A Sunday Sermon on hypocrisy

‘Pope Francis gave a stirring denouncement of "the idolatry of money" and wealth inequality in a statement that should be heeded by people of all religions and atheists alike. There is a desperate need to address the unjust economic structures now in place.

Pope Francis was absolutely correct in calling the workings of the prevailing global economic system "sacrilised", but this is a point rarely made by people with real influence.’

I received this comment in an email referring to the Pope’s speech reported in the Bangkok Post. The idolatory of money is as good as idolising Satan. When people carry Satan on their shoulders and worship him as their God, what is right or wrong takes on a different meaning. This is best reflected in the media articles on corporate honchos talking about ethical business practices and good corporate governance. These are the idolators of money and making money is right, the means is not an issue.

The biggest hypocrites are those in the big banks, and financial institutions, when they sold derivatives and traded against their clients. Some even resorted to stealing clients from their staff by unfair deals, undercutting, just to make money. When confronted, they would say they did not know. Several big banks like Stanchart, Citi, Goldman Sach and many others have been made to pay huge fines and they willingly paid through diluting the shareholders’ equities. The culprits authorising all the gamings and fraudulent schemes are still there sitting at the top designing more scams to cheat their clients.

The whole stock exchange in New York is a scam. The NYSE management needs to be put behind bars for creating a system that cheats the innocent investors. They redesigned the systems to facilitate computer trading and HFT to cheat the rest of the investors with no qualms and concerns for fair trading practices. Cheating is good and not a crime. The American law makers are not fools that could not see the crime right before them. But many are paid to look the other way. And the top dogs could go on talking about good corporate governance and ethical business practices like angels.

The best part, the authorities that are supposed to check on them idolise them as the talented that could bring in the money. No one wants to know the meaning of cheating. They said, the fish rots from the head. How true.

Would anyone heed what Pope Francis said about idolatory of money and addressing the unjust economic structures?  I only hear laughters. When a corporate honcho talks about ethics and honesty, it is better to listen to a pimp.


Anonymous said...

You omitted the Pope's admonishment on the false belief in trickle down economics practiced by our world class garmen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Until the day the Vatican starts "cleaning house" of pedophile priests, and actively cooperates with law enforcement to bring these child-raping monsters to justice, the Catholic church has NO BUSINESS lecturing people on "morality".

My good friend Tim Minchin has the last word: The Pope Song

Happy Sunday everyone! Keep your kids away from priests -- from any religion!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Lyric to the above here

Veritas said...

Usury once contempted and hated by everyone on earth, is being revered in Singapore. In SG, the most eligible mate is someone working in the financial industries.

We so corrupt beyond repair.

In places like Germany, people seek honest life and survive on labor. In SG, government make sure labour are despise and parasite like landlord, usury, managers(slave drivers), dynastic wealth are enshrine.

Singapore today, offer no hope for the young people.

Anonymous said...

In SG, the most eligible mate is someone working in the financial industries.
Veritas 9:46 am

Tiok. 2 essential qualities to be a most eligible mate are young and rich.

But most young are not rich and most rich are not young (unless they inherit wealth). Except those working in the financial industries lah.

jjgg said...

Just compare your article to the disclosure that Apple Inc booked US15 billion through its Singapore ka hang Putih stall...true or not..can only mean that books are being cooked!! If Singapore gains..betcha some others are losing out..the entire global socio economic plan has been to screw the unwitting n denied...include the other mncs in Apple's bookkeeping methodology and you'll find Singapore is smack right to its eyeballs in this bookkeeping scam..so why go after football game fixers who only make enough for drinks,ciggies and babes....hehe

Anonymous said...

Don't look down on kachang putih stalls.

Anonymous said...

When all the computer traders are making money, who are the losers? Who allows this crime to be perpetuated?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The triclking down effect was the child of Mahathir. It is an intelectual property and Sin is copying it, and failed just as badly. Sama sama. Wise men think alike.

$1 for you, $1000 for me. See, so fair, we are all in it together, in the same boat, all inclusive.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore;
If you are poor, you are less than human.
So it's better you jump down from your HDB flat;
Or jump in front of MRT train;
Or jump into Bedok Reservoir.

