Salute China for standing up to the bullying by Vietnam and the Philippines

Vietnamese ships have been encircling the Chinese oil rig inside Chinese territory in the South China Sea to harass and ram the rig for several weeks. Chinese coast guards and fishing boats have been defending the oil rig and blocking the aggressive advances of the Vietnamese boats.

China finally lost its patience after weeks of persistence harassments by the Vietnamese boats. This also came after the killings of Chinese workers and the burning of Chinese factories in Vietnam. Yesterday, 26 May, one Vietnamese fishing boat attempted to break the Chinese defence line was rammed and sunk. The Vietnamese sailors were picked up by other Vietnamese boats in the area.

China has to act fast to stem the hostile actions of the Vietnamese. This sinking would also serve as a warning to the Pinoys that China meant business and would take on the Americans if provoked further. China would not yield in the presence of the American naval fleet and would go to war with the Americans if forced to.

China has no option and to remain defensive under such adverse provocations would be read as a sign of weakness and would embolden the Vietnamese and the Pinoys and the Americans as well.

The sinking of the Vietnamese fishing boat could lead to an escalation of tension in the South China Sea and even open warfare. China must be prepared for this scenario as the two pesky countries would be coming back more aggressively with the support of the Americans. The Americans would be pushing hard for the two belligerent countries to attack China and force China to retaliate. Like it or not, China would have to hit back as the Americans would not allow the Chinese in peace.

War is imminent in the South China Sea.


Virgo 49 said...


Do not be kek ki with these running skunks. Dogs are too dignified to describe them.

Actually hor, waiting for the Pinoys to celebrate their outing at Ngee Ann City and waiting for mini showdown here.

Unfortunately it has not been approved.

Testing whether our esteemed SPF are well prepared now or still sitting luxurious in their airconditioned cars and ang chiaks

Anonymous said...

RB, there will be a few Sinkie banana elites standing up to agitate the Americans to stand up against China.

Anonymous said...

There will be no war lah. Fist fights may be possible. Vietnam and the Philippines are too weak to raise their guns against China. All noise only.

Anonymous said...

knnccb ..

why so troublesome ...

so for the main americunt running dog in asean, the vitgooks n pinoy will quit their nonsense

knnccb ... and americunt biggest dog is familee

papigs ... i know u monitoring the internet ... i so scared ... dui li fah hei

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, with the backing of the USA the Vietnamese are now braver and more outspoken. The Pinnoys are the same. THe way I see it, there will not be any outright wars between the USA and China. The reason I say that is these two super power depend on each other too much. Without the US market for Chinese manufactured good China would be in trouble. I am sure if the USA boycott Chinese goods most European states would follow suit. On the other side of the coin, China holds such a huge amount of US dollars and if the crunch comes China could flood the dollars in open market resulting in the vast devaluation of the US dollars. So the way I see it, there will not be any direct confrontation between the two super power. The most USA can do is to instigate the two lacky states buzz around China and create as much nuisance as possible. Singapore will stay neutral, and sit on the fence, because Singapore depends too much on both super power.

b said...

no need war lah. war is extreme and everyone a loser in war. just need to show some muscles sometimes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Viets have 60 ships there and everyday trying to break the China line to ram the rig. 60 ships being deployed to attack China's rig.

China is defending the rig with more than 100 ships.

The Pinoys had already arrested a Chinese fishing boat. Now it will be China's turn to arrest Pinoy ships or at least those silly soldiers in the broken down wreck.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speedwing here. Lets hope nothing serious happens in the region. However we can never know what agenda the super power instigator has for SE Asia. With Kerry roaming the world and trying to give the impression of " doing good ", are we due for a surprise development in our region?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"War is imminent in the South China Sea."

There will be no war lah.

U think China is Iraq Saddam, Libya Gaddafi, Afghan Taliban/Osama or even Panama Noriega meh?

Anonymous said...

Rumours in Taiwan have it that war will break out between China anf Vietnam on 4th June 2014.

Anonymous said...

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Easy said then done?

Don't to delude ourselves?

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Eddie Leong said...

It is not difficult for Vietnam to launch a few missiles at the oil rig.

