Stop the insanity

People are hurt, the foreign workers, PRs and our citizens, including law enforcing officers. One foreign worker died. The rioting may be uncalled for. But what do you expect from a mob that behaved exactly like a mob? And it is normal! Why are Sinkies crying about. It is only abnormal to daft Sinkies. If you came from the same place you will shrug it off and walk away. Still it is insane to Sinkies that a fatal traffic accident could lead to street riot. It is insane that police cars and ambulance were over turned and burnt when they were there to help and had nothing to do with the death of the foreign worker. It is normal, get it?

Stop the insanity! Stop the biggest insanity of all insanities, the influx of several hundred thousands of foreign workers and allowing them to be at the same place at the same time and drinking to get drunk. The insanity is not the rioting or the rioters. The insanity is the people that allowed all these forces to come together, like Kan Seng said, a confluence of forces that led to this ugly rioting. The insanity is that they did not even think it will happen. It is normal, get it?

Stephen Hawkings confirmed the theory of the Big Bang. We had our Big Bang. Is it not big enough? Is it just an isolated incident and all because of alcohol? It would not happen again if we stop selling liquor, have more police patrol, have better traffic control. Holy shit! How daft are these people?

When Stephen Hawkings confirmed the Theory of the Big Bang, that the universe started by a big bang, everyone was so happy. See, he had proven the origins of the universe with science. But that was not the beginning of the universe that what people would like to believe. Stephen Hawkings went one step further. He theorised that in order to have a big bang, a bang that is to powerful to explode and created a universe of infinite size, there must be a concentration of energy huge enough to create the big bang. This energy must be there before the big bang can go bang.

The riot can only happen when the forces of insanity are there in the first place. These forces of insanity, like the forces that caused the big bang, are not desired to be known. No one wants to believe that this insanity is the cause of the riot, or like the confluence of forces resulting in the big bang.

The COI is not going to tell you about this insanity. It is something that no one would want to speak about. Stop this insanity if you do not want to see a bigger bang after this. Stop the insanity.

Oops, the wise will say 6.9m is ok and 8m will be better. Who doesn’t know that? But remember, it is a choice, to want to go down that road. And the choice must reside with the citizens that are going to live through it. The govt is there to govt. Yes, but don’t forget, you are not the govt. You are the elected govt for a term. You can be booted out in the next GE. You are just an ELECTED govt!


Anonymous said...


it's not a riot BUT:

only "MAYHEM" .... according to the msm

chill everybody ... it sap sap sui, probably some ah neh brats throwing tantrum, common sights in those rats infected shopping malls

knnccb .. but need a COI for a mayhem? arse-licking know no bounds

Anonymous said...

However the insanity, the riots, the mayhem, the big bang or what not did not make the Sinkie opposition any stronger. Or did they?

And that's what really matters. For PAP, that is.

Anonymous said...

The fastest way to get this PAP gahmen voted out is to keep quiet and agree with them.
Workers' Party employs this strategy very well and has made them into the most successful Opposition Party in more than 3 decades.
Clearly we have a lot of incompetents in charge.
What's the best way to expose these incompetents?
Agree with them and/or just keep quiet.
But must also vote Opposition lah!

Anonymous said...

Every time there is problem, government calls for a COI. What the hell are our ministers doing? Are they not paid to be on top of situation all the time? You pay millions to these people and yet they have no idea what went wrong?

Anonymous said...

I simply dont believe that one simple road accident would cause a riot. Citing alcohole ss the root of the issue was just an excuse. There is a saying "a 3-ft snow layer is not the result of an overnight snowing". We are vulnersble and fragile....

oldhorse42 said...

It is refreshing to see RB ventured into astrophysics and talked about big bang that created the universe.

Together with the big bang hypothesis, there is also a black holes theory that every thing in the universe get sucked in, never to see day light.

I do not know whether little india would be a big bang or black hole, I do know that our millionaire ministers do not want to know the truth.

One minister already ascribed the cause of the riot to drunkenness and has immediately banned the sale and consumption of liquor in little india.

Another minister said there was no evidence that the rioters are unhappy with the govt or employers.

So the Govt would continue to mass import cheap labour to support our industries and economy.

So what would the end game be?

Big bang that throw out more little india riots in other parts of Singapore lke Jurong West or black holes that swallow up the little red dot?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

@December 11, 2013 9:03 am


... a clear blue sky might becUm a overcast sky with intermittent showers ......

lay man reading some engineering reports and delivering the verdict.. haha

knnccb .... a pen is mighter than the sword

Anonymous said...

The purpose of the COI is to give an "impartial" view. It is for public consumption.
I'm pretty sure. If Singapore suffers a military incursion from one of our neighbours. There will also be a COI to double confirm that we have been invaded.

