A Jewel to save Changi Airport

There is an editorial piece in the ST stressing how important the Jewel is going to be to save Changi Airport as the preferred aviation hub in the region. Changi is facing competition from KL and Bangkok and needs a game changer to stay in the race.
Now, what is the race about? Are travelers choosing to fly into Bangkok and KL or Singapore because of a shopping mall or a shopping mall that is dressed up as a jewel? 

I will be equally thrilled to know that those travelers will fly to Changi when their destinations are Thailand and Malaysia just because they want to visit the Jewel. So, after visiting the Jewel, they will then fly back to Bangkok and KL? I am still scratching my head over this kind of logic.

I think the only big difference that the Jewel can make is to replace Paris and London as the fashion and shopping centre of the world. Now how to do that when a shopping mall is a shopping mall and when a fashion centre is not just a shopping mall? I think the Jewel can be different by pricing all its goods out of this world like our minister’s salary. So all the rich travelers who just want to buy the most expensive luxury goods must come to the Jewel and no where else. It is another kind of branding, the most expensive city with the most expensive expressway and the most expensive shopping mall. And all the goods bought will have a Changi Jewel tag as a statement that it is the most expensive caused it was bought at the Jewel.

Other than this most expensive branding, what else would make the difference for travelers to fly to Changi just to be in Changi to be in the Jewel when their destination is Bangkok or KL?


Anonymous said...

RB, don't know leh, for me I always choose the destination where I wanted to go and if the airport is nice is a bonus lor. Never choose the airport then decide where to go lar

Anonymous said...


before talking about Jewel at the airport, I heard that there are massive traffic jam at our latest marina expressway calling drivers to avoid the new expressway tis evening after work.......

why like that........

agongkia said...

How to be happy when I see money thrown openly into the longkang.

My Ah Kong always tell us not to be a spendthrift,cannot anyhow spend money and I am really sad every time when see those money being spent like no one business.

I oso dun choose destination because of the airport facilities or image or whatever Jewel.Ting Tong ,Teng Ah Gee or what.

My priority is to choose those places where I can find my You Know Who to hug.
Whatever Jewel is nothing and no where to compare to my Jewels in those countries that i visit.Only my Jewels can give me a lasting impression.They are the one that can let me reduce stress and keep me motivated to work harder and longer hour.

Please stop being a Phua Kay.

Anonymous said...

We cannot afford this expensive PAP government anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is better to have the Jewel than to do nothing.

Or else how to justify the bureaucrats high salary by doing nothing?

Or how to create jobs for Sinkie (or foreign?) contractors and justify demands for foreign workers?

Or how to stimulate GDP growth if there is no infrastructure expenditure like the Jewel@Changi or the Marina Coastal Expressway?

Help the poor more can stimulate GDP? How, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2013 6:33 pm
/// Help the poor more can stimulate GDP? How, you tell me lah? ///

Pay millions in salaries to PAP Ministers can stimulate GDP? How, you tell me lah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just posted some pics on the Most Congested Expressway that cost $4.3b. Oh, the actual MCE is underground and underwater.

Anonymous said...

will they castrate the old fart n place his family jewel to enhance the feng shui of the dynasty??

knnccb ... hsien loong, return my cpf money. it's not pek kim .. u sob

Anonymous said...

Maybe create jobs for the foreigners...as part of Singapore contribution..to reduce unemployment in the world

Our PM has the foresight..