Irresponsible news reporting from The Wall Street Journal - Asia

Singapore Riot Signals Foreign-Labor Strains
Hundreds of Workers From South Asia Protest Killing of Indian Man

This is the most irresponsible headline to come from The Wall Street Journal – Asia online on Dec 9. A drunk worker died in a traffic accident is not the same as the killing of an Indian man. How could such a reputable news media make such a sensational and irresponsible reporting? What is the intent of the media for reporting it this way? What is the govt going to do about this?


Anonymous said...

These are their past patterns, any problems arise they would find excuses to increase their revenues, its their same patterns over the years, they rarely find out the root causes of the problems. The recent case of riot is not normal, it could be some deep rooted frustrations that causes them to over turn the police cars, yet they brush them of as it is normal and one off?

Just because some of the persons who spend all their CPF, they would give excuses to locked people hard earn money for life, people blood, sweat and tears money, these is their usual way of overcoming problems, which is predictable over the years? They are making millions, ten times over their equivalent ministers salaries of the Nordic countries, they are so rich that they don't bother to think deeper, whenever people raise their concern?

Could the increasing levies or rising cost causes the employers to put more pressure on the foreign workers?

Anonymous said...

Killing is planted straight into the minds of the readers. Someone killed him. The blood boils immediately. How can they killed my kind in that country?

Anonymous said...

What is the govt going to do about this?

Is the Asia Wall Street Journal based in Singapore? If not, just read below report. Just substitute Sun TV with Asia Wall Street Journal to get it.

"Lawyers MyPaper spoke to said it is unlikely that the television station, which is part of Sun TV Network in Chennai, will face any legal repercussions as it is not based in Singapore.

"It doesn't have a presence here, which means (whatever it reports) will not come under the jurisdiction of Singapore's laws," explained senior associate Choo Zheng Xi from Peter Low LLC.

Anonymous said...

No wonder these reputable news media dare to make such a sensational and irresponsible reporting.

Anonymous said...

And no wonder Sinkies dare not do a lot of things, I mean the bad things, even if they are angry and frustrated. Sinkies know the law, unlike those Indian nationals.

Anonymous said...

If a riot can be discribed as a mayhem

RelaC. Lah

b said...

Maybe it was a murder. No one really know what is going on and what triggered the incident. Everyone just speculating. This world is full of this kind of bullshits.

b said...

Irresponsible? who is perfect in responsibility out there? the gov? lol.

Anonymous said...

Someone out there was saying he wanted to get the message sent out to every corner of Spore. I think it should be extended to cover every part of the World!!??

Anonymous said...


long time no talk, your blog is getting better and better, and so too is your frustration, being a vegan just like myself, you should take it easy, farts like us should be drinking coffee in the evenings and talking cock in the kopi tiam.

So sad is the fact that this riot incident will be swept under the ruck again, alcohol if it is stop in one locality should also be stop in all those that have congregation of foreigners, Bukit Timah, where Koreans are getting more and more, Orchard Road where pinoys gather, etc., stopping the drinking of alcohol only in one place, just don't make sense.

Ragoon Road, little India has been a rush of madhouse for Indians at anytime of the year, the brilliant minds being paid the millions should have thought about it, their foresight, seems to be failing just like our eye sight.

Wall Street?' gone are the days when our LKY would literally make the reporters eat their words, the gung-ho attitude is replace by the more importance of growth vs. the people, the recent 8 pointer that was draft out....the grey areas are as big as the freaking sea.

Relax, bro, kopi kau kau for you today, we have to wait for the verdict to those charge to see the direction where the gahmen will be going, needless to say it will not be what we expect.

Pity the driver, caught in the middle of an overflow of emotion.


Anonymous said...

Oppression leads sheepish conformity.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Kaki and all for the kopi kau.

This event really shatter the complacency at the right place. Or does it?

Anonymous said...

"Sinkies know the law, unlike those Indian nationals."
Anon 2:32 pm

Then why they don't gather in large numbers to protest at Hong Lim Park? It's legal what. Don't tell me most Sinkies have no grievances and unhappiness?

Or maybe they are thinking "What's the point" (WP in short) protesting? Maybe they have a point. And they voted WP to be the strongest opposition to make their point.

Anonymous said...

But what's the point (WP) of rioting?

Will it lead to a better life for those rioters and Indian workers in general? No, tio bo? Only to be charged in court for those kena caught.