Anonymous said...

"You pay millions to these people and yet they have no idea what went wrong?"
Anon 9:03 am

It's OK when these people rule Sinkies, and also with the type of opposition the Sinkies voted in.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Quite true. All social media shall henceforth keep quiet. No more postings. Then everything will be fine. No more kpkb.

The first check move has been made. Now it is all forced move and to be followed by the second check....

Anonymous said...

extracted from somewhere:

... Commenting on the issue, Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said there is no evidence to suggest that the foreign workers involved in the riot were unhappy with their employers or the government. ...


failure to cook curry for ah neh to make them feel welcUm?

provide "toys" for them to relief their needs???

plant more banana trees to make them feel at home???

adopts indian dress codes to assimilate with ah nehs???

get drunk like those ah nehs?

use hands to delivery food to the mouth?

knnccb ..... no wonder the wise-men said, better to shoot ah neh than a king cobra in other to feel safe

Anonymous said...

oldhorse42: /I do not know whether little india would be a big bang or black hole, I do know that our millionaire ministers do not want to know the truth.

One minister already ascribed the cause of the riot to drunkenness and has immediately banned the sale and consumption of liquor in little india.

Another minister said there was no evidence that the rioters are unhappy with the govt or employers.

So the Govt would continue to mass import cheap labour to support our industries and economy.

So what would the end game be?

Big bang that throw out more little india riots in other parts of Singapore lke Jurong West or black holes that swallow up the little red dot?

What do you think?/

Old horse, the Chinese says "老马识途”, “姜是老的辣”。

You certainly nailed and hit the points home!

But why they want to do that knowing the possible future implications?

Since you pose the question like one Big Nose: "What do you think?", let's attempt some possible and plausible replies.

One, unlike the nuclear plant where it is not being built and nothing much committed yet, the 11th March 2011 Fukushima nuclear reactor leak averted SinkieLand ploughing and plunging straight ahead to build one whereas for the economy, the "arrows" are all already shot out in "mid-air", how to retrieve back arrows shot out?

Two, in court proceeding or affidavits submission, the phrase "I admit" potentially spells almost 100% certainty in conviction and possibly losing everything gained along the way. So dun expect anything along the line ...... you get the drift?

Three, this economics model has gone so far that it is next to impossible to U-turn. Pinning this bang on "unrestrained, floodgate type FWs import" is not going to happen. The can has to be continued being kicked down the road. Otherwise, any U-turn means many of what you and everybody have may potentially "evaporate" more than 50% .....

But, but there are ways to mitigate and slow down the "aging process" ...... Societies, like human beings and all living things, go through a process of birth, youth, adulthood, aging, sickness, demise. Societies exist because human exists. Without human, there is no society. Once you are at adulthood, how to go back to baby? Likewise for society, it is forward and forward into "old age". But the "aging process" can be slowed down and mitigated.

Before going into the "how" in the next post, just remember very thirsty haven't drink kopi this morning .......

See you guys and pretty ladies in a short while .......

going to get this morning cuppa first :))))

kopi kau kau

Need some caffeine to come out good suggestions and ideas .....

Anonymous said...

If they know alcohol and drunkeness are the cause of the accident, why charged the driver and his assistant?

Appeasement? Now this flawed move if ended driver and asst not guilty, could possibly let to more anger.

Xiao liao.

Anonymous said...

Be calm and steady.
It is just a little spark.
T^he Fire has yet to happen'
thpugh it WILL happen sooner
or later, It is a matter of
Be prepared for it.


Anonymous said...

I praying, I'm praying, I'm spraying too.

Hope it cUm soon.

Knnccb.... hippy hippy hurray.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Continuation ... 10.17am

S3i: Ideas for continued Success and Sustainability of Singapore - Constructive suggestions/ ideas to "slow down the aging process of a nation/ society" in response to the latest incident:

(a) Ring-fence the problem:
(i) Damage control:

The physical and tangible carnage and losses on Race Course Rd are considerably minor compared to the "immediate and potential short, mid and long term intangible, social, political and economic carnage, damages and losses".

(1) Beside COI, possibly several sub task forces should be set up headed by relevant personnel to do DC ( damage control ) in various aspects.

(2) On the surface, the physical carnage are gone by 6.45am on 9 Dec 2013 early Monday morning following the incident the previous night at about 9.30pm to 10pm 8 Dec 2013 at Race Course Rd and lasting to about 11.30pm to 12am. Such Singaporean efficiencies should be highly commended and given a pat on the back of the relevant authorities, agencies and institutions. However, beyond swinging into fast and immediate action with sweepers and cleaners to clear up physical debris and what have you mess on Race Course Rd and surrounding areas, sub task force groups once formed should swing into action for clearing other "intangible carnage and damages" suffered. So far, relevant ministers had walked the ground at Race Course Rd and surrounding areas but certainly much more and concerted efforts can be and must be carried out given what are at stake.

