TRE scores on live reporting of the riot

While the media was still reporting the PAP convention and the new resolution, while the PAP leaders were making their war cries, the rioting had already started. And citizen journalists were everywhere covering the incident, not knowing the danger they were exposed to, and video recording the violence on site. And all they had were their mobile phones. And these little gadgets proved so worthy of their invention. And they downloaded the videos and information into TRE instantly to share. They are giving CNN and Fox News a run of the money in live coverage of the rioting in Little India.

Wow, this is a big feather on the hat of TRE. The whole world must be tuned in to TRE for the latest reports. The viewership must have hit a new high.

Well done TRE. You have done it. No need expensive professional reporters. The reports and videos were just what the people wanted to see. No need any verification or clarification, no need editorial approval. They were straight from the scene, the real stuff.

You want to read what was happening from the main media, wait till tomorrow morning. The power and influence of social media are unmatched by snail news.


b said...

Thanks to that particular empire - you have your live feeds.

Anonymous said...

Reporting by
- public => See the real thing
- pap-approved reporters, journalist => see and read the PAP thing PAP want you to see

Anonymous said...

@December 10, 2013 8:47 pm

it's PUBIC reporting ... by msm

knnccb .... love the msm, common to read news reporting credited to two reporters

Gintai_昇泰 said...

You just hit the nail at the right spot. Main media getting irrelevant and obsolete. I got all my updates direct from the scene phase by phase on FB and twitter. Some of my overseas friends were shocked and thought I was joking when I told them. Until they saw the live video recordings and the graphic pics then only reality sank in! They started clamouring me for more updates. What the main media all these while? In fact they had to depend on the public for fresh updates. Now you know why they mati mati want to control the new social media? This episode proves the point. It's quite obvious really. Langgar daa!

Anonymous said...

When the rioting started around 9.30pm, there should be some warning in the news to the public to avoid Little India, not at 9.30pm but maybe 10pm or later for safety reasons. Was this done?