PAP, check!

We are now in the end game. The first check move has been made. How many moves will it take to a checkmate? I think it is a bit too late to read ‘How to play Chess by Karpov’ and to adopt new strategy and change tactics.

In the end game it is all forced moves. And the defender can only react while the attacker dictates the game and waiting for the final move…checkmate.


The said...

Aiyah, redbean, they are not playing your game of chess. Game of chest, maybe.

They are playing cheques and balances. Get multi-million dollar cheques each year, and check their balances in the the private banks and CPF accounts and, as Siah Sway said, very, very happy looking at the balances.

Anonymous said...

"They are playing cheques and balances."
The 10:07 am

Tiok lah. Not only they, but also all smart Sinkies.

That's why no(or rather not enough) smart Sinkies join opposition to make it strong and ready to be govt lah.

And without strong opposition, how to checkmate PAP, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Is this a new game, cheques and balance?

Anonymous said...

In a one man one vote GRC system, can minority (say 40% or less) loser, suffering Sinkies checkmate PAP?

Anonymous said...

Would there be changes to the influx of foreigners or things as usual?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Don't be foolish redbean. You are allowing your negatively-primed imagination to run RIOT (pun intended).

The PAP are far from being "beaten". They have now declared to "fight" for their principles -- fight who? Fight The Sheeple lah!

Fight, fight, fight, fight....

Got Tyler Durden?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is likely to happen is a slew of events to follow suit due to the high presence and concentration of foreigners in the island, from rioting to job dispute to employment of locals, high cost of living and housing etc etc. These events will simply unfold right in front of our eyes, in auto pilot mode.

No, the opposition will not be able to bring down the PAP and the govt. They will bring down themselves with their past policies. They are bearing fruits of self destruction. It is unstoppable.

Just sit back and watch. The forces that have built up and being released now will take their natural course.

Anonymous said...

What can 300 policemen do in a sea of tens of thousands of foreigners running riot? Can they see the danger they posed to themselves?

Anonymous said...

More and more people need to import to sustain they incredibly high pay, the 10 times the salaries of the Nordic countries' ministers?

Citizenships were given freely to lure them in, so they can sustain their incredibly high pay, so they can vote for them so to continue to get their high pay?

What amount of indirect taxes need to sustain this types of salaries, this type of salaries, need much more taxes then the norm, if it can't get it directly it got to be get indirectly? It got to come from somewhere, how long can it be sustain?

How if one of these days the new citizens wake to realise they need to pay lots of indirect taxes to sustain their salaries, what do they think, will they move out like the Greece?

Should automatically reduce their salaries to the manageable level of the Nordic countries ministers' salaries?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Just sit back and watch. The forces that have built up and being released now will take their natural course.

Certainly the likelihood of outbreaks of mob behaviour become greater as the population density increases.

But it is still nothing to be concerned about. The likelihood of dying in a plane crash is also real, but how "panic" are you going to allow yourself to get?

Life is uncertain. All sorts of shit can happen to you; even to "innocent" people. Death can come in an instant from something totally not your fault.

The question is: how do you want to live your life? In abject terror of something going wrong? In blissful ignorance? Or with mindfulness and understanding -- where you can experience little moments of peace, and perhaps even bliss -- just enough to keep you REAL, and just enough to keep you from going CRAZY WITH FEAR?

Your choice lah.

I like pussy and booze. As deluded as some may judge me, that's my "salvation". ;-)

Anonymous said...

different breed, different creed, mostly greed.
they don't care about collateral damages. money made, safe in bank. move on. anyway, nowhere near where they live, why care?

Anonymous said...

magician's left hand....
please lookout for bills/laws pass or gov reports release during these 'distraction'.

Anonymous said...

In order to sustain their incredibly high salaries, more and more people need to be imported to broaden the base so that the money can be bring to the top, extremely heavy income?

The base need to be build larger and larger so the top can enjoy very high salaries?

But the questions will it turn out like the greece as the Russian move out or like Hong Kong move back to the country in 1997?

Anonymous said...

The higher the income at the top, the broader the base in the bottom, which need to bring up the money to the top layer, in order to maintain the top income, more and more incentives need to entice people to be citizen to vote for them? But all the incentive came with a price, later they got to take back more from the new citizen to sustain the pyramids?

Anonymous said...

Entice them with incentives later take back more from them?

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Default Re: PAP chairman Khaw says Singaporeans look to party for their welfare
My Father-In-Law was a great supporter for PAP - involve every aspect of grassroots in 80s. Today, he was an old man with chronic illness.I don't see them come to visit him except election days. I know the poor old man heard there is a grassroot event, but must be there "physically" to get free door gifts. They use this method to entice "poor retire folks" to fill attendance and show the media …they have great support.

I can understand the poor folks got nothing to do at their age. Sometime, too much media limelight ….make us vomit! The leaders must move the people with HEART and not overexpose them with reporters surround them …. TCS Actors and let the whole spore know what you are doing or PM …. you have completed you KPI.(I'm not referring to policy announcements events)