The compulsory Medishield Life is the best thing to happen...

Before you read further, let me clarify that this view is only applicable to those who have all the money to pay for the premium and living an extremely good life and want to live forever. I came to this view after watching a short 2 mins of the SG+ on the Medishield Life and the views expressed by a super talent who was obviously very rich and paying was not an issue. This super talent was so excited and exuberant, and was all praises for the Medishield Life Scheme and I can understand why.

The Medishield Life has to be compulsory so that the cost of premium can be shared by everyone to be affordable. If you allow those losers, those that cannot afford to pay for the premium, those whose life is better dead than alive to opt out then the premium would have to be much higher. So it is crucial that no one be allowed to stay out of this wonderful scheme.

Did I get the feeling that the rich and those who have a wonderful life to live on is roping in all the poor who rather die to help to finance their good life? The TV crew did an on the spot interview with some of the heartlanders and one interviewee pointedly insisted that he wanted to opt out of the scheme. He was a pensioner, no income, how to pay for the premium? Without an income even $10 is too much for him. Unfortunately he cannot get away. It is compulsory and he would have to find a way to pay.

As for the rich, they would all love to pay. And it would be so nice if they can get the poor to help out to defray the cost. The reluctant poor, the unwilling poor, the poor that wanted to die than to live, must not get away from paying. It does not matter whether they want it or not, it does not matter whether they need it or not, just make them pay.

No one bothers about lowering medical cost which is the main cause of fear of not being able to pay. And if there is such a great Medishield Life Scheme, the medical cost can continue to go up and away since there is this scheme to pay for it. Did anyone mention that they want to prevent a buffet syndrome? Didn’t they know that with this scheme, they are actually encouraging the buffet syndrome directly as everyone would feel more comfortable to seek medical services? Those that would have little reason to want to live would also choose to seek medical treatment since they have been compulsorily made to pay for it.

Shouldn’t those that have a good life to live and to live forever and so happy to have such a medical insurance scheme be paying for themselves and not imposing or compulsorily forced those that cannot afford to pay to be robbed into paying? I am so happy too, I think I can afford to pay with the help of those that cannot afford to pay but forced by compulsion to pay and reduce what I have to pay. I would say a big thank you to them too. Needless to say, I too would be very happy with this Medishield Life. The only problem is that I do not know when misfortune will strike and I would find that I would not have the money to pay for the premium. Then I don’t think I would be happy like the happy rich anymore.

Mind you, don’t ever think that you would always have the money to pay even if you can afford it today. If you don’t care a damn about those who cannot afford to pay and still wanting them to cough out blood to defray your cost, you are likely to end up like them one day. What goes around will come around. Getting the poor to subsidise the rich is simply wicked.


Anonymous said...

Cannot pay -- will they drag us to night court like Papaya's TC for S&CC

Anonymous said...

"Getting the poor to subsidise the rich is simply wicked."

Tiok. But then how many poor see it that way and get angry with PAP? Especially during election time?

40%? 60%?

Anonymous said...

They just paint O$P$ on your door.

Anonymous said...

son of singapore:
December 25, 2013 at 8:20 pm (Quote)

The real danger is there could be no Singapore in 1 or 2 decades.

Citizens will lose all.

As imperfect as ruling party is, it is neither the biggest devil nor the direct destroyer of Singapore per se. They have vested interest in Singapore as well, and they do want a thriving Singapore for them to squeeze their gains. Vermin the liberal policies let in should be our concern. Even our self-proclaimed know-it-all G underestimated the foreign new comers strength. Singapore can fall into foreign hands.

Anyone remembered that Peru used to have ethnic Japanese leader? Older ones can remember, younger ones can search internet. Usurper episode is never bound by HK kongfu series or Hollywood block buster. It did happen in Peru. Who say the sneaky foreigners cannot sneak their way into our parliament? How many ambitious ones are already ambushing inside our grassroots? They won’t “work” or “serve” for free in Singapore, they want something in return. Those whose race coincide with the original C,M,I,E will have better camouflage to home in and make a kill. Though in the end, Peru citizens succeeded to purge a foreign ruler, it is violent and carried a lot of damage both domestically and abroad. Who in the right mind want to go through this?

During the unfortunate racial riot against ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, there was plea for China to step in to rescue, though no such thing ever happened because there seems to be a lot of restraints on China side, whether it is foreign affairs or internal population control, whether it is right or wrong. The same may not be true if some bad foreign elements with poisonous intention cited mistreatment of their countrymen in Singapore and call for foreign invasion into Singapore. The infamous “Flor” case always stayed in the mind of older citizens, younger ones can search internet. Eventhough the maid killed an adult and a child, emotion ran wild and our troops on training there evacuated immediately. Smaller countries may not have Centrally-Controlled Restraints like China. A brief armed conflict can happen. Are we prepared for this? It could be really nasty as Friends as well as Foes live together in the same street. How can our soldiers fight external foreign forces with full peace of mind, when the soldiers have to worry about families back home surrounded by so many foreigners, who can turn deadly at an instant without provocation? The leadership and mental resolve of our HomeTeam also does not alleviate our NSmen’s fear and worry, as demonstrated in the Little India Riot.

The foreign investment by our 2 G related entities using our monies could be quite disappointing at times, from one of the earliest Suzhou misadventure to Lehman Brothers funeral. Is our G really no match for foreigners and keep losing money?

Next GE 2016 or not we really have to vote with danger in mind. Foreign visual guide dogs let in to lead the blind (you name who) can suddenly be pack wolves. Numbers add courage. Cut foreign influx.
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Anonymous said...

latest news

Jap premier chose to end the year by paying respect to very serious war criminals at yakusuni shrine. Kicking up a diplomatic storm soon. These people committed massacre in China, Korea and South east asia including Singapore Sook Ching massacre 肅清大屠殺 . Enough is enough, hope Spore govt stand up to them, can issue a statement against such visit. This is grievous hurt to family victims over the span of last 70 years whenever the SG media reports about such visits their by the Japs. politicians bowing to these criminals.

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies still cannot see that their little island is slipping away from them. Who are the traitors?

b said...

It is pay and pay from day 1 and people voted them in with their eyes wide opened.

Anonymous said...

You cannot argue with those in power. Ordinary people are just around to be exploited by the rich and powerful.

I believe in Karma. But I would not be around to witness the end result of human destiny being played out. Whether we all be extinct, rich powerful or poor, after WW3 or not, we still be nuclearised through no fault of our own. War is still decided by those in power. Everything is.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, LHL already stated long time ago that countries of PRC, ROK etc must forget about the past and moved on.

This WOG will issued statement to condemn the Japs.???

No way. Even went to Japan licking the Japanese balls with some fellow ASEAN cuntress eyes big big eyeing the Jap offer of how many billions aids.

You think they are so kind to throw away their hard earned monies??

They offered so called soft loaner /aids eyeing projects in your countries to squeeze back as their economy is in deep shit.

Luckily, PRC have staunch support from Cambodia etc or they become stooges for the USA and Japan

These traitors do nit suffered ad much as ROK and PRC so they can talked easy easy.

Anonymous said...

The crux of the problem now is the despicable politicians from Jpn keep provoking and reminding the Chinese of the past suffering. can even say it is a pledge for peace by bowing to war criminals ! really 卑鄙. Even US also say something like 'disappointed'.

Anonymous said...

geming is the only solution left

need a revolution to create real change in society

but singapornang are daft .. papigs are bestest

knnccb .... hsien loong, u bastard return our cpf money @ 55.
khcccb ... u fucking asshole

Anonymous said...

Abe has shown his horns on his forehead. And he is not alone. Most Japanese are like him.