In Singapore;
the poor must subsidize the rich.
And 60% of the Sinkies think they are rich.

Anonymous said...

JOKE - So absolutely untrue:

What's the difference between a Millionaire Minister and a whore?
The whore gives good value for money.

Anonymous said...

"And 60% of the Sinkies think they are rich."
Anon 10:27 am

Think only meh? But some are really rich, you know.

But even if they think only, somebody or something must have made them think so and even vote PAP what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

PAP is very strong, can contest 100% seats and so is very ready to be govt. That's what made 60% voted for PAP.

If WP is also very strong, 60% would have voted for WP instead of PAP.

But too bad lah, WP is not strong and what's more, their leader even praised PAP govt as competent. Like that ah, might as well don't vote WP, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Sweden, Denmark or Swiss standard of living, we need to learn from them, our economy all these years of grow was powered by kept importing people and cheap labour, how many people we can continue to import or rely on cheap labour?

Our country is a small island and one or the most important location in the world and one of the busiest port in the world, which the early success we rely on trading?

But we have no resources and small island? People is our treasure, so the best ways is to bring out their best potential, true training and educations?That what Sweden, Denmark and Swiss concentrate on- innovations and better designing of products and services and empowering their people? Importing people is for the big nation with big land and economy that beginning to take off?

Importing people need more infrastructure, educational institution, housing medical centre, can Singaporean cope with it, etc? Have we the mean projection is easy, virtually anyone can project and make promises?

Do we have the

Anonymous said...

We import fakes to replace our talents. This sin must be paid one day.

Anonymous said...

So why did the chicken cross the road?

Lim Boon Heng:
Because there is no groupthink. If there was groupthink, the chicken would not have crossed the road.
So if you think there is groupthink, that is one example you can quote – there is no groupthink.

Anonymous said...

Singapore car driver:
Aiyah! Chicken cross the road to avoid paying the ERP charges.

Anonymous said...

Rich People Actually Don't 'Create The Jobs'

" With the more than $9 million a year Hanauer keeps, he buys lots of stuff. But, importantly, he doesn't buy as much stuff as would be bought if his $9 million were instead earned by 9,000 Americans each taking home an extra $1,000 a year."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/rich-people-create-jobs-2013-11#ixzz2mC2oCAL6

Anonymous said...

Singapore used to be a poor country started from a very low base and less population around 1 millions in the 60s and a very busy trading port? Singaporean got difficulties in completing with cheap country and labour as SIngapore is a high cost countries and the previous methods are no longer effective?

Singapore success is by asking the advanced countries to set up manufacturing base here, as the cost rise Singaporean no longer competitive, then Singapore kept importing third world people to run the economy?

But the questions arise how long can we use these outdated methods?

Whereas all those advanced countries like Israel, Japan, Swiss, Sweden & Denmark used to empower their people to bring out their highest potential and creativity?

Anonymous said...

We fuck our own people and helped the foreigners to fuck them as well.

oldhorse42 said...

Many of our leaders are christian, too. Some re even Catholic.
So why don't they also listen to the Pope?

Anonymous said...

Do not mix politics with religion.

Anonymous said...

"Do not mix politics with religion."

Why not?
Another trustworthy OB marker from LKY is it?

Visit only the "correct" websites is it?
Read only the "correct newspapers is it?

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you want to create "entertainment" on a mass, interactive scale, the most effective and instantaneous way is to mix religion with ANYTHING and introduce it into the public's domain.

You already seen what happens when you mix religion with:

1. Sex
2. Clothes
3. Food and drink
4. Anything which is fun
5. Law
6. Science
7. Relationships
8. Parenting
9. War
and of course 10. Politics, especially international politics.

Then just sit back, in your bunker, and watch the fun.... safely and remotely. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is This The Great PAP Hypocrisy Of Money ?
The more money you have;
The more meritocratic you are?

The more money you have;
The more honest you are?

If this is true, then let the rich volunteer for national service.
Let them fight and die defending their money and property.

b said...

He is just another old guy who is exercising his free speech.