The Laws of ADIZ

After the confrontation and defiance by the US against China’s ADIZ, the American State Department has issued a directive advising all American commercial flights to heed the rules of the air zone. It also quickly clarified that this did not amount to a recognition of the ADIZ and ‘Our expectation of operations by US carriers…does not indicate US government acceptance of China’s requirements for operating in the newly declared ADIZ.’

This may not be an exceptional ruling applicable only to Americans or is it an international law governing ADIZ, but it could set the norms for every country to follow. It simply said that commercial flights have to follow but military flights don’t have to. Or maybe it is saying only American military flights can fly into other countries ADIZ and need not follow their rules. This is the privilege of the Empire or the gangster, depending on how one looks at it.

Is this American Imperial decree applicable on a reciprocal basis, that other countries’ military aircraft can also fly into American ADIZ without heeding their rules? At the moment not many countries can fly their military aircraft into American ADIZs or have no reasons to do so. Perhaps the Russians and the Chinese may want to put this to a test, that it applies both ways, you can come and go like the Americans.

Would the Americans scramble their fighters to intercept the visitors and wave to say hello, or would they take offensive measures like shooting them down? If the Americans were to shoot down alien aircraft in their ADIZs, then Russia and China could do the same. The rules have to be equitable and apply to all nations that are seen as equals in the UN Charter, big or small. No?

But the Empire may have its own laws that are above the UN Charter. In that case, China would have to decide if it is able to take down American military aircraft in its ADIZ and risk an open war with the Empire. If it is not able to, it would have to buy for more time before the playing field is level.

The Empire will have the last word. What is right and free to do for the Empire is not right and free to do for those that are enemies of the Empire. When would the Russians and Chinese put this Empire decree to a litmus test?


Anonymous said...

"When would the Russians and Chinese put this Empire decree to a litmus test?"



For the same reasons why smart money making Sinkies will never challenge the PAP in sufficient numbers in an election.

Simply because it is not in their interests to do so.

Matilah_Singapura said...

America acts only in the (perceived) national interest of itself. This is the basis of American Exceptionalism.

Any US response to a threat -- perceived or real; any negotiation conducted over conflicting issues; the placement of any American govt assets anywhere in the world or in space -- any decision made in the global theater, even acts of "charity" or "relief", are ALL done (no exception) to secure American interest. Usually there's a BIG FAT CHEQUE of "foreign aid" thrown in.

America "negotiates" by using the very large ass-beating military stick to strike fear in to the "other party", and a bucket-load of on-going CASH as a greed-inducing carrot.

Use Fear and Greed. Make an offer they can't refuse. Mafia-style. And I mean style -- bullet-proof cars, bodyguards -- heavily armed, large entourage...make a fucking spectacle, front page news in every newspaper and website.

America will fuck your cuntree, as long as it is in America's interest.

Matilah_Singapura said...

David Bowie sings

Anonymous said...

The Cairo Declaration

On Dec 1, 1943, China, the United States and Britain issued the Cairo Declaration.

They agreed that "Japan shall be stripped of all the islands in the Pacific" it had seized or occupied since the beginning of World War I and "all the territories Japan has stolen from the Chinese, such as Manchuria, Formosa (Taiwan) and the Pescadores, shall be restored to the Republic of China".

Anonymous said...

meanwhile on the lighter side -First ladies of China and US greet 100-day-old panda cub as it is named ‘Bao Bao’.


Anonymous said...

wow the Ladies are doing their bid for the most important friendship of the 2 great nations