From Swiss Standard to Indian Dream

Our relations with India cannot be better. Thanks to Chok Tong for spear heading this drive into India and the signing of CECA. There are so many Indian businesses operating here, the biggest among the foreign countries. And they are 200,000 India professionals working here, helping to shore up the property prices. And there must be at least half a million Indian workers helping up in the construction industry and building HDB flats for Sinkies and keeping the construction cost low. This must be a win win formula for both countries.

Chok Tong is there in India again probably discussing for more social and economic cooperation. There will be a one year long celebration in both countries in 2015 to commemorate the growing relations and cooperation between the two countries. This social economic and political copulation could lead to more big things to come. GIC and Temasek would now be able to invest more of their treasure chests in India. Many Sinkies can also look forward to working in India. Our jobless PMEs can discard their taxis and security guard uniforms and move to India for more lucrative jobs as professions and managers once again.

India is a big country and full of opportunities. Sinkies must not always think of working here. Think overseas, and India is where they could find their fortunes in rupees. The next super power will have more than a billion people and a subcontinent to offer. Look at the opportunities and possibilities to help rebuild India.

Our students can also study in Indian universities. India is well recognised for IT and finance expertise. We can train more finance professionals in India and let them follow the Indians to conquer all the financial centres in the world, from New York to Singapore.

Chok Tong has made a big difference by venturing into India. Forget about the old Swiss Standard of yore. That is passé, obsolete, no longer attractive. Dream India, think India. That is the future.


Anonymous said...

You might want to update your piece. Just now there is a report carried by Singapore News Alternative that an Indian family has advertised for a Singaporean maid at between $600-800 pm.Soon we will be exporting our women as maids to India.

Anonymous said...

Look at this RB pau! Indian expat family advertised for S'porean maid!!! Doomsday for Sinkies lai liao!


Anonymous said...

Go to India for work and business
if You can stand the shits as portrayed
by the very enlightened Veritas.
Any doubt, verify with Veritas.

Anonymous said...

The smell of indian curry can once again return to HDB heartland..

Anonymous said...

Singaporean maids for super rich Indian families. Why not. They may be paying $5k pm which is good enough to hire a young graduate. Just don't get raped.

Anonymous said...

Like hell Indian family will pay you 5k to be a maid. In the advert, they're offering $600-800 per month. 11 hours per day, 6 days a week to clean, cook and look after kids, the elderly and pets.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Well this must be a piece of good news. At least Sinkie women need not go overseas to be maids.

Or is this a rude reminder to tell Sinkies that they would be maids soon and they are only worth $600-$800?

The first spur is being shafted in. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

The India Dream coming to Singapore.

Santa Barbara Green Construction said...

It’s hard to find knowledgeable people regarding but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.

Anonymous said...


India student who took the international tests ranked bottom in the pisa test.

Their universities also not in top 500

but their graduates coming here can snatch top jobs in IT/banking .. something is amiss

is it because of the agreement signed ??

Anonymous said...

Not say Goh Chok Tong like India lah.

It's because India Indians and Bangalas happened to be the most readily and best available people, in IT and construction respectively, to Sinkieland mah. And in the quantities needed. And when you go for quantity, for quality you know lah.

And PAP govt would have taken Eskimoes also if they were the most readily and best available people. Tio bo, you say lah?

Anonymous said...

Is Melville Park Condo near Changi Business Park?

No wonder lah.

Anonymous said...

Ironically the cheap influx of graudates from these 3rd world countries stand in STARK CONTRAST against what has been advised by the govt.- the delay of obtaining a degree by ITE students, but get working experience instead!!

Anonymous said...

A lowly degree from India's 3rd world university would still beat a ITE certificate hands down in the mind of an employer if the foreigners are asking for a lower starting pay which is
what they are doing. as more and more graduates like pinoys burmese, India nationals PLUS SG RELENTLESS inflation .. the starting pay of ITE and outsiders degrees will start to match !!!!

Anonymous said...

Soon or later our students without a degree would be greatly DISADVANTAGED as millions more outsiders start to flood the already conjested island in the next decade.

Anonymous said...

Like your India Dream. One kopi for you.

Anonymous said...

edutiTThis government talk one thing and do another. As long as FTs are cheaper, they will always be welcome by businesses. Its a no brainer. You think our ministers do not know thsi simple fact? So now you know who is to be blamed!

Veritas said...

