Is there a conspiracy to keep retard Sinkies from banking and finance?

Singapore is a financial centre but increasingly Sinkies are found wanting in banking and finance. There are very few Sinkies that have the experience for top and middle management in banking and finance. And this great financial centre has to go to the 3rd World where banking and finance are rudimentary at most to find experienced bankers to fill up senior banking and finance jobs.

Is this crazy or idiotic, I dunno. Is there a conspiracy to keep Sinkies out of these jobs? I dunno. What I do know is that in a matter of time no Sinkie or very few will have the experience to be even considered for such jobs. A Sinkie financial centre will be run by foreigners from the 3rd World when banking is but little finance companies and pawn shops.


Anonymous said...

Do the financial institutions here have accounts whose names are replaced by digits?

if so, why??

knnccb, asshole hsien loong return my cpf money, it's overuse... u father fucking sob.

oldhorse42 said...

Since sinkies are retard as said by RB aka Chua Chin Leng, they cannot be expected to hold jobs in Banking and Financial sectors where superb high brain power is required.
Big money is involved, you know!

Anonymous said...

The smart sinkies are now paying themselves $$$. The retards remaining are now moulded by their million $$$ ministers to be faster, cheaper and better than FTs to keep their jobs.


Anonymous said...

First of all, whether retard or brilliant, Sinkies simply do not have the numbers lah.

Whereas those 3rd world foreign talents came from a population pool numbering in the hundreds of millions or even billions. For instance, the population of India is 1.2 billion. Just 0.1% of them being talented is enough to supply millions of them to Sinkieland already, tio bo? And definitely there are more than 0.1% of them being talented, statistically speaking.

Still wondering why Changi Business Park has so few Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

"First of all, whether retard or brilliant, Sinkies simply do not have the numbers lah."
Anon 3:52 pm

Is it that's why even the Sinkie govt see Sinkies "no up" and hence make Sinkies "2nd class" in their own Sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

RB, talented sinkies wanting to earn big bucks can only join the government or civil service lar. Banking and IT already captured no hope lar

Anonymous said...

Only hope is to vote Opposition.
Nothing else left to lose.

b said...

Of cos it is way easier to control the retards than the talented. The talented will go against the evil rulers, the foreigners no matter how talented will not for fear of being deported and will do whatever the rulers tell them to do including very immoral stuff.