The Americans bullying another superpower wannabe

The way the Americans manhandled the female Indian diplomat in New York is simply humiliating. She was handcuffed in public, stripped down and even had a cavity search done on her. The Indians are furious about this demeaning conduct of the American police. There was no respect for decency and courtesy extended to a diplomat of another country. They are treating her like another of those from the Third World country. It was abused and an assault on human dignity.

India is rightly not bemused and angry. And India is behaving exactly how a big power should, go for a tit for tat. India is not going to be push around, not even by the Americans. India is going to subject the same treatment to American diplomats in India.

This is something that China must learn. As a big power it has to behave like a big power and mush give the other guy a bloody nose if being whacked. If not, China would be kicked around not only by the USA, but also by Japan and pesky countries like the Philippines.

In international relations dominated by the American and western powers, the language is power. And if one has the power, one must use it. There is nothing to be shy about it. Let the pesky countries scream. That is the only thing they could do and the screaming will die down after a while and they will learn not to misbehave. If not dealt with this way, they will keep on coming back to scratch at China.

After this incident, India will be accorded the respect it deserves as a big power from the Americans. The Americans would not dare to do it again to any Indian diplomat or abuse India in any way.

China must look at this case and learn the India way to deal with another country, big or small. As a big power, you have to behave like a big power to be respected. If not, just sit on them and let them feel the weight. That is what the Americans have been doing all the while and this time on India. And India is shoving the Americans off its back. It is not going to be a pushover. China must not be a pushover or it would be pushed to a corner in a very humiliating way that is unbecoming of a big power.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

There must be a reason, and also a good one, why America dare to bully even a big power like India by manhandling the female Indian diplomat in New York.

Just like there must be a reason (or reasons) why the strongest Sinkie opposition party is not even ready to be govt, and its leader even praised the ruling party as competent.

Maybe prominent bloggers like RB can speculate on the reasons and write another post on it. This will certainly make interesting reading.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In today's media report, the American's refuted the Indian's allegation of handcuffs and cavity search.

Obviously one party is lying by the skin of their teeth. White lies at such a level?

How much to believe when Indian rioters alleged that our police assaulted them in captivity when the best place to whack them was at the scene of the rioting?

Virgo49 said...


That's why they are been pushed around and bullied by everyone even though they are the Majority in any country. They even bullied their own kind and collaborated with others not their same skins to bully their own.

So, think they deserved to be screwed by others.

These Ah Nehs, no better lah!!

Think nobody dared to touch them just because they are the higher caste in their countries.

Just like a small company boss, his/her staff respected and obeyed him/her so they also think that whatever they go, everybody must do the same.

They did not know they are the kachang puteh two dollars firms.

Love to see the whites bashed up the blacks.

Anonymous said...

...our police assaulted them in captivity...

Not surprising, even if it is true.

Or else how to make them spill the beans on those rioters who burnt the police cars and ambulances?

And dunno true or not, I heard police has a way of assaulting people and inflict pain without leaving any assault marks or injuries as evidence.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @10.15

Easy lah!

Just soak a cloth with water and punched the bugger on the stomach.

No injuries and bruises.

Alternatively, tie the joker onto a chair with hands and legs bound.
Eyes covered with cloth

Tilt the bugger with head upwards. Slowly drips water from a water flowering flask into his nose.

See whether he talks or not.


Anonymous said...

@Virgo49 said

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Anonymous said...

This cobragate is getting more complex. It is reported that Khobragade is being blackmailed by the maid in India.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Balls lah. The Indian diplomat in question is a CRIMINAL.

She exploited her domestic servant by under paying her, remembering that this relationship is "asymmetrical" -- rich powerful Indian civil servant vs poor domestic worker Indian national.

At the root of this I WILL BET that this shameful behaviour of "strong bully weak" is rooted in the CASTE SYSTEM

Plus the diplomat lied and gave false statements to the cops.

The Indian govt thinks that their people in the diplomatic service are "above the law"? Fuck them in their asses with a smelly chapati lah.

Throw the bitch in jail lah. And when her prison term is up, throw her the fuck out of the US.

Is America bullying the Indian diplomat? I hope so, and I hope they do more. Bullies need to receive back in kind what they've sadistically dished out to their helpless, disempowered victims.

Veritas said...

Actually in this incidence, India was suspected to distort facts again. USA keep quiet and give India face.