The white man ally with Indians against Chinese. Qualcomm is 60% Indians, Microsoft 30%. Google and Facebook have a lot of Indians. Only company that do not like Indians is Apple under Steve Jobs. Now Tim Cook is bring Indians into Apple.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the FTs are cheaper. Let's change the govt with cheaper FTs.

Veritas said...

The Indians working in banks and banks IT are not cheap. Many are working in front office like traders.

We need to wake up our mentality that they are cheap so they got hired. In many cases its not. They are very well paid.

The white man MNC prefer them. Even in DBS, if Indians become boss, they will ship in their whole village.

Anonymous said...

Since we cannot achieve the Swiss Standard after years of trying, so why not take the easier way and try to achieve the Indian Standard.

After all, we are already quietly slipping down on many fronts, which does not warrant mentioning, despite all the denials. So, benchmarking against India may be the solution to achieving our dreams or shall I say nightmare? Trust the Holy Ghost's words.

Veritas said...

Next question, why not MNC set up shop in India and hire locals instead? I have 2 explanations. First reason may not be significant, it is because Singapore has good infrastructure and law and tax haven.

But that got not too much to do with IT and why MNC still put IT here? They can deploy IT in Bangalore or hyderabad. Today call center can be from India to philippines, I do not see why IT center cannot.

Second is more sinister. It is a deliberate attempt of white man to take over Singapore and dilute locals with white man and Indians, to counter China.

If you look at white man MNC hiring patterns, it always look like this. The CEO or senior managers of SG office is Indians. Then Indians lackies are ship in.

The concept of Indian talent is a big joke. You go to our fledgling China MNC here like Huawei, not a single Indians there.

If Indians are so good, why Huawei no Indians.

You go Citibanks CBP, not a single Chinese there. Why why why? Singapore now become a battleground for racist thanks to PAP.

Anonymous said...

The govt should tell the MNCs go locate in India, cheap labour, good IT, and good in everything. Not happy with Singapore, please go.

I bet they will come back begging on their knees.

Why is our govt on its knees begging them to stay? Daft or lack of confidence or they know that we are all hot air and have nothing good to offer the MNCs?

They will really go away! Strategically they must stay even if we want to chase them away. They need this place as their base.

Veritas said...

We should kick this MNC who refuse to hire SG back India. They are not creating any jobs for locals but keep on flooding here with caste shit FT Indians.

- impose caste system
- push up property price
- don serve NS liability
- depress salary
- bully taxi drivers

Don make sense for locals.

Other than stealth invasion of Singapore sponsored by India USA and PAP, I do not see the reasons why MNC want to put HQ here and ship in Indians.

They got functioning infra-structure in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chenai, Bombay and with high speed networking, all IT jobs can move there.

We are under siege inside out.

b said...

PAP is pro indiAn party. The only way to stop this trend is for the majority to stop voting for this party before they flood the citizenships with native indians. Sinkies should not have fought for independence 50 years ago. Under angmo rule still much better than under indian rule. THey will bring their caste system wherever they go.


b said...

December 05, 2013 11:25 am

- so sad that we are degraded to maid in our own country earning a miserable wage that cannot even substain.

- we must put a stop to this pro anneh party.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for my ignorance and innocense.
I see Veritas blaming Indians for causing problems in places all over the World. On the other hand, i also learnt from him that the Indians are not that intelligent. How then did they have so much influence over others in politics and are so much in demand in the workplace all over the World?

Having civilized for more than five thousand years does speak volumes about the Tribe. There got to be much wisdom to survive this long and remain influential.

b said...

"The white man ally with Indians against Chinese."

- the europeans never really like the indians. they prefer chinese. they slowly understand that the indians are not trustworthy.

- amercians are pseudo white men. those in power are in fact not really european descents but j-descents.

b said...

December 05, 2013 4:32 pm

- you can visit some australia forum to see the hatred between the white men and the indians. it is their caste system they bring along with them that makes this world a worst place to live in.


b said...

"How then did they have so much influence over others in politics and are so much in demand in the workplace all over the World?"

- they can bullshit very well even better than angmo.

b said...

Eastern europeans are becoming stronger in outsourcing services. THey can all speak english these days. They are cheaper than many of the south asians counterparts. Very soon, all the outsourcing will be placed in europe. Their IT skills rocks. Once Ukraine comes in, it will wipe india off the outsourcing map.

Veritas said...

Ukraine may have no chance in the west. The Russian and Eastern European are strong in natural science but -- they belong to the Slavic sphere.

As long as the slav is perceived as a threat to the west, USA wont trust them with anything. Only exception is Jews in those countries.

