EDB wants companies to develop local talents

Normally I would have dropped on the floor and laugh myself crazy at such a statement. It is like waking up in the morning and remembering that it is important to brush your teeth. It is like realizing that we need to have our own soldiers and not hiring foreign mercenaries to guard our homes and country. But it is still good to remember and try to undo the damage, to do the necessary that have been long forgotten. It is a pathetic piece of news. Below is a part of an Editorial posted in TRE.

‘In a recent interview with the media, EDB Chairman Leo Yip said that EDB will work with MNCs to help get more locals into top posts.

“More companies are increasingly conducting global decision-making activities, such as procurement and brand management, out of Asia,” said Mr Yip.

“The market pull of Asia is increasingly attracting multinational companies… (and) companies are responding and organising themselves to have both regional and global functions here, and that is translating into new and exciting jobs for Singaporeans.”
He acknowledged that a pipeline of local managerial talent is needed to support the international and regional headquarters of MNCs being set up here.

“For a Singaporean to develop his or her career in a (multinational) on a managerial pathway, he or she will have to build up exposure to regional, or even global, markets,” said Mr Yip.

The EDB is working with companies to develop programmes that will identify locals for top positions in multinationals…’

And where should the EDB start, in foreign owned MNCs or in local companies or in the GLCs or ministries and stats board. I read recently that a foreigner is now a deputy Chairman of a stats board. I remember under the first generation of leaders, one of the key objectives was to quickly develop local talents, and local then meant Singaporeans, to assume key appointments both in private and public offices. When was this forgotten and the need to bring in foreigners became a fad all because we have forgotten to develop our own talents? When the mission then was to remove the colonial yoke quickly, today it seems that we are happily and quickly putting on the foreign yoke back on our neck and walking around as a statement of pride that we have arrived…back to the colonial days.

Our parent’s generation transformed this island in one generation to a modern and prosperous city, like planting a big tree. Now who is claiming credit and enjoying the fruits of this tree? Maybe like they said, it would not last through the third generation. Somehow some asses will lose it or give it away. It would be lost.


b said...

LKY must be dying soon and election must be round the corner. It is time to buy some votes especially sympathy ones. How many out there still think this parliament is for the people?

Anonymous said...

This should be done earlier. I remember other countries always attached this requirement when MNC seek to set up business in the country. MNC is supposed to transfer knowledge to locals. I think only Sinkieland does the opposite. MNC are welcome to play and screw locals. They can go out without paying local prostitutes.

Veritas said...

This should be done earlier. I remember other countries always attached this requirement when MNC seek to set up business in the country. MNC is supposed to transfer knowledge to locals. I think only Sinkieland does the opposite. MNC are welcome to play and screw locals. They can go out without paying local prostitutes.

PAP has already done it earlier. Keng Swee is a fucker no doubt, but at the very least, he still make it extremely difficult for MNC to flood us with FT, unless talk about senior level.

That is a reason why Singaporeans feel things are good at the 80s. Keng Swee was caught fucking Phua Swee Liang in MOE by Kuan Yew. Keng Swee is also an example of fucker in MOE that many teachers later follow. Kuan Yew fire Keng Swee.

Since then, Kuan Yew and Chok Tong, who pretend to know the poor, implements the FT policy, aiming at screwing us. Then came LHL, who is a sado masochist, that cannot do anything right, and whose legacy is FT policy and an albino son.

Another clown George Yeo, a fake catholic with with caste-ist Indian for a CECA deal, that fuck us hard. Jehovah punish him by giving him a Leukemia son. Hearing Junior Geoge Yeo get Leukemia is among the best news for me for many years.

With such leaders, who need enemies.

Anonymous said...

During Philip Yeo regime, EDB was to groom sinkies to skill them and to place them into jobs, that was the days when VITB was inplace, students were given trade test and awarded ntc certification of 3, 2 and then 1. Afterwhich the german inst. and french inst was to educate them for future diploma and future teachers.

This was change to ITC and then the grades of ntc was no longer in use and right now almost completly forgone. There was a couple of inst to instill ntc, suchbas TATA, Philips etc, all went away and its its place ITC was form, those in that era suddenly find that ntc is obsolete, it was previuosly used even as a entry level to poly and jobs, the old farts holding this certs was those from the baby bloom era, they cannot go anywhere with that piece of paper, it turned rubbish.

These are the people together with those from poly that form a large piece of the industries, they are doom for those that want placement into jobs as they are obsolete, the fucking system again see to it that those people are lump into limbo......relics in a time that is gone.

All was bonded as companies then to retain people made it a very common practice, No adjustment is made for any transaction.....those idiots that did not make it to management goes on to change their trade, if you talk about experience, knowledge, know how, tons of practical experience.....these were the people, they are discarded as most draws high pay by ft's, it was no fault of their own as this was one of the direction that was fame and exploded tobthe people.....one more freaking failure as these are forgotten people.

If you guys want a good example of how suck up the system is, this would be an excellent one, all these daft idiots are now in their 40's, 50's and even 60's.

I'm sure whatever bloody scheme that is thought out will be screwed as changes do not cater for those that turned old, if you're old, you're scrap, period.

Anonymous said...

RB, you so happy you forgot local talent means PR Talent from PRC and the sub-continent. Sinkies are no talent; remember they are daft and they won't wake up until they start driving taxis or collecting aluminium cans and carton boxes.


Anonymous said...

Second punishment was meted out when these trashes came flooding in - a humbling, history making loss in GE2011. He became the very first & only minister to lose a general election. Si beh Lau kui !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah, "free money" and resources from EDB. Corporate welfare -- si peh ho lah!

Should you take? Of course. Govt give free money, you MUST take lah!

Huat ah!