Okay there will be war but USA, Japan and Australia will enter the War too.

And USA submarines can easily sink the dozens of Chinese naval vessels and submarines.

China need to be aware their military strength is no match against USA.

Those stealth submarines are sufficient to sink most Chinese warships. And who knows how many are now already in the entire East China and South China seas/

Anonymous said...

Aiya don't fight a war lar. Go to joo chiat to enjoy the pretty vietnamese girls lar. Relax. Oops I think government now has reason to withhold minimum sum so u don't lose all your money to pretty vietnamese mei mei like angkonkia or matilar

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China does not want a war. It is the Americans that want a war. After all they are already bankrupt and a victorious war against China would mean war reparationa and the wiping out of all debt owed to China plus profit.

And America has 3 war crazy countries in its hand, Japan, Vietnam and Ppines.

War is inevitable for China with the 4 gangsters joing hands. China can count on Russia, North Korea and Iran to join hands against the evil empire. Australia is a lame duck. Nothing to worry about. So is Ppines and Vietnam. The North Koreans will give the Japs a big headache if it tries.

It would end up China, Iran and Russia taking on the Americans and Nato.

Anonymous said...

Other than mutual destruction, china can not win a conventional sea war with the USA. USA just has many more warships than china

Anonymous said...

@May 27, 2014 8:00 pm

wah liao eh ... u americunt so mighty .. oops almighty???

in any potential cuntflicts, may a lousy Chinese made missile may miss those americunt navy ships in changi naval base and instead hit your house you know

then how?

knnccb ... awaiting for the japenis blood debt to asia to be settle!!!

and may those japenis translators from WW2 live long to witness it

papigs ... i know u out here montioring us ... FUCK U!!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> War is imminent in the South China Sea.

Hahaha...eh uncle, you sure you want to drink more of that baijiu?

I doubt that the cause of war in the SC Sea will be a fucking capsized sampan lah, caused by really bad Asian driving on the high seas. ;-)

Anonymous said...

No lah, America will never go to war with China lah.

Just like smart Sinkies will never join opposition to fight PAP lah.

And u should know why lah.

If there are lots of money to be made, why fight, u tell me lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah said, I doubt that the cause of war in the SC Sea will be a fucking capsized sampan lah,...

You know what was the reason for the Americans to start the Vietnam War? Go figure. Clue: Also about a sampan.

Anonymous said...

You know what was the reason for the Americans to start the Vietnam War?
RB 9:08 am

U think China is Vietnam during the Vietnam war meh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


That was then, now is now lah. Back then, riding high post WW2 and Korean War, the USA was accepted as the "righteous warrior" defending "freedom" against the "evil communists". So essentially they could get away with all that false flag shit as the so-called "free world" was shitting in its pants worried that the "evil atheist commies are coming to eat the children".

If the US tried that shit today this would be the response form the rest of the world.

Like I said, the funny fact is that China and Vietnam are both blaming each other. That just leads me to the simple stereotypical idea that Asians cannot fucking drive -- neither on the roads, or on the water :-))

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You should know the Vietnamese better with your experience of them in Oz. Their mentality is the same as their political leaders. They think they can fight anyone and they will want to fight China, esp with the Americans behind them.

They are vicious and China better watch their next move. They have 55 ships there trying to ram the Chinese rig. You think they main main?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Yes. The Viets are crazy fuckers lah. Sometime you win by sheer audacity, recklessness, ruthlessness and luck. I don't think they give a shit about American support -- they kena played out once before -- when the Yanks withdrew plunging Vietnam into more north vs south conflict, Cambodia also kena.

As I've said before: dun be certain about anything. Occurrences are probabilistic, not the simple "cause and effect" model of the world we all con ourselves into thinking, because is is EASIER than trying to figure in "uncertainty" and "luck".

Anonymous said...

Having fought the colonial France, Beekok, and China before the Viets are very confident in taking on the Chinese, and now that they have Pinoys, Japs and Beekokkia on their side

why are they not making the first move given such provocation??? Their PM, dpm just visited Pinoyland,Jepun and Beekok right?

Abe warns China today regarding the fishing boat that sank. Japs want now got excuse to re-militarise .