(3) Help the residents, business owners and residential and commercial property owners around the areas deal with the short and mid term fallouts due to the incident.

(ii) Bring back confidence to the area:

(1) With the resources at its disposal, if the garment doesn't use them for such "potential huge crisis incident", then when? Use whatever available means to mitigate and alleviate the immediate and potential problems, especially financial faced by residents, business owners, residential and commercial property owners in the affected areas.

(2) Send in as many SOC vehicles as possible ( without compromising security in other parts of Singapore ) next few weeks or months during weekends around the areas, parked periodically at different stretches and moved them around in periodic intervals. Publicise it as pervasive as possible in all media and what have you.

(3) Stabilise and normalise the situation asap by doing the above and much more. Christmas, New Year, Year End Beach Party, Chinese New Year, River Hong Bao etc are coming one after another. Resources likely to be over stretched. Current situation in Little India must and need be stabilised and normalised immediately with additional backup beef up within days and weeks but not going into details here. Relevant authorities should get the drift and spring and swing into immediate action to mobilise necessary manpower, resources to ensure adequate resources around various locations in town areas and other parts of Singapore once the festive celebration kicks into full swing one after another over the next two months or ten weeks. Former MM Lee once told a foreign correspondent from FT that Singapore won't be where it is if it does not have capable leaders and people who can't think out of the box. Now it is to put it to a minor test.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

(b) Broader Perspective:

(i) Overall confidence in the property sector and investment climate

(1) Despite many cooling property measures painstaking put into place since 2009, now may be the time to tinker with some loosening where appropriate given this incident and current circumstances. There may just be a need to boost confidence in this area.

(2) The sub task force in charge of FDI and investment in general should go into full speed spin control and offensive and fortify, reinforce and increase appropriate measures where necessary.

(3) Recalibrate Singapore's short, mid and long term economic policies such that it can withstand any supply shock or necessity for incremental reduction in the over reliance.

(4) Spread out the risk factors.

(ii) Policies:

(1) First, certain new laws should and must be enacted or current laws revised/ amended to reflect the severity and gravity of real and potential immediate and long term damages and implications. Egs: Punishment and penalties for overturning, burning and damaging of police patrol cars and law enforcement properties in general should be changed and increased to say 20 years imprisonment etc in addition to being charged under the rioting act. Also, rioting act should be further amended to increase potential jail term as a signal to deter such extreme act to turn Singapore upside down in moments of pure madness and lawlessness.

(2) Laws should be enacted never, never to put weapons in the hands of foreigners. The consequences of a "potential armed riots, rebellions" by foreign born elements are unthinkable. Every newly minted citizen must not by default given the rights of say to serve NS. Probation period of say at least 3 years should be practised.

(c) General Policies:

(i) LTA illegal parking enforcement

(1) Such tasks should not be delegated to foreigners, even PRs. The authority may not have realised how bad it rub on Singaporeans when such people used powers given to them to "lord over sinkies". Long run such foreigners subconscious may developed into defiance against the Singaporeans authorities as well.

(2) As much as the garment needs to keep a tab on situation on the ground, previous published "news" about getting foreign neighbourhood workers and cleaners to be ears and eyes on the ground supposedly for potential crime matters may not be wise move. Again the short, mid and long term implications might be the same as (C)(i)(1).

(ii) Population Policy

(1) Long run, it is still better to develop the Singaporean core via pro-family and pro-creation friendly policies. In such matters, historically there are arguably no short cuts and short term actualisation. Economically, such are long term propositions. The AHG of S$20,000 announced during this year NDR by PM Lee is a good start by the government to intervene in areas where it helps to bring about more potential welfare gains as a society on the whole. In the area of procreation, it should not be something of a 3 minutes attention span and only some cosmetic and symbolic measures to show some "actions" in such areas. It is likely not to work at all. Concerted, sincere and holistic efforts are needed to achieve a breakthrough. Singapore has succeeded in many fronts. This aspect should not be the insurmountable Himalayas in our national journey together as a nation.

Anonymous said...

COI will conclude that the rioters were acting in a drunken stupor . Just 发酒疯!

b said...

" You can be booted out in the next GE. You are just an ELECTED govt!"

- Of cos anyone can be booted out. Even a saint who did nothing wrong. But the powerful and rich can always go behind the scene so long as they control sufficient resources (aka bloodlines) and manage the next bunch of elected ones from behind the scene.

Anonymous said...

Why waste the energy to wake them up?

Let them go down the history.

By default some one will give them the count down.

Anonymous said...

They deluded themselves by thinking that they are born to lead and to rule.