India was trusted by USA for one reason, USA is helping her to counter China. By setting up IT shop there, USA is actually transferring technology to India. By setting up MNC in SG and shipping India here, USA is helping Indians to take over Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I read all your posts very carefully, am aware that You have said 5% of top caste Brahmins hold sway over India Indians. You seemed to imply that the 5% also hold sway over oversea Indians and other nationalities everywhere all over the World.
Am i misreading You?

Anon 4:32 pm

Veritas said...

The most recent wave of Indians that gone overseas to USA, who are the intellect type are mostly higher caste Brahmins, the reddy, Patel, Bose, Das, Gupta...etc.

The former waves are made up of laborers who are mainly lower caste, like those ended up in Malaya, east africa or Caribbeans.

The oversea Indians are now in alliances with USA. They still have not usurp the Jews yet, and are not remotely close to the power of USA Jews.

But it seems that USA are giving them a lot of help. The H1B visa is designed for them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Why I like doing business in today's world -- especially if you live in an inflated western demo-crazy, is that you can benefit from BOTH India and China's dominance in global markets.

Between them, and smaller players like Vietnam and the Philippines , you can have a very cost-effective and super-productive workforce offshore, and cut your business running costs by orders of magnitude.

Labour is a global commodity now, subject to the variances in market price, just like any other factor of production.

The idea of "jobs for locals only" is an out-moded idea. It doesn't apply in today's world

Anonymous said...

that is why Singapore student should not waste time in polytechnic diploma instead get a degree , every year millions of graudates complete their studies, the world be would flushed with graduates from China India Pinoyland ...

Ok now why these 3rd world countries are educating the masses like USA BUT Spore is opposite..

Polytechnic is obsolete in UK already SG still in the shadow of the colonial past !!


A polytechnic WAS a tertiary education teaching institution in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland offering higher diplomas, undergraduate degree and post graduate education that was governed and administered at the national level. After the passage of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 they became independent universities which meant they could award their own degrees.

In England, there are:
Anglia Ruskin University, formerly Anglia Polytechnic (located in Cambridge and Chelmsford)
Birmingham City University, formerly Birmingham Polytechnic
University of Brighton, formerly Brighton Polytechnic
Bournemouth University, formerly Bournemouth Polytechnic
University of Central Lancashire, formerly Lancashire Polytechnic
Coventry University, formerly Coventry Polytechnic
De Montfort University Leicester, formerly Leicester Polytechnic
University of East London, formerly Polytechnic of East London
University of Greenwich, formerly Thames Polytechnic
University of Hertfordshire, formerly Hatfield Polytechnic
University of Huddersfield, formerly Huddersfield Polytechnic
Kingston University, formerly Kingston Polytechnic
Leeds Metropolitan University, formerly Leeds Polytechnic
Liverpool John Moores University, formerly Liverpool Polytechnic
London Metropolitan University, formerly City of London Polytechnic and Polytechnic of North London
Manchester Metropolitan University, formerly Manchester Polytechnic
Middlesex University, formerly Middlesex Polytechnic
University of Northumbria at Newcastle, formerly Newcastle Polytechnic
Nottingham Trent University, formerly Trent Polytechnic (later Nottingham Polytechnic)
Oxford Brookes University, formerly Oxford Polytechnic
University of Plymouth, formerly Polytechnic South West
University of Portsmouth, formerly Portsmouth Polytechnic
Sheffield Hallam University, formerly Sheffield Polytechnic
South Bank University, formerly South Bank Polytechnic (in London)
Staffordshire University, formerly Staffordshire Polytechnic
University of Sunderland, formerly Sunderland Polytechnic
Teesside University, formerly Teesside Polytechnic
University of the West of England, formerly Bristol Polytechnic
University of West London, formerly Polytechnic of West London
University of Westminster, formerly Polytechnic of Central London and the Royal Polytechnic Institution - Regent Street
University of Wolverhampton, formerly Wolverhampton Polytechnic

Anonymous said...

The govt has worked so hard to sign the CECA to open doors for Sinkies to work or set up businesses in India. Why are Sinkies still refusing to go and want to stay here and be jobless or under employed?

India is a land of opportunities for Sinkies. Or they can go there buy up big land and build big houses by trading their expensive HDB flats. It is worth it. Cheap labour, low cost of living and wonderful culture.

Anonymous said...

I got this feeling that someone has a grudge and trying to do Singapore in while pretending to work so hard.