Singapore students top PISA test

Is this another joke? Did they misspelt Pizza as PISA? There is still scintillating report in the media about how smart our students were, coming in second in mathematics and third in reading and science among 65 cities around the world.

Singapore is also reported to have one of the top education system. And we have students that scored straight As like no body’s business. And our universities are ranked among the best in the world.

Here is the truth. We don’t have good locals to be lecturers and professors and must import them wholesale from the rest of the world, including Third World countries. We don’t have the talents for middle and top management jobs and the island is importing millions of foreigners from the Third World countries to help the daft Sinkies.

And the govt just realize that they have to train the locals for middle and top management jobs and are hoping that the MNCs can help to train them. The foreigners are recruited to shore up both the private and public companies and increasingly into govt linked companies and statutory boards. Maybe it is only a matter of time before they take over the govt too.

Now, what was being reported in the media? Our students are among the best in the world? What is the joke? What happens when these Sinkie children grow up? Become duds and dafts? Which is the truth?

Many graduates and professionals are no longer fit to be employed and can only find solace in becoming taxi drivers. And the good talents from neighbouring countries are taking over the PME’s jobs from the top to the bottom. Presumably their students must be better than our students and their schools and universities must also be better as well. The only reason that they did not fare well in those tests and rankings is that they did not waste time participating. They rather spend their time and effort doing the real stuff, teaching them to be good, to be better than the Sinkies and take over their jobs and country.


The said...

No joke lah - we are good at exams. Exam smart, but not street smart. Look at the PISA scores - all the top countries are what I call "chopstick" countries - China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan. Ditto for high IQ countries. Must have something to do with the Chinese characters (Japan's Kanji is derived from Mandarin) - good spatial capability.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually Singapore is Number 2, Hong Kong #3.

Top of the rank is Shanghai.

Australia dropped in the rankings. I'm not surprised. Kids here are a bunch of spoilt, irresonsible little shits, who think the world owes them a living, and the only pursuit in life is to PARTY, without first being productive and earning the right to party.


It has more to do with CULTURE than it has to do with IQ (which many consider to be "junk" science).

As I've said to many would be emigres to Aust from Singapore: before you emigrate, make sure your kids are educated in the Singapore school system. If they enter school here, prepare yourself for the experience of juvenile delinquency. ;-)

Anonymous said...

In any economy, we need to love and nurture caterpillars so there is a constant supply of beautiful butterflies. Guess in this age of instant gratification we can import butterflies but they r short lived and die before too long. Without the right plants and environment the caterpillars will not thrive.

Anonymous said...

Thought matilah singapura has the highest accolade for super smart and successful youngsters in Sin. All the elderlies deserves to fuck themselves is also something he repeated here frequently and Rb happens to be his targetted victim.
Spoilt irresonsible kids can become some of the best and most successful folks in Sin.
So, what the problem with upbringings?

Anonymous said...

Singapore students clever so what?

1. At work they will still report to a Foreign Talent from an unrecognized Indian university.

2.And their CPF money that belongs to them can never be used for their own enjoyment.

3.And for 2 years, they still do National service at starvation wages. Defending assets in Singapore that they don't own.

So you tell me lah!
Top the PISA test for what?
Work so hard just to become a coolie.
Isn't it easier just to vote Opposition for a better life?

Your father waited 50 years for a better life from the PAP government.
You want to continue with your father's tradition and wait another 50 years is it?

oldhorse42 said...

I did not read the read the news fully.
I thought it was some kind of nonsense PISS contest and that sinkie came in mostly third and those from from Shanghai piss the longest or highest.
I am not surprise that our kids do well. Our kids seem to have an aptitude to piss off every body - the government, the society and themselves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Spoilt irresonsible kids can become some of the best and most successful folks in Sin.

Sure they can. But these are "outliers". I doubt any parent would want their kid to grow up "irresponsible", but try as they might to bring up their kids well, some kids will still grow up however they like -- totally against their parents' best intentions.