Indians don want face and keep on talk cock, self-victimized. Recently, USA decided to expose Indians and their cock talking.

On BBC recently. Who, What, Why: Does Devyani Khobragade have diplomatic immunity?

If you are a diplomat abroad, you can get away with murder.

The provision is spelt out in treaties. The 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations says diplomats are immune from prosecution in a host country if they break the law.

For that reason, say experts, Ms Khobragade, as deputy consul general, could be prosecuted for the crimes she has been accused of. If you are a consular general, you have "consular immunity", rather than "diplomatic immunity"

Indian officials said they have moved Ms Khobragade to the United Nations. UN officials have to accept her credentials. In addition US state department officials have to sign off.

"By changing her status, Indian officials are signalling that they understand she would not be protected by consular immunity," said Mr Hollis.

Because Indians are full of cock and shit and they know they are in the wrong and cannot fight the case, thats why Devyani Khobragade was given a promotion to UN as a diplomat.

USA is not bullying Devyani Khobragade but are following procedures. There may be some spat between USA and India and Devi was target. That we do not know. But USA law enforcer conduct is within bounds.

India has shown herself to be clown again. But this time, India being ally of USA is going to be let off hook lightly again as USA need her to contain China.

RB, anything from India must be more careful. Don ever trust the shit words from India. India nationals are well known as liar.

Anonymous said...

Why tell RB? Go tell Emeritus Goh and George Yeo.

Anonymous said...

latest news from the recent near collision between China US navy, defence minister of beekok just kowpeh that China warship action 'irresponsible'.
Every incident you interpret the way you want. Of course when another country war ship try to go so near a us carrier strike fleet during naval exercise, us navy won't be so kind already.. it boils down to military muscle..

same same to india us

oldhorse42 said...

So many Indian stories!
Just after the Little Indian Riot stories, our Indian Minister quickly visited the Indian FWs at their dormitories to calm them fearing that the Indian would pack up and leave this little red dot.
Then an Indian woman was murdered by her husband and chucked headless and torso less into Whampoa river.
Now we have this female Indian consular officer who committed fraud and brought disgrace to her country.Yet the leaders of that country reacted as if female consular officer was bullied and victimised.
Even a respectable blogger like RB aka Chia Kim Leng thinks likewise!

Anonymous said...

Thinking that she would not be prosecuted in court since she is a diplomat, she was alleged to have violated the local laws. She should not be spared if what she did was intentional and thst has got nothing to do with whether or not USA is a superpower.

Anonymous said...


Veritas said...

Thinking that she would not be prosecuted in court since she is a diplomat, she was alleged to have violated the local laws. She should not be spared if what she did was intentional and thst has got nothing to do with whether or not USA is a superpower.

She is way below diplomat, she is just a consul, and her entitlement is consular immunity, way below that of diplomatic immunity.

She did commit "enslavement" in USA, and this is a very grave crime there. India could have shut up and quietly ask for her release. Unfortunately, India blow things up and macho Indian now keep posting hate post in forums and chat room all over the world.

She is not yet a diplomat and that is the reason that after she got caged, India promoted her to UN mission, granting her a full diplomat status.

Now USA cannot do anything to her, without further escalation. India is fuck up.

The only reason George fucking Yeo and chee bye Chok Tong want so much Indian here is to screw our backside and hope our women get raped one day.

We should have a national holiday to celebrate George fucking yeo kid got leukemia, and hope more will get it, and also misfortune fall in chee bye chok tong's family.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi bro anon10.33

First method by most police and provost and prison officers.

Second method by Int. Platoon, so called intelligence platoon. Do not know whether still got Int. Platoon in the HQ SAF.

Very effective method in getting info from enemy POWs.

In jungle no electricity unless use batteries energy. Give the buggers a nice massage by attaching electrical circuits to the water on his feet.

Just like Adrian Lim the temple medium who does this to his captives.

Bro, joke only. POWs kept in tiger cages and let the big red ants bite their asses.

b said...

How can a country that anyhow gang raped women speak up for a woman? I think they are just wayanging. Americunt and Ahnehs are long time allies. So many annehs have big fat jobs in americunt mnc just by screwing other people including their own kind (e.g. retrenchment). Not all ahnehs are bad but top ahnehs are really really bad - far far worst than top white, yellow, brown men.

b said...

Anyway, this woman looks like a slut when she was arrested. Anyone know who she fathered the child with? She is like tintin who rides on coattails.