Singapore should learn from China how to deal with illegal expatriates from western countries

China has been rounding up foreigners especially ang mohs who have been sneaking into CHINA by the thousands to work illegally in the country. Singapore should follow the step taken by CHINA and do the same instead of having the colonial hang of coddling to them. Also in China, unruly expatriates are being arrested, fined and punished with jail terms before being deported. In Singapore it seems a lot of westerners especially American ruffians are getting away scot free with boarish rowdy behaviour towards our local citizens. Is the authority doing anything to protect Singaporeans or else why are these aggressive western ruffians behaving as if they own this island.

Below is an article from CHINA DAILY on how it deals with western expatriates who are nothing but ruffians who sneak into the country to work illegally.

Beijing to deport unruly expats

( chinadaily.com.cn ) Updated: 2013-12-11 21:56:04
A foreigner in Beijing has been given a 12-day detention and a fine of 6,500 yuan ($1,070) for traffic violations and illegal employment and will be deported along with his father after serving the term, said police on Wednesday.
The foreigner, whose nationality and name haven't been disclosed, hit a middle-aged Chinese woman at the Zuojiazhuang intersection in Chaoyang district when riding a scooter on Dec 2.
The woman suffered minor injuries and was sent to a nearby hospital, and the man agreed to pay her 1,800 yuan in compensation.
The man was also detained for 7 days and fined 1,500 yuan for other breaches of the traffic regulations, as during their investigation into the accident the police found the foreigner had neither a driving license nor a motorbike plate and he was carrying a passenger on a scooter.
Police also found that the man and his father were working illegally. So he was detained for another 5 days and fined 5,000 yuan; his father was detained for 14 days and fined 10,000 yuan. The company that illegally hired the pair fined up to 20,000 yuan.
Both the man and his father are to be deported on their release, the police said.
The police said expatriates in China should comply with the country's laws and regulations. Police protect their rights, but they will also keep lawful management of them and crack down on illegal behavior to maintain social order.


Anonymous said...

Papies are running dogs of the west, that include angmoh n ah neh.

Knnccb.... wonder how many have multiple passports

b said...

Foreigners can be any aliens. In this case i do not think it is angmo from those mighty first world countries whereby lots of asians want to migrate to. Btw, there are a lot of ahnehs in GZ.

Anonymous said...

They propagandise the professional enforcers as heroes. I think the young man who was brutally beaten up by the gang of oversize whites while coming to the aid of a taxi driver harassed by them is a real hero, and it is shameful how he was treated by the very people that are supposed to be protecting us. To add insults to injuries (pun intended) one of the cowardly bullies did a runner right under the noses of our "hero" enforcers.
Tch, tch.

Anonymous said...

If Angmo scandalise our judicial system, they will be punished.

Remember the Briton Alan Shadrake? He served 5½ weeks in prison in 2011 after conviction for contempt of court and scandalising the Singapore judicial system.

So it all depends on the merits of each case, regardless of race and nationality.

Anonymous said...

thanks to ah neh foreign talents, ah beng bars, karaoka joints, hawker centre in jalan besar are also banned from selling liquors

now must serve shit laden NEWATER to survive i guess

excise duty revenue also drop ... fucking shit, where papies going to replace this lost of income?

ah neh veBy the powDerful leh ..

knnccb .... where is hsien loong now? KNNCCB

Veritas said...


I think our government may have some internet brigade attacking Singaporean commenters on the Little India Riot in a lot of nice forum hosted oversea.

These are really trolls that destroy the fun of commenting, and they do it like Thomas Kim and Barrie style... keep ranting and ranting...


Even talking to Hindutva or Islamofacist online is more fun. The Thomas Kim style really irritate me. Wonder why we cannot find good commenter to defend PAP stance.

My mood got spoiled.

Even Islamofacist or Hindutva, you can get a lot of fun talking to them.

Anonymous said...


By the way, how can we protect us from FT baiting (By High cast Indians... ha ha ha) in the on-line forums....


Anonymous said...

Dear PAPigs
This FT riot is your problem hor.
Don't call it a Singaporean problem hor.
When times are good, you don't call us to share in your million dollar salaries.
You only call us when there is shit to do like NS or FT running riots.

Good times, the credit & money all goes to you.
Bad times, then it's the usual "we are all in this together as Singaporeans" koyok.

Anonymous said...

Since they say it is an isolated incident then why ban liquor?

b said...

The riot may be connected to the curbing of hdb rental. Another money making scheme.

Veritas said...

I really get piss off with our internet brigade in oversea forum. CB

Intenet Brigade go and told everyone Singaporeans need foreigners, else we will die.

Even foreigners attack them and say they BS.


I dono how come our country can produce such a low class 007.

Anonymous said...

/// I really get piss off with our internet brigade in oversea forum. ///

Why don't you post a few links as proof.

Anonymous said...

@December 12, 2013 7:36 pm


whoever wield the sword call the shots .... PERIOD

"being inside the centre " does not fall ""within the xx radius" ruling"

knnccb .... if i am in cuntRol, heads will roll