produces Nobel Laureats and top tier govt leaders like Bob Hawk, Prime Minister

2. Curtin: Very "hip", very big. Next to Science Park.

3. Murdoch -- very socially left. Full of hippies. Very cool, lots of friendly women. Francis Seow's son used to lecture there.

4. Edith Cowan -- Utilitarian. Good arts and drama courses. Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine is from here. To be, very "cold" campus, no soul. Except for the music, and performance arts campus. Dancers in tight leotards everywhere. A delight for camel-toe lovers :-)

5. Notra Dame -- fully private; Catholic. Damn good school of law. Situated in charming port of Fremantle, surrounded by cafes, old buildings, offices and terrace homes. ND has been buying up all the surrounding property for years. They now own nearly 2 city blocks of Fremantle. Lawyers lah, what did you expect?

Anonymous said...

I admit I was graduated from one of the mentioned 野雞大學. I do not use the degree to apply for job. It is because of this learning, I am able to think independently and critically, it taught me not to be blindly misled by the ST and BS TC VIP personalities. 野雞大學 is useful, Tio Bio?

Risha said...

This interesting topic really got me thinking. My train of thought led me to analyze this matter even deeper. Well, to start with, what criteria determines the bottom line for employment search and requirement?

Graduates from reputable local university should be entitled to more rewards and priorities than the ones from private universities?

As a student pursuing a degree currently, Im against the given biasness and stereotypes that students from private universities should be or often were neglected for, in terms of employment rate catered towards government statutory bodies. Yes, some might still beg to defer. But hold on first...

From my stance, I view the matter in a way that be it private or local, students undertaking their degree study undergo the same stress, the same cultural phenomena study routine; competition to excel, study break/semester, attend tutorials and lectures, final 2 or 3 hours of examination, essay writing fulfilling the same word requirement of 2500 words min. or more and many other of that similarities that I'm certain graduates from local and private university would deliberate when asked about their degree journey.

The only difference perhaps comes from a background history. The student who got into a local university, he/she might have performed well during post secondary school education when compared to the other whom landed in private university.

But you know what matters to me as an individual? Is perhaps the determination to succeed. Ever wondered why the 'not so successful' student are still persistent to pursuing a degree? Because nothing is impossible and having that said, private university students shall grant themselves a chance too for a career in the government statutory board.

Thank you for your time reading. Hope I'm able to change at least a couple of mindsets here.