Dr Rhawn Joseph ( US ) re-discovers some of the treasures in Asia stolen by the Japanese during the war.

FW: Dr Rhawn Joseph(US) discovered the treasures in Asia stolen by Japanese during war

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013

Why have we forgotten about the Japanese WW2 atrocities? 
The Japs went on a “Steal All, Kill All, Burn All” policy throughout East Asia.
They stole every treasure in Taiwan, Korea and Manchuria which they annexed
even before the war.
They took away all the treasures in China including Peking, Tianjin, Nanjing
and Shanghai.
The gold, diamond, ruby, etc, which they stole amounted to hundreds of billions
of dollars which was astronomical in those days.  A lot of them are still buried in
the sea around Tokyo.

Emperor Hirohito was the chief war criminal who got away scotch free because of a secret deal with the USA.
His relative Prince Asaka who directed the entire Nanjing Massacre was also not charged at all.

This is a must watch video !
Dr Rhawn Joseph(US) re-discovers some of the treasures in Asia
stolen by the Japanese during the war


Uploaded on May 24, 2007
http://RapeofNanking.info "Hirohito, Japan & Asia's Stolen Treasures: Why the World Forgot The Rape of Nanking, Japanese Atrocities,
& The Golden Lily." As detailed in a shocking new movie, being directed and produced by acclaimed documentary film-maker, Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D., Japan's Emperor Hirohito made a secret deal with U.S. General Douglas MacArthur and the U.S. government to protect the Japanese royal family and thousands of Japanese war criminals, in return for a significant share of the over 100 billion dollars in gold, jewels, and other commodities that the Japanese had stolen from the China, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and all of Asia. The US government promised Hirohito that neither he nor any member of the royal family would stand trial or even be questioned, and that most of the major war criminals would be allowed
to return to power in post-war Japan, some after only a few years in prison. As part of the deal, Japan was also allowed to keep tens of billions of dollars worth of stolen loot. Thus, while the China, Korea, and the other Asian countries watched in envy, their stolen treasures went to rebuilding Japan and accounts for Japan's post-war "economic miracle." The title of Dr. Joseph's new film is: "Hirohito & Asia's Stolen Treasures Why the World Forgot The Rape of Nanjing & Japanese Atrocities." He is also the Director of "The Rape of Nanking." During the Pacific War and World War II, it was well known that Japanese soldiers tortured, beheaded, bayonetted, raped, set on fire, and murdered millions of women, children, and old men including Chinese, British, Dutch, Australian, and American POWs. As the war drew to a close, the US congress, political leaders, newspapers, and people from around the
world demanded that Hirohito and the entire royal family be tried as war criminals. However, after the the Phillipines was liberated from Japan, the US made an amazing discovery. Under the direction of Hirohito's brother, prince Chibubu, the Japanese buried billions of dollars in gold in tunnels and caves excavated by Japanese engineers. Hirohito and the royal family had systmatically looted every Asian country they had attacked. Asian treasure had been hidden in the Phillipines, in banks, or sat in sunken ships at the bottom of Tokyo Bay. Billions more had been used to fund the Japanese war machine, or had been secretly deposited in dozens of major banks headquartered in neutral countries. However, there is a saying: "To the victor goes the spoils." The U.S. as victor felt entitled to share in the spoils of war. However, to make the deal stick, the world's Number 1 war criminal, Emperor Hirohito was absolved off all responsibility.The U.S. began conspiring with mass murderers, war criminals, and the gangsters and to cover up their crimes. It was imperative that Hirohito and all responsible members of the royal family, never be charged, never be questioned, and that all go free. Even General Ishii who commanded the infamous unit 731 received immunity. Ishii made a private deal with MacArthur. General Ishii had conducted horrible medical experiments on innocent people, injecting Koreans, Chinese, Russians, Americans, and others with horrible diseases and then dissecting people alive, without anesthesia. According to Colonel Sanders, "MacArthur agreed to immunity for all in return for all the [unit 731] information." Ishii later became a millionaire and director of Japan's Green Cross.
Hirohito would also go free and would never be questioned. However, during the trial Tojo insisted that he followed the orders of the Emperor. When Tojo was asked. "Did you ever make any suggestion or take any action against the Emperor's wil..." Tojo replied: "No, I didn't. None of us would dare act against the Emperor's will." Other prosecutor's immediately began demanding that Hirohito be indicted immediately and placed on trial. Keenan and MacArthur immediately sent their agent, Ryukushi Tanaka, to speak with Tojo. Tojo stubbornly refused to change his testimony. " Hirohito realizing the jeopardy he was in, ordered Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal Koichi Kido to meet with Tojo. On January 4, Kido and Tojo met. As later revealed by Tanaka: "Kido talked to Tojo and told him of Keenan's intentions. Kido tried very hard to persuade him and Tojo understood and reluctantly agreed." When Tojo appeared again in court, Tojo retracted and changed his testimony, took all the blame, and absolved Hirohito of all responsibility.Thus, General MacArthur, and the United States government conspired with war criminals, mass murderers, and gangsters to cover up the crimes of Hirohito and the royal family, in
return for a significant proportion of the 100 billion dollars in gold, silver, and other assets which had been looted from all over Asia by Japan, and allowed Hirohito and the royal family to get away with mass murder.