The PISA tests measure ABILITY, not INTELLIGENCE. The abilities are reading, math and science -- the BASIC FOUNDATION of any modern, technologically driven, science-based economy. How the fuck are you going to proper if your cuntree is severely lacking in engineers and scientists?

A lot of criticism has been levelled at the Singapore education system, and to be fair, some of it is VALID. However our kids are generally:

1. Well behaved
2. Respectful
3. Responsible with money
4. Studious -- libraries are packed all the time
5. Have developed talents in other fields like art, music and business
6. Good level of health and fitness -- compared to the fat fucks in the USA and Australia

Next time you travel to a failing western demo-crazy, please visit a public school and observe for yourself. ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, I disagree. The theoretical part like PISA, Sinkies scored. The real part, the Indians scored. That is why they are treasured by all the banks and IT industries. They have taken over.

This is fact. This is hard truth in the real world. Sinkies are fucked.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, they are also occupying the academia with many professors.

Veritas said...

I studied Indian IQ. The above posting is kind of stretch with some cynicism.

The real reason why Indians have silicon valley type and why they have low IQ is because India can truly mobilize only about 5% of her population cognitively.

These 5% are Brahmins and are given all resources. Why not proliferate education in India? Reason is simple. Education will weaken caste system. The current Indian system is design to perpetuate caste system.

The top Brahmins ca match Chinese cognitively. The self selected Indians scion in Silicon valley matches Chinese at the finals of Intel Prize. The next tier, Indians lost.

At semi finals, Chinese overwhelm Indians conclusively by a very very great margin in numbers of candidate.

Actually Singaporeans can have a lot of potential. The failure lies in PAP.

Veritas said...

The top Chinese can match top Indians. But Chinese IQ has more breadth. The average China IQ is now 104 and India 82.

We can explain this by Confucius ethnic. The Chinese people like to spread literacy. The Indians Brahmins keep Sanskrits to themselves. They want to make Dalits stupid.

But for Chinese, we seek to civilize Barbarians. China is so big not mainly due to conquest. The real Han Chinese are those living along yellow river. Rest of us are just assimilated Chinese, civilized by scholars sent to our provinces.

When Indians conquer a land, the natives are made Dalits. Chinese do not really conquer. We civilize and the native identify with Chinese culture and form part of China.

The western people cannot understand why China don fragment and always come together a as unitary states. Reason simple. The Han Chinese hold China together by civilization, and not by conquest. And when that happen, there are minimal oppression compared to other states. And when civilization spread, people IQ goes up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Veritas.

Anonymous said...

MSM must tell us why our students continue to take top spots and yet we cannot find talents locally. There must be something wrong with our education system. No? Then it must be someone in the government who get the pleasure in screwing us by letting cheap FT into the bed and kick our talents out. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Maybe our education is designed for our students to peak at A level. After that they will degenerate into morons and daft.

Veritas said...

Our education is designing us to be moron, bail out by tutors. Those no tution one get screwed. This year Chairman Xi Jinping decreed that 文理不分科, all pre-U students must study humanities and science.

The PRC engineers and scientist will not be robots and will be a philosopher. What I see is PRC is trying to make its people as clever as possible.

During my times in secondary schools, I do not even have opportunity to study world history, just Singapore history -- a masturbated one.

Those who choose history study on SE Asia history. No one here study John Locke, Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Rosseau, Kark Marx, Adam Smith (not the fake econs book)...etc

In the top western liberal arts university, the true serious liberal arts scholar requirement is knowledge of

1) Latin
2) Greek
3) German
4) French
5) English

What do our arts fac produce? Just party girls and boys who got too much free time and fcuk around.

Who do not even have a Latin course.

b said...

High or low IQ does not matter. What does matter is whether can bullshit or not.

Anonymous said...

it is so funny. So much cock about having the best student, best result in this and that, best brain, best cock, best nonsense, of all these in SinCity, and all it takes is just a Ravi lawyer to make all the difference, and some more by action.

Ravi is the only truly recognised talent that really make the difference in SinLand.