Anonymous said...

Well done virtuous America.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"Ad victorem spolias"

"To the victor, the spoils". Once you are at war, the idea of "ownership" no longer applies. What counts is how much force you can render to keep what you own -- including your life -- being taken away from you.

Anonymous said...

Todate the Japanese people who are always 'praised' by the shitty times propaganda as
'courteous' are still visiting and praying at the shrine that house these war criminals who committed the atrocious deeds against mankind.

in fact their leader is doing a pyschogical war against its neighbour, by invoking horrors of the war COMMITTED by them 70 years by actions such as naming a huge war ship recently after a flagship that attacked China.

what is the point of these bowings and seemingly friendly demeanor if ONE cannot reflect and repent ???

Anonymous said...

It is getting really distasteful to praise instead of condemnation by the sg state media, for the japanese non-action against their law makers most REGRETFUL acts of paying homage to war criminals!

Anonymous said...

Most Japanese are still the same as their fathers and grandfathers of WW2. They are hiding behind their suits and politeness. They are waiting to return to the days of Imperial Japan.

Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking what is the point of having a clean toilet bowl like the Japs when their 'strategic heart' is so dirty and stink. Ok many japs r careless about politics BUT if they cannot stop the invoking the horrors by their elected leaders then who is to blame ? japs themselves.

b said...

I think LKY is also a war criminal since he assisted the japs in oppressing the locals. His hands are full of innocent blood.

Anonymous said...

If there is karma, it will come to Fukushima.

b said...

I have watched a video how a jap soldier cut off a chinese pregnant woman belly and killed the foetus in public. They committed the most horrible war crimes against humans. THEY MUST BE BOUGHT TO JUSTICE.

Anonymous said...

You forget to mention Ex President Nathan too worked for the Japanese. And he later works for Lee Kuan Yew, the First Prime Minister Of Sin.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese as a people are not even remorseful of the atrocious and barbaric war crimes they committed.

Anonymous said...


The hatred that locals has against prc is showed, a local has lash out and was fine $4000, will there be more such incidents, the setiments is showing, coming out of cracks and holes.

Am i right to say that?.


Anonymous said...

Deep in their heart, the Japs have lost their humanity and sense of morality. They won't know what is repentance as it is not in their psyche. Coupled with a superiority complex, that makes them a very unique people, one of its kind in the world.

What we have seen is just a facade.That is nothing much the world can do. As the US seer Edgar Cayce has predicted, Japan will sink into the ocean in the near future. Lets' hope that won't happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to dis-credit this blog, but people like veritas with his one sided views has not help, but worsen with opinions he shared will get into the heads of some, the peranakans has a large clump of his shit.......not every peranakan is rich, by standards most are just like you and me, history cannot create the present, they are lesson learnt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree that Veritas' view is very strong and offensive to those affected. This blog will be fair to everyone and those who disagree with him are free to tear his view to pieces. No one will be banned from going against Veritas or Matilah or even my view.

There is as much freedom of expression as it is possible here. I try my very best not to delete any post unless absolutely necessary.

Please wallop them with your own versions of things and events. Challenge him and prove him wrong. Then we will see a better truth.

Thank you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Kaki, the growing numbers of foreigners would become a point of contention and aggression. There are just to many being brought in and conflict will be the next natural thing to happen.

Anonymous said...

maybe digging the church ground opposite the padang may yield gold bullions buried by these mother fuckers

knnccb ... hope they allow me to join in too